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  1. My new tahotsu OB stalls as a hobby. It especially enjoys stalling around yachts on trips or in heavy wind entering or leaving my marina. I've dumped more fuel then I've burned. I've added more chemicals then an Olympic athlete. If a generator fails you finish with battery, dump the fuel, clean the carb (if not diesel), and start again. But how many people would need a generator anyway? Possibly excepting Anarchists, I think most boats of any size (that actually move) daysail with occasional marina hops or overnights. Aside from one Vendee boat last cycle I don't expect ocean crossers to go without internal combustion, though I'd enjoy a motorless Vendee more then waiting for fins to break on a foiling Vendee. For many uses, it seems like there is some solar cell surface area where the trickle charge while I work will give me evenings and a weekend of light motor use. The ability to charge overnight from shore power if marina hopping would help on cloudy days, though usually they provide enough wind to sail. The less you use your gasoline motor the less it works.
  2. It does dramatically reduce the danger of stalling in an inlet or while maneuvering around really expensive looking yachts. I understand the energy density of batteries is poor compared to gasoline and electric motors suck when you get to cruise if you motor instead of sail. They keep you from running a bunch of electronics, electric stoves, hydraulics, electric winches, AC, etc. How does the math change for a boat that daysails once or twice a week and only uses the motor to leave the marina? At what point (boat size vs surface area of solar cells) can they be trickle charged by solar and when do you need shore power?
  3. He hasn't made life much easier for my business, weakened any burdensome regulations, made state agencies easier to get along with, or really made any appreciable difference from 2010 to present. The only exception is some improvement of bureau of workman's comp. He hasn't made any significant waves regarding the green snot on Lake Erie. Fracking is now legal in parks. Otherwise parks are the forgotten unfunded orphan. My dock finger has rotting wood that can be pulled apart with my fingers. The boards are warped. The marina closes early because Ohio doesn't believe in climate change. They finally fixed the navigation lights adequately after three years! They kept doing flimsy repairs that were broken by vandals within days. The vandalism is due to lack of law enforcement or even security cameras at the marina, which is half empty as a result. The growth industries are heroin and military spending. He cannot claim credit for either one. School reform with vouchers and online choices has resulted in lower reading scores, lower math scores were not significantly significant (memory from a recent Scientific American article) and fraud by schools cooking the attendance books. Overall he has failed to rise above mediocrity, and only looks good compared to the other candidates that ran for the Republican ticket. I'd rather vote for my dog, even though she is undocumented.
  4. Internet fail to convey subtlety. Clancy would have liked it as a plot device to begin a novel as well. The thread title can feed the conspiracy, since it predates the accident and had to make do with the MV Crystal for a while. How did Bruno know a tanker accident was planned?
  5. Navy just made the sad announcement that divers found some remains in the flooded compartments of the McCain. The Malaysian navy may have found other remains. No doubt the blue gray camouflage uniforms are proving their utility.
  6. It wasn't enemy action that grounded the Brent Swan fleet. It's bad design and novice sailors. The navy may be guilty of bad seamanship, bad watchkeeping, poor visibility with no AIS and nav lights only on a dark ship. Imagine when the new LCS with the engine failures deploy. They will be a BS boat running on ethanol. Putin didn't have to cause this. Of course maybe all these ships are just relying on Chinese electronics.
  7. I stand corrected Snags. The prize is well served by lettus obscurus.
  8. Half credit. They had to force that by cutting off the first letter of canal.
  9. Captain Dunsel? Star Trek's "M-5" doesn't seem a lot better.
  10. Oh... None, I suppose. http://spectrum.ieee.org/transportation/marine/forget-autonomous-cars-autonomous-ships-are-almost-here I haven't seen his discussed,but it seems relevant with the recent Navy mishaps. I was hoping for some opinions. The article suggests vessels like Ferries operating in one countries waters could have line handlers and such but no captain or pilot within 3 years. The claim seems fanciful but the statements came from Rolls-Royce. The author predicts completely unmanned ships within 15 years. The photo looks like a maintenance and longshoreman nightmare, though clearly resistant to low tech pirates. I would have expected the ships would continue to have a maintenance crew to minimize downtime, even if the bridge duties are automated out of existence. Maybe AC, a galley, and berths are expensive enough that it makes since to do all maintenance dockside. The implications seem obvious. Potential cost savings for the owners, more efficient designs less able to survive mishaps. Less accidents from crew error, but the need for extremely reliable computer systems that never reboot or pause for an update at a critical moment. The danger seems greater for small boats not broadcasting AIS but lost in radar clutter, no ability to radio one if you are unsure of its intentions Ships will no longer a source of potential aid for blue water cruisers or Vend'ee racers. The Great Lakes ore carriers would be logical candidates in the states, since the American flag ships especially are generally very old due to the Jones Act, they have a couple months of downtime each winter for maintenance, and American seaman are more expensive then those from a developing country.
  11. 2 weeks ago the Marines took a 24 hour operational pause for aircraft since theirs kept crashing. Now the Navy is taking a 'pause'. What is done during these 'snow days'?
  12. I suspect both merchant crews were relying on AIS due to clutter, and manpower may be reduced dangerously low from automation. http://spectrum.ieee.org/transportation/marine/forget-autonomous-cars-autonomous-ships-are-almost-here There is a lot of industry pressure likely to make this worse (a big concern for us small boat guys who need to dodge them but may someday need their help). I'm not excusing the Navy, which has plenty of manpower (eyes), more speed, more maneuverability, and sensors expensive enough to pay for a moon landing on these ships, and appears to have been give way for at least one of these collisions. I don't know about the fishing boat, but they were also give way against the land for the grounding.
  13. Hopefully damage control is good on this ship as well. Clearly the Navy has some institutional failures they are blaming their captains for. Maybe they need to fire the admiral too (no pension).