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  1. If they are promoting violence, google & FB need to drop them.
  2. Lark

    Units of Measurement and Representation

    Anybody have a drill bit sized 8/17”? That’s what my safe, in store pickup at Tractor Supply, calls for.
  3. GiveSendGo - Legal Fees to Fund New Political Entities: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site. If this ex navy guy can get money for (allegedly, I didn't find a conviction in my 30 second search) hitting a woman with a flagpole, surely they will give us money too. GiveSendGo - Navy Veteran Wrongfully Arrested: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site. Swampscott man accused of spitting at BLM supporter ( Michael Ross, 59, of Beverly, is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, accused of hitting a woman in the forearm with a flagpole. All the suspects appeared to be with the pro-Trump side, Locke said. Walbourne and Ross will be in Lynn District Court on Wednesday, Dec. 30. I need somebody with creative writing skills: a god ordained mission to raise money with the implied benefit of all things red, but worded loosely enough any donations can be donated to a youth sailing organization for the purchase of red boats. Sample: Despite the darkness of our times, the unaffiliated followers of St Mattress by the Springs have seen the vision of white sheets in a gentle breeze. Your money will assure another generation will know the excitement of being surrounded by red, They will give their all with the certainty that all will give way to one on the right heading. There will be a shift. Your seed money will be used to teach the children how to ride it to victory.
  4. What useful skills do they offer? The obvious one is free gunsmithing for inner city residents who feel the need for self defense against angry profa racist militias. The biggest reason to charge failed seditionists is to take away their gun rights. It will make the next attempt harder when they are only legally able to use a bow and arrow.
  5. Is Biden above the law yet?
  6. Lark

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    @Venom Wave a slavery flag and I call you an extreme racist as well as a person willing to use violence against America. That war started with an attack on a defensive military base. More then one in five who fought to keep slaves died. Wave a swastika and I will call you an aggressive asswipe also comfortable with the enslavement and murder of entire races. We used to deprogram those people with a device called the liberator. Promote the overthrow democracy on lies and I will call you a dangerous criminal. That makes you fortunate.
  7. Lark

    Trump Explodes Arizona GOP

    They lack the power. Power corrupts. Its the human beast, don’t you think?
  8. Lark

    What If It Worked

    Let’s suppose this thing had spun out of control 10 days ago. Really out of control. Pelosi and Pence are dead. A couple hundred crying Democrat politicians are released only after ‘confessing’ on neutral facebook and youtube that they took part in the great Jewish Antifa conspiracy to rob Trump, That invigorates millions more Trump voters throughout suburbs and rural areas. They wouldn’t be Trump supporters if they were capable of critical thinking. Things only get worse from there. Some cops turn a blind eye in a few state houses, like we have already seen. Maybe the military steps in to recapture the capital building like Jeff thinks and even protects Biden from a militia attack. A few malcontents open the Crane Navy (storage) base in Indiana plus Michigan and Montana national guard armories to local militias in retaliation. There are a lot of ways this could have escalated if the initial attack succeeded.
  9. Lark

    What If It Worked

    1. I assume it’s the petty officers and sergeants that have the keys to the gun cabinets, not the joint chiefs. Some of them may have followed the psych ops captain into treason. 2. I think re-education / slave labor in North Dakota will be reserved for any captured liberals. That open country isn’t known for its progressive thinking, 65% voted for Trump in 2020. Some of them are still self reliant enough to survive without Chinese junk in the local distant Walmart if the left coast shuts off supplies. I googled it, there are only 20 in the empty state! If the nincomcoups accomplished their chanted goals, this wouldn’t have ended in a day.
  10. Lark

    What If It Worked

    The military may have its share of malcontents, as recent history shows. Hopefully psych screening would have kept Q anon types away from the nukes. That alone would make sure most foreign powers are slow to accept Trump. Russia and North Korea are likely exceptions.
  11. Lark

    LONQR 2

    I bet the police seized a vehicle with a bad heater core. Now he has to pay to get it back,
  12. Lark

    Trump Explodes Arizona GOP

    There’s no danger of a Dem one party state when the Pubs own the statehouses and divvy up the districts. Gerrymandering is almost as good as numbers. Even when abortion is illegal they will have guns and white supremacy to rally around. For the record, a Dem one party state would be just as bad as Pub one party rule. Trump was somewhat mitigated by the House and the rare Republican with an independent streak. His damage was even more limited by basic incompetence and his golf schedule. He even screwed up screwing up. The Republicans in Ohio are so efficient they can keep legislation and politicians tainted by bribery. Trump is a good mouthpiece but a second tier oligarch.
  13. Lark

    What If It Worked

    OP: In history generally what happens is two popes, two kings, two whatever. We would have had two Presidents and very quickly two congresses. The red Congress would have ballets with only one box (The President is almighty). Even if the Supremes didn't vote along party lines, why would conspiracy theorists pay more attention to them then they did Republican election officials? Geography doesn't support a civil war with front lines. Atlanta and other cities would be Biden territory, while suburbs would be battlegrounds. For example, Indianapolis would have a blue center. Of its suburbs, Zionsville would probably be blue but Greenwood dark racist red. Transportation would be a mess. Food has to be imported into the cities but nearly everything Walmart stocks has to come through the port of Los Angeles. Rednecks would try charging tolls along the interstates. Violence would escalate very quickly. I know at least some federal workers and many military would support Trump, but not all. Clearly DC showed that many police would also support Trump. Empty Walmart shelves would cause suburban and urban fighting. I cannot see how the US would have avoided becoming a failed state by the fourth of July, even without the pandemic. The tech companies must have come to the same conclusion based on much better analysis. Why else would they suddenly develop a conscience?
  14. Lark

    How Serious were the events of Jan 6, 2021

    The suppressed hi standard was used by WW II British SOE and American OSS for special ops despite the lack of a full metal jacket, a war Crime? Later the CIA dusted them off for urban assassinations of Viet Kong officials and Chinese ‘advisors’. When Gary Powers was shot down by the Soviets he was armed with one, It’s claimed the CIA still have some in reserve. Navy SEALS were issued suppressed Ruger Mark I’s in Vietnam, and not just to kill dogs. Tunnel rats were also known to use them at times, since they wouldn’t cause a cave in. The humble 140 year old dogball target and squirrel round has been a weapon of several wars. But we risk turning this into yet another gun thread.
  15. Lark

    How Serious were the events of Jan 6, 2021

    History backs you up, It was rare for a militia to stand against British bayonets. The continental army was needed. Bunker hill was so famous because it was the confused and disorganized militias that held their ground so long, possibly because their command structure wasn’t clear and no group wanted to run before the other. There wasn’t a leader to order withdrawal.