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  1. Puerto Rico

    You would think the commander would have been complaining like mad that his people are all dressed up but have no dates.
  2. Trump is worse. If this is true, was it an issue brought to Secretary of State Clinton while she was gaining credible experience so she could try to be President? Was it brought to the President's desk? Was it kept in somebody's folder of political dirt? How was it kept quiet when so many made up investigations were occurring? Why did Russia decide to release the information now? So many questions. Only one certain observation. If they attempted to bribe Bill Clinton with the usual methods of politically motivated donations, it failed. If the Clinton family was controllable they would have had no reason to invest in a nut-job like Trump.
  3. It will be very interesting how Trump is treated by conservatives in 2020, and who will run against him. There will be the religious extremist, to make it clear the greedy profiteer isn't Jesus returned. Maybe even Pence himself will run? There will be a rationalist capable of understanding climate change and economic policy, probably Kasich. He won't last long. There will be a super militant hawk with plans to invade the world and bomb Mars. Maybe they will find a billionaire who didn't start out rich and end up bankrupt several times to represent the successful businessman niche. That will leave Trump the pseudo populist platform, and his powerful brand name. Despite his inept handling of government and his insulting so many in his own party, and despite the obvious hypocrisy of his beliefs, it is clear that he is a force to be reckoned with. Even now he is driving small sum donations to feed the hungry party machinery. The Democrats can only be jealous. as they look for a wall street conservative gun collector of dark complexion who likes almost clean air and water to run against him. It will also be interesting how hard Trump tries to win.. He hates losing, but probably doesn't much like the job either. His mental deterioration may become even more obvious. He started collecting campaign money before he smoked the inauguration bible with his touch, I don't think he's allowed to just keep it if he decides to retire. It makes more sense to pay his business a bunch of money to rent engagements until the money runs out, but skip a few of them to play gulf. When the money runs out he can hurt his bone spur and retire to the resorts where he doesn't have to risk touching commoners and dark skinned individuals not ritually cleansed in a Trump Spa. . I have no prediction which prince Russia will crown to rule over us. I do predict China and other powers wary of Putin are already exploring ways to chose alternate leadership. Maybe the world power structure will force us to dismantle the two party system, otherwise lessor powers will have to be content with pet senators and representatives.
  4. Small Business Radiation Exposure

    Only when a critical mass is reached. Apartheid’s end was an example. Until then you get the suburban realtors and landlords of yesteryear, including our glorious leader himself. Ironic indeed.
  5. Disrespect The Flag? What A Sonofabitch

    I never liked the phrase. Why blame the son for the failings of the sire or dam? Why should legitimacy matter anyway? Just call him a Turd, Racist, Cheeto, Moron, Republican or whatever. BItch? Hurtful to my dog. I asked her. Perhaps malodorous green cunt slime. Be original, it has more zing, Musing. i stand corrected. Nothing is original on this sad little world.
  6. Small Business Radiation Exposure

    Businesses exist at the pleasures of their customers and compete for the opportunity to serve them. Those that forget the fact deserve the bankruptcy that will follow. Republicans have a word for it. Free market. Let us all bow in worship.
  7. Front Page Mac 26 3ksb

    Separate the 26 classic from the motor sailor in the background. I'll keep defending the classics (and the older 25s and 22s). I know Mac Bashing is like offset companionways on SA. They are all doomed to sink dragging the occupants to a horrible death, despite their flotation. They are decent mass produced trailer launch-able sailboats as AKeeley explained above. Build quality was designed for a 15 year lifespan under recreational use. Sailboats are the only example of non industrial equipment where we actually expect a lifespan longer then that, so its hard to blame the builder who designed the longer lasting equivalent of a Hyundai for the sailing market.
  8. Front Page Mac 26 3ksb

    The back one is a 23 knot shitbox (as long as you don't accidentally deploy the air brake on the pointy thing).
  9. The calm before the storm

    How many half lives do you want to wait?
  10. We Need More Ethanol In Marine Fuels

    My outboard is on a vertical lift (block and tackle design) that works great. But after washing the rail a couple hours the carb is still empty.
  11. shipping a 16' runabout on trailer

    True, but it becomes a legitmate business expense, a boat transport 'reality show' by an established online entertainment company specializing in boating, You are assuming it isn't seized in a state where the marijuana is illegal or left abandoned near a frat party, and actually makes it all the way. Three Art / English majors writing an illustrated blog as part of the gig, with half down to provide party money enroute. Makes me wish I had a sailing website. The worst case scenario would be a boat delivered at extravagant tax deductible business expense without incident. The IRS probably doesn't know the difference between a carbon emitter and a trailer sailor.
  12. Oh it's twoo! It's twoo!

    Humor understood, but I read his bio. Some college including community college, but no bachelor's degree. So he did adult classes via Harvard in his 40's to earn a master's degree. Honest respect for that one. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Mapp
  13. We Need More Ethanol In Marine Fuels

    Even if this theory of tanks that don't inhale is correct (which I doubt, based on the rebuild of my two year old carb despite doting more on the gas then I do on the rest of the boat and the dry stored dinghy plus its two cycle combined). What happens when you run the boat in wet conditions? We run the motor to leave the marina in white. caps and spray. We get caught in pop up storms with sideways rain. The carb sucks air for the mix and the can needs to avoid a vacuum. These are the times I need my motor the most.
  14. Puerto Rico

    http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/13/us/puerto-rico-superfund-water/index.html Risk is accumulative, so cancer risk is better then cholera or dehydration. But this still sucks.
  15. Oh it's twoo! It's twoo!

    New York born. Law and order guy. Even Republicans might consider him an improvement for President of the United States and Islands... Maybe not.