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  1. He knew what he signed up for

    A few years ago on a disagreement and a claim somebody made that the commute was more dangerous then the duty for most military personal, I collected data from department of labor and compared it to department of defense. I looked at total fatality rate, not injuries. That was a weakness of my comparison but many farmers an hour or two from a hospital glue their own wounds and keep working through injuries without medivac so minor injuries are overreported for the military. Since debilitating traumatic head injuries were more of a concern to ambushed soldiers than death at that time, it did underrepresent their danger of life changing events. I just looked at fatalities per all active duty soldiers including full time or deployed reservists. That seems the more fair comparison since so many airmen are deployed to hell holes like Dayton and the Air Force drone bombers fly strike missions from cargo pods in California without leaving the ground. It also included deaths due to accidents on bases and car accidents of soldiers driving on the government dime from base to base since that’s how the DOD website reported it. My data was based on 2007 or 8, since I was looking in 2010 and there was a lag on reporting. That was a time we still had a lot of shit going on. .https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_War_on_Terror I did not save my work, you are welcome to repeat the study. The bottom line was farming at that time was number 8. The military would have ended up around 7 or 6 if inserted to the DOL charts. You are surely correct that special forces do much riskier jobs then most military. When I mined the data convoy duty was scary risky work done by reservists. Your fatality rate may be low since 30000 sit in Korea, others are in Germany, many run offices stateside, and Alaska counts as overseas deployment. But dead is dead. As I said, the death should count for something, In my lifetime it generally has not, The package is quite generous for pilots, A reservist I know wasn’t unusual in his effort to stay full time first as a bureaucrat then as a drone pilot, since the pay (total compensation) was 40% better, the time off greater, the extra time off after a business trip to Rota appreciated. etc. I’m sure the scenario is different on a ship or in the desert, but most military enlisted men have less opportunity, harder work, and less money if they stay in dying towns or rust belt cities like I left. Working a side gig plus a day job with few days off and no benefits is not easier or more lucrative That is why so many join. It may seem like low pay if you live on the coast, though housing allowances help make up for that too. Maybe people on the coasts don’t work very hard, But that’s not uniformly true.
  2. The only redeeming aspect (besides the poetry) is the Russian roulette. It’s like nascar on a figure 8 track. Reckless behavior voluntarily undertaken with equipment somebody else paid for, but we watch anyway. The difference is the failure of ourselves and the FB spectators to subsidize the expense of the clean up crew, the damage Rimas does to the reputation of our sport, the risk to our future license requirements down the road, and the nagging fear he may hinder our own chances for help, should we ever find ourselves in true need..
  3. He knew what he signed up for

    Of course. But why is the nation worked up over this, of all the things Trump said befor and after assuming the throne?
  4. He knew what he signed up for

    Help me understand. Trump is a liar. Irrefutable. Trump has no concept of the ultimate sacrifice. He cannot even imagine working hard in the heat. True. Trump orders real men into battle so he can feel tough. Trump has an ego inversely proportional to his hands. No argument from me, But... The widow is likely inconsolable. I don’t want to imagine her pain. Sometimes there are no right words, though some are more wrong then others. Trump was a jerk, but presumably factually correct. The young soldier knew the risks. He hoped his leaders did as well and foolishly trusted that his life wouldn’t be callously given away so politicians could have talking points. But many Presidents have had that failing.. The soldier willingly wore the uniform and took a job with a fatality rate slightly higher then farming but less dangerous then logging or fishing. He paid the price, likely for no more lasting good then a logger or fisherman would hope to achieve. Like Somalia and so many other conflicts, we’ll likely just retreat after the outcry dies down, Trump is insensitive and self agrandizing. He is too small to admit his failings. Still, he did not speak ill of the dead or seek to hurt the survivors, He was just Trump, the self centered man too many voted for in a foolish desire to shake things up, Why is this poor choice of words worse than his callus betrayal of the American people, doting on skinheads and billionaires that he feels most comfortable around? Why is his cruel honesty worse then his greed, nepotism and possible foreign control? Edit. LB. your mom is safe from my advances as well. I promise.
  5. I’ve wondered if that was partially a Marxist Leninist upbringing where initiative was discouraged by the party, hard work brought no benefit, but basics were provided for by others.
  6. If you can claim to understand him: Is he aware of the risks he takes? Does he think he puts others at risk either in rescue attempts or as a potential hazzard to navigation? Why does he think he is entitled to free tow jobs the rest of us expect to have to pay for, should we ever embarrass ourselves by needing one? I lump him with all the patron sailors that expect others to subsidize their lifestyle between work shifts (though more entertaining then most). As such, I use him for entertainment ambivalent about his outcome.
  7. He knew what he signed up for

