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  1. John Oliver did a good episode on that. He did it knowing he would face a lawsuit. http://money.cnn.com/2017/06/22/media/john-oliver-coal-king-murray-lawsuit/index.html
  2. Meanwhile, those Ford jobs that Trump saved from Mexico.... They are going to China instead. Mine was built in Detroit. http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/06/20/533680458/ford-shifts-focus-again-car-will-be-imported-to-u-s-from-china-not-mexico
  3. One small edit to suggest. "Claiming that the climate model<s> are wrong...." Think of it as hurricane projections only more so. There is a wedge of probability. There are several wedges of probability, constantly being revised. Different groups look at different data. Some are meta-studies looking at everything from tree ring data or CO2 in ancient ice to establish a baseline. Steam hits upon my biggest problem with the Republican party. They are being very radical in their casual disregard of 97% of the experts. Is conservative yacht design a Brentboat origami without floors or bulkheads, that considers maintenance as an unnecessary expense interfering with cruising? Is conservative seamanship ignoring NOAA? Just eyeball the sky. Don't plot a course or plan for reciprocals. You don't need a compass if you have a GPS. Life jackets waste valuable space, so leave them on shore. Reefing points are for pansies. Don't replace the safety flares and hope the hand held works if a storm comes! Part of self reliance is planning for possible scenarios, taking corrective actions and making sure you don't need a bailout. Republicans rely on FEMA and ignore reality.
  4. What I've seen of the EU from my brother's wedding was my generation (X) completely taking advantage of it. Virtually nobody was both married to somebody form their country of birth and living in that same country. I don't have insight to how that translates across economic groups in Europe, the guests of that generation would translate to upper middle class in the states. I get the impression that the working poor also take advantage of it, but are freaking out the geezers.
  5. I'm actually optimistic for the youth, sometimes. Its kind of cool to see multiracial groups of teenagers wandering down the street, an opportunity Dabs never had. The smarter millennials know they don't have it as good as Grandpa. They may have graduated during the crash, and know there is no guarantee of anything. Their job may go to China tomorrow, or be replaced by a robot Christmas Eve. Dad was downsized at least once while they were growing up. Not ALL millennials are entitled lazy underachievers. Just as this group is connected despite geography, millennials do the same thing with online gaming. Even the most insular Indiana white guy will have contact with others from around the world, and realize the Pence Universe is too limiting. What is the Democratic vision? Big tent party, but instead of a big party inside that tent its a bunch of small groups ignoring each other.
  6. https://stats.stackexchange.com/questions/129885/why-does-increasing-the-sample-size-lower-the-variance Here is a partial answer to your hang up on sig figs of thermometers vs ability to measure change. I regret I'm not the person to give a short course in statistics. They give me a headache. A buddy did his PhD in this area, he'd just laugh at me trying to understand years of study in an afternoon. Short version is many imprecise measurements increase the power of any experiment to identify small change. Data points are each data station each time a measurement is taken.
  7. Another good example would be Appalachian valleys separated by hills. Two towns may be 10 miles apart by air but two hours by truck. I don't think many county lines crossed the center of a valley. I'd add that county lines are generally boring and utilitarian. State and Federal districts for Congress are much more puzzling.
  8. I'd add that in a tiny 18th century town making most every position elected by anonymous ballet was better then a job committee, which would have created rifts in the social fabric of a closed small communities. Sheriff wasn't a professional position, more a 'honest guy with some backbone' kind of job. So coroner, judge, sheriff, dog catcher, treasurer, virtually everything is elected in many areas even though the position would be better served by a trained career individual. There is no push to change this, partially because in the rural positions I'm familiar with every position is manned by a Republican. If it was a career job a Democrat might be allowed in by mistake. There are a few. Politicians create committees to determine how elections are run, where and when voting occurs, what voting machines are allowed, etc. Redistricting was done by committee by the state legislator, which the Republicans made it their priority to own in many states half a generation ago. The result of their planning is they draw the maps, make sure their guys get elected, their judges determine that it is legal, and their politicians get reelected to continue the cycle. There will be no midterm swing. When the Republicans supervised the economic crash they only lost a few figurehead positions. As Bush proved, the affect on Congress and state office holders was minimal. Abortion and images of sexual predators in drag prowling around your daughter's bathroom will keep many sexually repressed religious Americans from voting Democrat. Nothing, not even foreign intervention, will be allowed to stain the Republican success. The problem the Republicans face is that they have been too successful in their political machinery. They do a great job making bad laws sound patriotic. They do a great job in controlling every aspect of government. They mistake power for consensus. The white majority is being out-reproduced and eliminating immigration and birth control for rural white people won't solve that. Eliminating health care for rural people won't make friends. Clearly Republicans are on the losing side of climate change. Income inequality isn't improved by trickle down. I think the Republican machine will triumph in 2018, maybe again in 2020. Even if Dems win President in 2020, Republicans control every other aspect of government so nothing will change. Eventually more young open minded people will forget to be blinded by race. Eventually the white stubborn stupid senile demographic will become less relevant. Hopefully this happens before pressure builds too much. The Trump voter is a fickle creature. He has been trained to trust rich white people more then his minority neighbors. But even he can learn. He may not vote democrat, unless they are willing to become gun loving populists and abortion is safely illegal. He has guns. If the two groups discover they have common ground, the result would be violent and messy. Most revolutions aren't economic successes.
