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  1. They honestly do. Most think they were one of the few that were infected in March. They weren't vaccinated for the flu because they once got sick after being inoculated. They never went to the doctor, but 'it wasn't like the flu' They are now immune. Add Pence and faith based immunity, its a testament to rich person health care nobody important to the party has died.
  2. On the plus side, US hospital mortality has dropped considerably since March. An NPR interview (with poorly defined terms) reported a drop from ~30% death loss (ICU? Ventilator?) to 8%. Better treatment protocols help a lot. New drugs help some. They also gave credit to younger patients, which left me wondering. Has the virus shifted? Do old folks (aside from Republicans) protect themselves a lot better? I think the primary change has been aggressive nursing home biosecurity, with testing of workers and outside medical contractors and restricted exposure to family. The residents may be lonely for their final months, but they don't die in a hospital bed of COVID as often. The other variable nobody has been willing to discuss is fatigue. I don't just mean people getting tired of behaving abnormally. We did flatten the curve in March on the East Coast, Chicago, etc. Hospitals were overwhelmed. Employees were dead tired and started dropping dead. Germany had abundant available health care and kept a lot of people alive. Canada may succeed there as well. The American system ignores physiology. Fatigue already causes nurses driving home from long night shifts to be overrepresented in head on collisions, insurance companies noticed this years ago. Add extra shifts because colleagues are sick and cannot work, their bodies are under even more stress. As numbers go up, hospital deaths inevitably go up. The American system, with its history of rewarding management for keeping efficient small staff, is uniquely vulnerable to statistical anomalies like a pandemic. Most rural hospitals run out of staff before beds. I think hospital deaths will rise slowly when hospitals are able to meet demand. When one person is doing the work of two, without sleep, deaths will cascade. Medical systems will be tested as much as government policy. Add our failed government, politicization of science agencies and misinformation campaigns amplified by politicians, and the US is worse then average. As I have been arguing since March, this is a marathon and no country is truly safe. Victory merely means you are still vulnerable and a next wave is coming, a giant game of space invaders. As the White House proved twice, aggressive testing alone isn't enough when false negatives occur. It needs to be followed by precautions to limit spread among the entire population as well as quarantine of positives. We have no will for either. The local state park rents cottages. I noticed 50 people partying around one Saturday, few wearing masks (I was isolated in a canoe). The state is happy as long as they pay the rent and don't break anything. Currently Ohio shuts down small businesses when workers end up positive. They are much more lenient for large corporations. Clearly money is more important to health departments then controlling a disease.
  3. Lark

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    I'd groan, but that would probably be misinterpreted.
  4. Lark

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    I’ve got a dinghy sail to look forward to tomorrow, with no risk of hurricane, A bit of canoeing last Saturday after work, on an almost empty lake. How will I find time to wax the pocket cruiser for winter layup with all this boating going on? .
  5. Lark

    Will he go quietly?

    The constitution also allowed for slavery and tried to prevent a standing army. The Supreme Court was sort of an arbitrator for legal disputes between the states and for maritime law. The president has little peacetime constitutional power except as negotiator for treaties, subject to Senate approval. Arms are for citizen militias, disciplined and regulated by congress.. “The Constitution is more what you would call guidelines then actual rules.” (to misquote Pirates of the Caribbean)
  6. Lark

    GOP Voter suppression

    @Fakenews I saw that, but don’t expect many to vote on Election Day, They hate face to face interaction. Mail in voting is quaint, but sort of like an Amazon return. They can handle that. Early voting is tolerable. Standing in line? That’s so 20th century, don’t you think? edit. Do you have an imposter? Fake news also exists.
  7. Lark

    Will he go quietly?

    We came so far from where we started, despite so many missteps and so much injustice. Slavery flags may be back, but slavery itself will not return. We once feared a Catholic President would put the Pope in the White House. Now Catholics ignore a professed Catholic for an open sinner. Russia is the Republican ally. So much can change. So much has changed. Perhaps some of this will eventually be undone. Perhaps something better will arise.
  8. Lark

    GOP Voter suppression

    Les Nessman is now an election judge strip searching Oz voters!
  9. Lark

    GOP Voter suppression

    Wow, They make you vote half naked? Are they expecting you to bring a crib sheet?
  10. The last two were well done. The accent in Rich Mitch wasn't bad either, an attempt a combination of southern drawl and Appalachian without sounding like a Hollywood movie caricature by somebody who never actually got out of an airport between NY and LA.
  11. Lark

    Kidnap the democRAT Governor!

    Not surprised. He's viewed as a traitor in conservative areas. 'The virus is clearly a scam by hospitals to gain federal money and hardly anybody is dead that wasn't already dying.' I've listened to a few of his weekly covid updates. I'm always left with gratitude I don't have his job. He manages to never call members of his own party a moran, even when they try to impeach him or go around deliberately breaking mask rules as a role model of how to best infect their neighbors. He also failed to protest or thwart the arrest of several Republican legislators for bribery. He has a lot of enemies.
  12. Maybe Vietnamese girls will invade us, teach us perfect pitch, solve the virus, then leave a parting gift of some healthy food. Mongolia was a good rabbit hole. Thanks, They started in January while the Trump administration was working the insider trading angle. Their education system took a hit, but very impressive No fatalities. They also have limited universal healthcare, I’m jealous, The Mongolian case shows that with robust preventive systems, an effective response to a pandemic can be mounted in a low-income or middle-income country. Mongolia, of which cardiovascular diseases account for almost a third of all mortality. Nearly half of the adult population are overweight (31·9%) or obese (11·9%), 16·2% have ischaemic heart disease, and the prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is estimated to be at approximately 10·0%. Other population groups at high risk are those aged older than 70 years, which constitute a low percentage of Mongolia's total population (2·39% [n=77 634]). Likewise, lifestyle risk factors indicators are poor, with the consumption of red meat being very high, few fruit and vegetables being consumed, and lives becoming increasingly sedentary. From early on, the public were engaged and kept up to date through public information provision and action,
  13. To be fair, South Korea is an advanced and well educated country. It’s probably better to strive for obtainable but still challenging goals, perhaps we should have hoped to be as good as Rwanda..
  14. Lark

    YOU’RE FIRED!!!!

    I’m in. Maybe @Editor will kick in half for the privilege of adding his logo. Alternately we can just show a American Watercraft Association logo and let the chips fall as they may. I’m sure Trump’s minions will organize a boycot.