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  1. We’re too busy worrying about monuments to our past to be relevant to the future.
  2. Hammers are useful for precision adjustments and changing the specs of all things mechanical. Guns have more limited utility. My point with last night’s rant was not to ban box cutters or even all projectile weapons. I am pointing out the hypocrisy of the Republican leadership. They follow the NRA marching orders encouraging guns as the solution to violence and praise the gun toting patriot, but fear and hide from both. They insulate themselves from their own policy with metal detectors and armed guards.
  3. That's my concern. If the Republicans believed the dogma that the solution for school shootings is armed teachers and the solution for crazies in public places shooting everybody is a murderous crossfire of armed citizenry why should they be treated differently? The best protection they could ask for is to have every visitor, intern, lackey and lobbyist armed and ready for anything. They own the federal government, yet have made no effort to protect the nation and themselves by eliminating our heinous gun control laws in their 'workplace'.
  4. If I'm allowed to walk into the House of Representatives or the White House with the weapon, it should not be banned for routine possession and personal protection.. For reference, I have only the occasional settled traffic violation on my record and am a US citizen. If it is too dangerous for a patriot like me to be carrying when enjoying my civic right and duty to see my government in action, then clearly it is dangerous and should be banned. I deliberately picked the most Republican of federal elected governments, instead of the Senate, FBI or Supreme Court, knowing that they would err on the side of having an armed citizenry ready to protect themselves for the good of the nation.
  5. Lark


    Women may not lie about sexual assault or rape frequently, but I put the fair sex on no pedestal of moral superiority. Certainly some women lie about many things. False memories ARE common, but most are harmless recollections about your 8 year old Halloween or something. Pick a couple family members and compare notes about old photographs. My mother and my Dad's sister did this after his passing. It was amazing how inaccurate recollection is regarding the gossip of a bygone era. Who was dating who, who was being set up with who, what the scandals were all became muddied. Even if they were 40% clearer at the 30 year mark, I wouldn't stake a person's reputation on them. #Me Too has brought to light some clear cases with dozens of similar allegations against men for shocking behavior. It also has the potential to turn into the Salem Witch Trials or the McCarthy hearings. To be accused is to be guilty. Somebody says you did something nasty when you were alone last week or even thirty years ago. The only evidence is her claims of what she recalls, and maybe those sessions by the shrink that either brought a memory to the surface or created one. The fact she needed a shrink doesn't even help you, it just proves how deeply you harmed her. The most you can do is prove you were far away for the entire period in question, and also the year before and after just in case she got the date wrong. There is no other defense allowed or possible. I dislike this nominee because of his stance on Presidential power, and fear his being chosen so he would protect Trump and his clan from justice. I have no opinion on the alleged forceful groping. He may have been a jerk. He may have tried to copy some cheesy romance novel, hoping to score. It may never have happened. I will not condemn a person for another person's recollection of something done a third of a century ago at age 17 and 15.
  6. agreed Trump has brokered a tentative union between China his great foe the EU. Bringing China and Japan together despite a millennium of being rivals is no small feat. I do not understand the desire by Trump, Bolton and other Republican leaders to make it a US against the world trade war, and am amazed the political class has allowed it. I assume the latest round of sanctions kicking in September 24 will show up in time for the Christmas retail season.
  7. It’s also assumed the African Swine Fever is much worse then reported in China. Pork is their primary meat. They will drive up EU prices if so.
  8. I was talking to an intelligent lady well employed by a feed company. They own livestock in hundreds of barns in several states. They believe China has long abused the US trade relationship and don’t think their own back is too bloody. I’ll try to get her to elaborate next meeting. There is more going on then even her vantage point shows. Remember the farmer owns the labor and barn but the feed company owns the livestock and has long term contracts with the packers. Trump’s mind is simple. The trade war seems less simple the more you look.
  9. Lark

    Trump to DOD - Build Space Force, 6th War Branch

    How many will be forward deployed?
  10. Lark


    I'm sure the bank employee's actions sounded so much more heroic without the camera to back her up.
  11. Lark


    I think you bring some baggage to this discussion. I am not defending the alleged actions, but your tone makes me feel the need to say I have never behaved in such a way, though I have also never obtained written permission from a woman before touching her in an intimate way. My concerns are simple. Eye witnesses are terribly unreliable. 75% of US convictions where an innocent person was later freed by irrefutable evidence had occurred because another person swore under oath but was wrong. Most did not lie, they were just mistaken. Police have planted false confessions in troubled minds during long interrogation, especially of the mentally disabled and substance abusers who already lacked a clear mind. A self defense course I attended recommended using this to advantage. If you are ever forced to defend yourself, immediately afterword tell people what they should have seen. "Did you see that? He attacked me. He grabbed me and tried to choke me." People turn around too late, see too little, but will testify about what they think they should have seen based on your description. The guy texting his girlfriend and ignoring the whole event will be convinced he saw you successfully defend yourself, and tell the police every detail down to which knee you used to destroy his balls, based on his own imagination of the events he just missed. He isn't lying. He's just human. The party happened more then half a lifetime ago for her. Presuming she is a normal adult with a normal mind, she almost certainly has events from her past that did not happen as she believes. It is the human condition. I have seen no testimony from the alleged victim on her state of mind at the occasion. Was she partying too? Was she an emotionally struggling teenager? Many are. There is indirect evidence that she was. I'd argue most teenage girls share their intimate lives in great detail with their girlfriends and maybe even the hairdresser. She describes an emotional event where a classmate allegedly was overcome with lust and failed to control himself. She says she didn't tell anybody that night . That not only makes it harder to prove if she would have had the same recollection 30 years ago, it also makes it harder to believe she was a well adjusted teenager with a strong network of friends. Could this have predisposed her to a false memory? I neither believe nor disbelieve her. I hesitate to value any claims of long past events never discussed, especially emotional ones now used to destroy a person's reputation without ability to refute. For example, I will never forgive you for great and scarring humiliation I received as an adolescent. You never should have called all your friends to look at my shriveled pre-manhood when I was passed out in the cold rain half in and half out of the pond. It made me body conscious and ruined my dreams of being a male model. Of course you can deny the whole thing, but I vividly remember. It happened and any protests you offer are insensitive lies aimed to belittle my experience and cause me further pain.
  12. Lark


    That is the part that I hate. He wants to give the Republican President a walk on all crimes, so he must be a great 'justice'. Torturing a helpless prisoner makes you tough and effective, so naturally we love such cruelty. I am increasingly ashamed of my country.
  13. Lark

    Kaven-No? you assume much. It’s very possible the cheeky pass stopped when she said no, was some other geek, or is otherwise misremembered. We have an innocence project that is slowly getting the innocent out of jail despite the conviction of a strong memory of what might have happened...but didn’t,
  14. Sometimes counterfeit goods are not a good deal. I prefer an imperfect FDA and drugs that can be traced from retail all the way to bulk ingredients instead of trusting to the free market in this case.
  15. Lark


    Alleged high school event? If she remembers the facts right, was sober, and had told a girlfriend from back in the day who will vouch for her talking about it, I suppose. What teenage girl doesn’t talk about everything? I know the #Me Too is very powerful and everybody is jumping on board, but recollections of actions between two kids? Surely there is a gay Hispanic midget willing to testify about forced groping instead.