  9. We have a long tradition of making most government functions elected. It served us well in the pioneer days where we could simply remove a judge or sheriff or whatever that seemed out of touch or had power go to his head. Since then our Supreme Court has determined that money = speech = power, and politics has drifted to this must win at all costs, party before people philosophy. A one party government is very reluctant to give up any power.
  10. http://climatechangeauthority.gov.au/ Not what you asked for, but I'm sure a caring expert in all things climate as yourself will volunteer to help these poor folks, since they putting their own economy in danger by mistaking a lab accuracy issue for reality. http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/change/#tabs=Tracker&tracker=timeseries I have a report to read, but you might find something of interest here. Again, these are AUstralian government employees, therefore automatically incompetent and in need of your expertise. Before you dismiss it, ACORN is Aus Climate Observation something something, and not a liberal PAC of some sort. Please copy us on all your correspondence to Australia, so we can learn with them. http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/change/acorn-sat/index.shtml#tabs=Expert-review&-network= The government dweebs did seek some outside counsel, perhaps you will be able to explain to them why they went to the wrong experts. You represent the Republican party well in this, but don't you feel like the stewardess on the crashing plane walking up and down the aisle briefing passengers on delays in connecting flights, reassuring them that the second wing was redundant, and explaining that the altimeter is notoriously inaccurate when the plane is falling faster then the dial can spin therefore it shouldn't be believed.
  11. Which way? Do you mean toward the freighter as the bulb 'kicked her feet out from under her' rolling the superstructure toward the bow of the freighter? By the photo the freighter bulb was visible below the waterline, she probably was not at the published draft of 12 m. Any guesses on the depth of the bulb? The destroyer had a draft of about 9 m. Would the hit have rolled the bridge toward the freighter? If the bulb hit close to 90' I think it would have lifted and pushed (as well as crushing and tearing) the destroyer without much roll. This would have been in addition to any pivoting forces due to the location of contact along the length of the destroyer. My guess is more of an angle, dissipating some force and saving the Fitzgerald from being cleaved. A picture of the Fitzgerald in drydock 2006. This is the closest I could find to her hull shape. The bulb would ride under this rounded hull, don't you think?
  12. The 'armor' was demonstrated by the affected compartments. Berths and non flammable storage outside, magazines deeper. As much as possible in a narrow fast ship, they put the most critical stuff deeper so small weapons wouldn't penetrate, or build in redundancy. In theory there wouldn't be many men asleep if missiles were flying. They know a destroyer cannot survive a major hit any more then it could in the world wars. The navy didn't realize ramming was still a danger.
  13. Elections have consequences, But they aren't an example of the will of the majority triumphing, like I was once taught in civics. They are a means of consolidating power and assuring the majority can be controlled when they get in the way. Gerrymandering, closing polling stations, increasing the regulations and ID needed to vote, or minimizing absentee or early voting so only old white retired people and white trash on disability have time to vote are common examples. They are the more subtle replacement for preventing Southern blacks from registering since those heavy handed methods resulted in unrest.
  14. For those that think dealing with climate change is too expensive and might hurt the economy, http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/06/20/533662790/its-too-hot-for-some-planes-to-fly-in-phoenix Phoenix had to cancel flights for hours because it was too hot for the smaller jets to fly. Boeing had 6 degrees to spare. A portent.