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  1. oog2ciengeiHohki

    Taking January off, where to go?

    Thanks B.J. Don't care much for the crime described in the Caribbean, not worth it. I'm contemplating just to go to Sydney, Australia and trying to find someone to sail with. Rent something cheap on airbnb. Fair amount of activity there in January, right? Anyone that can fit me in on weekly regattas? Are any of the yacht clubs there open for visitors wanting to get on the water?
  2. oog2ciengeiHohki

    Taking January off, where to go?

    @artie_pitt: any details on Key West? Isla Mujeres sounds very quiet. I'd prefer somewhere with an active yacht club / sailing school. Looks beautiful, though. Carricau: same as Ilsa Mujeres? Antigua: pricy? turist trap? Hedonisdm II: best choice so far? Anyone with input on Oceania or Asia destinations?
  3. oog2ciengeiHohki

    Taking January off, where to go?

    Dearest (helpful) anarchists; I'm taking January off and feel like going somewhere warm and sunny. Oceania, americas, somewhere. English speaking would be nice, though. I sail keelboats, but some dinghy action could be fun as well. Not looking to rent a boat, maybe crew (short/dh is fine) for someone or find a sailing club/school with dinghies and someone to race. Where do I go?
  4. oog2ciengeiHohki

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Since they're close to shore, (soft) realtime updates are visible on AIS sites like this: https://www.vesselfinder.com/?mmsi=235112112 (for HB)
  5. oog2ciengeiHohki

    New Garmin GNX-21 Instruments

    I have the Garmin N2K package on my X-79, and I'm mostly happy with it. GNX20, GMI20, GPS19X and the wireless anemometer. No moisture problems, and both are easily readable on bright summer days. Garmin support was very helpful and shipped me a replacement GND10 when I suspected it was broken, which later turned out to be an unrelated voltage problem. I'd buy it again.