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  1. Lark

    Floriduh Man

    Ok boomer. Except you codgers invented music. Hair bands are good for a workout but the old time stuff rocks a road trip. Not my generation but if you discover music during disco and come of age during pop you have to substitute.
  2. Amazing adaptability to me. @Ed Lada may remember hand forging tools in his youth living with the indigenous people of the Pennsylvania colony but the mud furnaces with pump or rotary bellows blew my mind, Sand or clay casting was kind of cool to watch, we barely touched on it in shop class. I spent a couple hours watching those videos last night, The first one posted was (to me) the least interesting, the link kept screwing with me.
  3. Seems like he could have hardened the chisel tip? Keeps attaching the wrong video. Finally!
  4. Who do you want on your island? If you thought The Woodright’s Shop was old school, this guy will amaze.
  5. Lark

    Floriduh Man

    Poet as well. His father was nearby during the Golf of Tonkin incident and got promoted to Admiral. Predictably they were not on great terms, After his death the admiral admitted Morrison had shown a kind of genius. It’s a shame he was so self destructive.
  6. Lark


    Thanks, I’ve not wanted to blatantly out myself in the forum as a I’m a token progressive (not especially liberal) in conservative land. Nobody around here sails, but others of thinner skin have been driven to suicide by cyber bullying. Why make it easy to be identified by a google search? I’m more open in messages. Sandusky is a great place to play, so my boats have wheels. My work is specialized and overhead is high. Fringes are constantly under erosion by parties that minimize overhead by picking and choosing niches that can be done without a permanent physical presence or tax exempt. Add corporate competition and their ability to drive regulation, and its challenging. Fortunately I’m more adaptable then a big company. I’m a small fish for sure, a stubborn individualist. SOCA group health insurance was disappointing. Ohio law prevents an association from offering group insurance here.
  7. Lark


    Thanks. I look at the big picture of customer satisfaction and outcomes, but realize it’s more expensive. How much more expensive is difficult for me to calculate. Labor is my most expensive component, followed by other fixed costs. My GF works for a large dental corporation that pays the manager bonuses to avoid overtime. Therefore high revenue denture jobs are often rescheduled to avoid overtime that would cost the company less then $100 even if overtime was still the same ratio of withholdings. They also play the corporate game of pushing the end of the month at the expense of the next month. I’m not a dentist, but find their system entertaining. If corporate experts didn’t give bonuses and promotions for meeting the wrong targets the little guys without a plan wouldn’t stand a chance.
  8. Lark


    Is there a chart or cheat sheet? I use a payroll company and see the totals but not the process.
  9. Lark


    Extra hours are overtime pay at time and a half. Anything else would be in violation of labor rules. I don’t play games with fake management on salary to like the big guys do, to require extra hours and avoid OT. Sometimes limited work can be done from home for addl hours or if short because of sick kids. Healthcare is the biggest desire. Flex time is given as possible, but we can only allow so many days in a row before we are forced to hire making the position redundant. Eye checks? Trying to compete with Walmart? Costco is the go to for hearing I’m told, if cost is an issue.
  10. Lark


    A couple thoughts. A smallish specialty products company I am familiar with uses a lot of unskilled warehouse type labor. They were forced to fire a bunch of Nigerian refugees. They had legally been in the country since 2015? but aren't allowed to work. Think about the asinine morons in Washington that made that compromise. You can stay here, but you can't legally work???? When their false paperwork was discovered they were discharged, despite their pleas. The replacements are the bottom of the barrel. One guy was hired despite a grand theft auto conviction, with the theory he could help them out if the keys were locked in a truck again. He lasted 5 days, due to a couple bogus complaints against coworkers disproven by security cameras and his own girlfriend's story. Most just don't show up, or show up stoned. The owner is making the obvious choice, investing big money in automation. Working conditions and job satisfaction are key to employee retention. In the current market, my productivity and hours are limited by available manpower (including skilled). I need to keep raising fees to raise salaries, but living in a poor area I depend on other people's salaries improving enough to pay my increased fees. Large businesses able to buy regulators and tax exemption further limit margins available to raise salaries. Benefits are another enticement small business cannot offer. I waisted many hours (evening and so called days off) on health insurance this winter, I just can't seem to provide anything affordable to my team.
  11. Lark

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    Asswipe is a good actor.
  12. Lark


    If you have a you watch it slip through your fingers. I’d you have a lot of money you buy a cup and collect that which the less fortunate are unable to hold onto.
  13. Lark

    The Wall

    As is often the case, the article's author is ignorant. He clearly doesn't know the thrill of watching a large rapidly approaching bow wave to make sure there is no danger of collision, followed by the brief thrill of bouncing around trying to keep the boom to leeward while watching one's sails repeatedly collapse. I have a second amendment right to a acoustic homing torpedoes.
  14. Lark

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    I heard Trump campaign optimistically bought a dozen of those. Since they didn’t sell they were quickly marked off as ‘2 for 1’.
  15. Lark

    The Wall

    A wall won't help. Chinese illegals arrive in style.   MIAMI — Dozens of Chinese nationals without proper papers have been smuggled from the Bahamas to South Florida by operators of luxury yachts who are charging them thousands of dollars each for the short Atlantic journey, according to federal criminal cases.