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  1. Lark

    New report from DOJ

    Hmmm. So increase the number of representatives. Would the obvious solution be building a new Capitol? Or Just vote electronically from their home district offices and skip DC altogether except for committee and the those entertaining interrogations that substitute for governance.
  2. From the mythical front page. Sounds like the guy with the captains license (as is usually the case) was slow to realize how bad it was and didn’t get his people into jackets. Do they address this paychological tendency in training? Quickly getting midwestern vacationers, some with large bodies or limited mobility, many without much water experience, out from under the hard canopy sealed by what looks like a plastic spray shield might have been impossible while wearing a bulky jacket anyway. At what point should have they abandoned truck when carrying a bunch of old people and children? This design looks like the exception to ‘step up to get off the sinking boat’ rule, likely in common with those sunset tour boats that look like a cross between a hayride and a whaleboat. On the other hand, the jackets would have lacked a spray hood, so there could have been fatalities in the water as well. Leaving the truck before it turned into a rock would have carried significant liability. The front page questions the decision to go out. If their forcast was like ours, duh. Since I got caught under sail by 54 mph winds this spring in sweatshirt weather when there was under a 25% chance of rain (the rain missed me, not the gale), I’ll admit that doesn’t always work. That was in cold weather where I didn’t expect the clouds to carry much energy. Like this captain, I didn’t think it would get that bad. I haven’t sailed Table Rock lake, but am no stranger to prairie boomers and the violence they bring. Ohio storms are relatively boring by comparison.
  3. Lark

    New report from DOJ

    Reasonable and fair. How do you eliminate the second career as a lobbyist to fund a more lavish retirement?
  4. Lark

    New report from DOJ

    I like your idea of eliminating party affiliation on ballots.. I’m undecided on term limits, it seems it takes a year or three to figure out how the government operates. Trump shows the danger of combining inexperience and hubris.
  5. Lark

    New report from DOJ

    What duties does a citizen have when money buys elections, and the exception had the aid of a foreign intelligence agency? Throw in gerrymandering, claims of millions of fraudalant votes, threats to jail the opposition candidate. Use party loyalists to interrogate law enforcement when they find key officials of a campaign were compromised.. It looks to me like the Republic is in distress like it hasn’t seen since the 1850s. We know the duties of the citizen in 1862.
  6. Lark

    Talking to the translator

    Agreed the likely dirt being Trump owes his business success to money laundering. He would be sensitive about that. Like all egomaniacs, he almost certainly has a cat’s view of the household. What’s good for him is good for his bootlickers. The rest don’t matter. With Congress ignoring the issue, Trump has near unfettered power. His only checks appear to be the very people he appoints. The president can do a lot to benefit Putin Very openly and far more under the guise of secrecy. The only control is his moral compass.
  7. Lark

    Talking to the translator

    Agreed. I didn’t like the Cheney energy summit either. It’s hard to function as a democracy if policy is secret or the justifications for war are fictional weapons of mass destruction creating an imminent imaginary threat. Tactics may need to be classified, but if our adversaries know we should know. It’s probable Putin knows what went on at that meeting (if he could understand Trump’s rambling or limited him to ‘Da Ser’).
  8. The Republicans could use the insurance policy of a little electioneering, to make sure they keep a majority while they appoint the required number of judges to secure power indefinitely. That’s where Putin’s skill set is useful. A few strategic heart attacks will be required, as well as a lot of Facebook facts.
  9. Is there a word for an overt Russian agent? She was pretty obvious, not that it stopped politicians, their sons, or the.NRA from welcoming her as a comrade.
  10. Lark

    gotta love architects and contractors

    10 points for the story of the Damfino.
  11. That guy owns a big carbon footprint.
  12. Lark

    Ambassador McFaul wanted by Putin

    Has Putin asked to question Senator Clinton? The US government would grant extradition immediately.
  13. Meritocracy. Make opportunities equal. Equalize funding for public schools. Equalize outcomes and eliminate local control. College and professional admissions should use no pictures of applicants, no names, addresses, or audio. Make as many decisions as possible in a colorblind fashion. Since standardized tests have limitations, there should be alternate pathways for the top whatever percent of the previous school or the non traditional student with relevant accolades . I've seen the problem with reverse discrimination and quotas first hand. It took a tenured professor willing to buck the system to finally flunk out an unqualified black lady with a lawyer that should have never been given a seat in the first place. She had been given so many extra chances the student chapter of the relevant professional organization was actually calling emergency meetings. The rest of the students in the curriculum were stressed out trying to stay, in. She was given a light schedule, special testing opportunities and multiple chances while more capable white students had already been flunked out. This double standard in the interest of diversity creates racism. It fans the fire. In this case the student body wasn't racist. A black classmate of mine had been flunked out along with five white students, but was the only one granted readmission a year later. She was a dorm mom and the distraction of dealing with freshmen angst took a toll on her performance. Her new class was very clear that she was a welcome and respected member. She was able to cut it if she wasn't trying to work off campus for her lodging, and both classes were glad she was allowed back in. High performing hard working individuals resent having one of their competitive seats usurped by low performing dead weight in the interest of diversity. They also know a lessor graduate will reflect poorly on the field. You probably wouldn't want your life to be put at risk by an individual with a relevant disability because we need to hire more disabled people. Blind surgeons and learning disabled endocrinologists are not be the best choices. Just because somebody is a minority doesn't mean they should replace a better qualified white person. Nor should a better qualified minority be replaced by a rich white kid. I've seen that kid get in after a donation as well. I'll agree with you on most of the other issues you list. Farm subsidies and crop insurance are especially flawed, since they benefit large corporations but encourage farmers to limit themselves to cereal grains instead of branching out into vegetables and other healthier foods.
  14. Lark

    Brexit, and all it entails

    Presumably the military provides special training in the location of various countries they may be flying to or bombing. Clearly your knowledge is a step above the standards of the American education system.