    And I thought he wasn’t responsive to the concerns of the third estate.
  8. He knew what he signed up for

    If that was true he wouldn’t have called. He just isn’t good at connecting with people not united by greed.
  9. California Boating Card

    I did the BoatUS online course for fun and got a free card when I started traveling beyond local puddles. I'm grandfathered in by Ohio but if I was younger it would have counted. Kentucky accepts Ohio, and Michigan doesn't think safety is a concern if you have 6 HP or less. North Carolina was even more generous, safety doesn't matter if you have less then 10 horsepower. Indiana is a special kind of stupid. "Boaters who are 15 years of age may operate a motorboat or PWC until they become a licensed driver only if they complete a boater education course approved by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and have on board an ID card issued by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)." Once you turn 16 a boat is just like a car. Bold was links before I lifted the paragraph. The online class was worth the time for me, though I've never heard sound signals when backing out of a slip or exiting a marina. https://www.boaterexam.com/navigationrules/sounding-off.aspx I didn't care how long a ski rope should be. The right of way questions were basic but at least the average carbon emitter might realize the sailboat is usually stand on and jet skis have rules too. It filled in a few holes and forced me to think about my responsibility to others. Being able to step a mast and beat upwind in shifts isn't enough to make one a safe sailor. I'm pro basic licensing, but agree with Ni-hil-ism about reciprocity for trailer sailors that travel.
  10. I stand corrected. Now he becomes Saipan's problem. I wonder what their President will do. At least it should be easy to access the couple hundred dollars he's accumulated on the government dole while drifting, so he can pay any fines.
  11. I presume he hasn't maintained running lights, so he is guilty of at least one safety infraction. Instead of following his internet exploits and checking the boat while its still in territorial waters, so they could end his voyage before it starts, the Coast Guard ignores its own policy and repeatedly gives him a tow on demand. For unknown reasons the Coast Guard enables Rimas with special treatment the rest of us are not entitled to. But if we are ever forced into a Japanese style license system for small boating (not just the online test many states are starting to require) it will be called the Rimas law.
  12. Posted by a Matt and copied here for preservation. As I've suggested before, there should be some method to 'cut off' frequent offenders from aid without big brother seizing their rafts. Let Rimas drift if he chooses, but leave his tow up to him and his FB club. Society owes him the right to pursuit of happiness but not a tow. OCTOBER 18, 2017 AT 3:57 AM At 0245 Oct 17th I was woken up by my cell phone and notified that there was a vessel in distress 15 miles SE of Saipan, no motor, no mainsail, tiller damaged and no updated transmissions. “Mimsy” a 30 ft sail boat was in trouble. My crew and I launched at 0400 in rain, 20 winds, and 500-800 ceilings to make a 105 mile transit to the location. We found Mimsy at 0500, the Zodiac launched from Saipan had to turn around due to sea state and visibility. So I had to decide if I was going to put my swimmer in the water with 10ft plus seas in the middle of the night. A mayday call was made…which by its definition is an emergency. Unable to talk to the vessel, his maritime radio batteries had died, I made the choice to put my swimmer down the line. The first time, he was able to get to the stern, but Rimas had the jib up and my swimmer couldn’t stay with the vessel that was bobbing dangerously. I recovered the swimmer and waited for day to break. I re-inserted my swimmer, who was able to grab a hold of the freeboard railing and jerk himself up. He advised Rimas that he would be able to hoist him to safety…in between Rimas notifying my swimmer of his Facebook followers and Instagram handle, he said he couldn’t leave his boat. Low on fuel I directed my swimmer to re-enter the water for recovery after telling him to pass to Rimas the heading for channel between Saipan and Tinian. We recovered the swimmer, refueled, and then relocated the Mimsy prior to returning to base in order to pass a final lat/long…and heading…which by the way was 90 degrees off of the course required for him to reach the port. Saipan rescue was able to get a boat out to him and tow him in…again. I don’t normally like to write about the stuff I do at work and I promise you this isn’t grand standing…it’s a guy that is pissed off that I had to put my crew and especially my swimmer in harms way for this guy. His “adventure” is going to eventually cost a life, and while most likely it will be his God forbid it’s somebody trying to help him when he cries wolf and is just looking for a free ride to port.
  13. He knew what he signed up for

    We're missing the big picture. Being killed is worse then being captured. You aren't a hero, you are a failure. A zero. Basic Trump military doctrine.
  14. He knew what he signed up for

    Yes you need to link bluetooth to the car communications system. Speakerphone just requires a phone. In a quiet vehicle you can often hear much of a conversation just by sitting near the talking person. What makes you think Trump called the limo driver's cell?