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  1. What is your utopia.

    Free sailboat kayak or canoe registration for 1 year per jetski you destroy. Shotgun season is Memorial day to Labor day. Summer season is bow only. Deposit on fishing licenses to cover the clean up bait boxes, coolers, beer cans and chew left behind. Long term parking options at public ramps for trailer sailors.
  2. What is your utopia.

    Great start. Entitlements. How do you earn them? Minimum hours worked in the last year? Specific problems you would address? Additions. Safety net for children continues, its not their fault even if their parents made poor choices. Food stamps and other 'cash equivalents need to reduce by increment per kid. 2 kids is not $2x but $1.8x, etc. Reduce the benefit of 'kids you cannot afford'. Provide birth control options so parents can avoid having kids they cannot afford Currently there is no incentive for mothers to claim a poor father for child support, since the state is more generous then a minimum wage dad would be garnished for. If Dad is garnished he limits himself to temporary work to avoid seeing his take home pay drop below $6 / hour. A poor Dad has little incentive to avoid making babies and only voluntary responsibility unless he becomes somewhat successful. Health care safety net for middle class as well as the poorest people. Currently small businesses are at a huge disadvantage. Copay that penalizes you for lifestyle choices that make you expensive (obesity, smoking, etc). That will allow disability reform. Currently its a scam used by many middle aged formerly working poor to maintain health care after they are downsized or laid off from a job that had benefits. If you don't work, you get your diabetes and heart meds. Work and you cannot afford them. Limit narcotics dispensed for non hospice people on the national healthcare program or those immediately after a surgery. Government does not pay for non reconstructive cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, gender reassignment, etc. That is between you and your private insurance. Liberals tried to add fertility treatments to Obamacare! This will allow veterans hospitals (with continued special care for disabilities incurred in the service of the country) and medicare to be merged with the rest of the population. Eliminate prescription Rx commercials not targeting the medical community. Maybe ban those too. Education quality should not be limited by parents' income or property tax. Reduce military spending to Trump's 2% GDP for NATO countries. Close overseas bases and stop invading / bombing anybody that lacks nukes. Eliminate subsidized flood insurance, limit FEMA help to a buy out after the third event in a decade. Climate change is reality, some areas cannot be saved forever. Fix immigration. Allow amnesty on probation (if you get in trouble you are gone) for DACA kids with permanent VISA's and citizinship for their kids. Encourage smart foreign grad students to come back, and provide a path for citizenship if they complete their MS or doctorate. Provide a legal pathway for work visas for current illegals. We are creating an underclass without legal protection and tearing apart established families. Stop the wall BS. Control employment as you collect withholding. Campaign finance reform, so politicians first job is the people, not fund raising. Tax all political activity 100%.
  3. What is your utopia.

    He must have bent another tie rod this week. They are using ablative asphalt around here. The gutters are full of small clumps of former road.
  4. 2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    The article says he drives it more then his other five cars. Either it didn’t turn out too bad, or he also owns a Gremlin, Morris Marina, Volare, Yugo, and Avto VAZ. I hate the interior, but his engine and exterior / mirrors look good.
  5. Have no Mercy

    https://www.stripes.com/news/navy-considers-scrapping-a-hospital-ship-in-cost-cutting-move-1.517794 After the hurricane season this comes as a surprise. I guess the damage the 7th fleet took and the LCS challenges are having an affect. I read newsstories the hospital ship was underutilized last fall anyway. Should humanitarian relief be a role of the modern navy? Since it’s been decades, should the military plan for future mass casualty battles?
  6. 2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    You know, it’s not a bad looking little car. Here is an interesting Frankenstang. http://www.thedrive.com/sheetmetal/15114/this-ford-mustang-ii-mach-1-has-a-turbo-nissan-silvia-engine
  7. My bad. Neither one, of they have adequate insurance to avoid ending up homeless, and the tired residents don’t make a stupid mistake. T & P.
  8. So the cop didn’t run away. Not exactly a great victory, but it’s being called one since only one student was murdered in that school today? Isn’t even senseless death a day in our educational battlefield too many?
  9. 2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    Her sister lives. I passed it yesterday on I-70 between Dayton and Richmond. Shiny red paint and all. I was wondering who spent the money to restore one...and why.
  10. I don’t see why anybody was willing to risk millions by working for lawyer happy Trump.
  11. National Debt Hits $21 Trillion

    Except for the new I 69 loved by southern Indiana, most interstates were a done deal in my lifetime. The Lincoln highway is now limited access US 30 in Ohio and much faster, but that’s partially zoning, Indiana let’s businesses add access roads, so Warsaw is a low population traffic jam as is Kokomo on US 31. Ohio used to do the same thing but got smart and made a new limited access road to avoid the 100 tiny traffic jams. I’m sure there was a lot of Federal money, but Pennsylvania and Indiana benefited. I did see the slow decay of Cleveland communities transacted by .asphalt knife wounds, but the loss of industrial jobs to Asia hurt it more. Suburban sprawl with the environmental impact, infrastructure stretch, and traffic jams are a main reason I chose to live small town. The traffic bound bypass around the bypass around Boston shows the stupidity of the current system. How would your idea of stopping interstates at the loop affect this? It would increase the traffic jams on the bypasses, and encourage new suburbs in prime farmland or nature preserves. What is the benefit to society at large in your view?
  12. National Debt Hits $21 Trillion

    A former roommate, established in Orlando as a professional and entrepreneur, is why it should be a state. So many people hop back and forth across the border. I don’t want Alt right pureblood types using a Puerto Rican succession as an excuse to send ICE after all the brown skinned Americans from the island if Trump or somebody worse wins in 2020. Going it alone as an island would stroke their pride but be risky between climate change and economic powerhouses, I wouldn’t blame them if they looked at the our behavior and asked to join the British Islands instead. They seem to have had better Hurricane relief.
  13. National Debt Hits $21 Trillion

    Legitimate complication, a type of mission creep I think. Of course that needs to be resisted. A parallel train running at American speeds (steam train speeds) could stop in my town, the express needs to run on dedicated track / tunnel as necessary without interruption, a more reliable alternative to the current planes. Cheaper over 20 years, but nobody wants to invest if the payoff takes longer then four years, The opposition candidate might win and scrap the partially completed program in favor of a new airport or extra freeway lane, depending on if his doners are in the airline or truck stop business.
  14. Cohen Packs heat

    My grandma used to make it when I was a kid. I couldn’t get past the idea she murdered Daffy Duck.
  15. Now, About Cambridge Analytica....

    Can we sieze the assets of principal officers of Cambridge Analytica as a foreign controlled (hired) organization attempting to harm the nation? We would if it was a North Korean hired Chinese organization not interfering with a US election.