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  1. Lark

    Damned Kids Won’t Grow Up

    “I would say that I’m really not a member of that demographic that they’re speaking to,” Rotondo said about millennials. “I’m a very conservative person. The millennials that they’re speaking to are very liberal in their ideology. “ Apparently the millenials have a new definitions for words..
  2. Lark

    Drip Drip Drip

    cnn says deep state criminal FBI gave Jared in law his clearance back. WTF?
  3. I'd be picky enough to make sure the guy I paid actually had title to the boat and wheels.
  4. Lark

    It’s the Economy Stupid

    No Drama Obama did disappoint me. It wasn't like he was actually able to work with Congress because he agreed to play nice with their corporate masters.
  5. Lark

    Twitterer in Chief

    How would you recoup taxes on virtual and real goods plus services imported to the US? Half of the stuff of value doesn't come in a box anymore and half the rest gets imported from China via online brokers with the broken junk. Meanwhile the better sort would just buy while vacationing or visiting one of their homes abroad next month and likely escape tax altogether. Twentieth century solutions seem unlikely to work in this century.
  6. Lark

    It’s the Economy Stupid

    Bush did start listening to smarter people when things got ugly. The free marketers abandoned their principles (under protest) and with some compromise actually made reasonable decisions. There was a brief period where President Bush the lessor was actually acting Presidential. I won't say it compensated for the Iraq war, the cash back 'stimulus' that was swallowed by gas prices and further inflated the huge war deficit, waterboarding, deregulation, or ignoring the mortgage crises for years. At the end Bush realized he was in charge of a disaster and government action was essential. He manned up and sacrificed conservative principles for country. The White House was justifiably spooked after they let Lemon Bros fail and realized it was only the fist monster domino of many about to fall. @SloopJonB Bailouts to the billionaire bankers was a raw deal. Amazingly it got much less Republican protest then saving GM and Chrysler did , even though Honda of America and Ford were calling for those bailouts since they depended on shared suppliers and ancillary businesses that would have died too. The TARP bailouts were still necessary in some form. There was a complete freeze in capitol. My brother's boss had to mortgage his house when his revolving line of credit at the bank suddenly ceased to exist. A healthy business was on the verge of failure. A Planet Money interview of a trading floor a few days after TARP had the optimistic "We haven't had any financial activity in days, but I heard of a debt sale in another building today. Maybe things are starting to move again? " President Bush learned that firing the entire Bath party was a bad idea when he destroyed Iraq's civil service. A bunch of crooked bankers that actually knew how finance worked was likely a little better then a bunch of amateurs in head offices like Trump appoints. Honest bankers is after all an oxymoron. That doesn't mean the greedy pricks that caused the problem needed bonuses.
  7. Lark

    Twitterer in Chief

    Corporate tax was high. In the 1950's offshoring wasn't a thing. The last decade showed a steady stream of companies leaving. Either make it illegal to vend where you don't pay income tax, or cut taxes. You can't fight reality by denying it. The double benefit of cutting corporate tax plus cutting tax for the richest of the rich and leaving capital gains tax low was a deficit pumping act of stupidity. A more moderate tax cut for corporations, coupled with legislation making it harder to dodge taxes (flags of convenience, fake offices on some island, etc) would have been worthy of broad support in a sane universe. I doubt it could have passed either party here, with both sides convinced they could do better for their masters.
  8. Lark

    It’s the Economy Stupid

    That's what worries me. The Republican role model got a second term on the wave of patriotism following a war.
  9. Lark

    Drip Drip Drip

    I seem to recall several against some historic old guy from Arkansas. I forget his name, it was so long ago. I think they might have turned up a few misdeeds by his cronies.
  10. Lark

    Drip Drip Drip

    It would provide a starting point for financial investigators. The IRS didn't find anything, but likely had reason not to stir up a hornets nest and face further budget cuts. I suspect forensic accountants working for the media would be more tenacious and work longer days in hope of a Pulitzer.
  11. Lark

    Things to do in IOWA Bike across Iowa. I knew a hog farmer that did this every other year.
  12. Lark

    Drip Drip Drip

    Trump's moral failings, and influence sold to foreign powers are without significance. Republicans will forgive Trump of any offense. It was said Trump could kill somebody and still be elected. Our failed healthcare system certainly kills Americans. A Palestinian exchange student just found a Texas school more dangerous then her homeland. Trump apparently paid a woman to murder his baby (per Republican belief). None of this matters. The house pseudo-investigation proves they will protect him at any cost to the country. Even if all Republican candidates turned out to have black blood or be child molesters, causing the House and Senate their Republican majorities, impeachment would give us the Pence Caliphate. Personally I'm more worried about the 2020 elections. If the Republican party is lost, we need other leaders of moderate habits, backbone, moral fiber, and horse sense. American democracy is on a slippery slope. The problem with slippery slopes is there is no clear crises point. You seem fine as you enjoy the view, until you are covered in filth with the rest of the bottom feeders.
  13. Lark

    It’s the Economy Stupid

    As much as Trump disgusts me, the economy is hot. Fundamental problems are continuing unabated (income inequality, poor health care coverage for many, over reliance on consumer debt, substandard education, economic disruption of climate change and periodic floods, disruption of local jobs, local tax base and failure of local retail as Amazon gains control, etc, , etc etc.). Cyclical crash is of course inevitable even without these longstanding long term problems we ignore. Pumping tax rebates to the uber wealthy while trimming worker protections and shaking the markets with constantly changing trade wars is hardly wise policy. Weakening bank regulations will increase the severity of the crash. After all lifeboats are a burden on the cruise industry. Cruise ships sink less often then the economy crashes, but we don't eliminate that rule. The Republicans seem to be gambling that the crash can be delayed until after the midterms, that they can keep riding the tiger of foreign influence peddling without falling off or somebody else catching a ride of their own. Maybe they believe aggressive infrastructure spending delayed since 2008 will rapidly cure all problems. As short sighted as Republican environmental, tax and regulatory policy is, their strategic political planning is exceptionally good. They may well be right.
  14. Lark

    Twitterer in Chief

    Stock picking bots and Russian canary bots are probably the biggest fake accounts. Foreign intelligence agents, FBI investigators, attorneys and reporters have to make up a significant portion of his human followers. I almost forgot. All federal department heads need to check in each morning to see if they have been fired, and what the day’s orders are if not.
  15. The town soup kitchen and homeless shelter is now a half way house, since it pays better. It still gives away meals every week or so. I think we can make room for a couple bank executives when the time comes.