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  1. BarfBag

    R2AK 2020

    That's a 1:2 ratio. The 1:1's are much more robust taking greater torque which is what usually breaks the Mitrpaks.
  2. BarfBag

    R2AK 2019

    To be announced in September 2019.
  3. BarfBag

    R2AK 2019

    Yes. Out of fuel and fouled prop are still the two leading calls.
  4. BarfBag

    R2AK 2019

    They claimed it didn't do so well while pitching... Paddle wheels tend to be depth sensitive. So, side wheels amidships then... that sounds familiar... river boats!
  5. BarfBag

    R2AK 2019

    Agreed Norse. Look who's in Higgins Passage. And, damage to the paddle wheel in Seymour N.
  6. BarfBag

    R2AK 2019

    Where are they indeed. Tracker is most disappointing.
  7. BarfBag

    R2AK 2019

    Looks like DRAGON is going to wait. Click on their track and sometimes it shows ahead of the boat icon!
  8. BarfBag

    R2AK 2019

    Anyone know what happened to Norse Horse? He disappeared May 11 and shows as "withdrawn" from the race.
  9. BarfBag

    R2AK 2019

    Sorry to hear that ordkhntr. Can you come for either start? The Victoria start allows for 1 - 2 hours of spectator viewing especially if you have a bike!
  10. BarfBag

    R2AK 2019

    Here are a few quotes from an email exchange I had with an R2AK representative late last year: "Mostly it's getting an enhancement as we attempt to re-kick the riddle a bit. There was nothing announced at the Blazer Party other than, "expect a major change in 2020". We've got a couple of options we are exploring, but we're not announcing which one we're going with for the 2020 race until the 2019 Blazer Party (+/- September 6th). If the boat you were going to enter was going to be allowed in 2019, it would be allowed in 2020 as well. Perhaps better put, we are not putting more restrictions on types of boats (still only just "no motors"). So, if you were planning on your boat being allowed in a 2020 race with a static set of race rules, it would be allowed in 2020 with the big change up as well." Speculate if you must but we'd all be better off if you didn't. Patience... patience.
  11. BarfBag

    SAR Run Aground Bad Accident

    It is a 36' FRC, twin screw, jet boat with 4 trained volunteers on board operating out of Sooke, BC, Canada, the harbour they crashed in. The new 47' Lifeboat out of Victoria responded along with the Zodiac style FRC manned again by volunteers out of Victoria, Unit 35. When I spoke with media yesterday morning, they had info from the fire dept only which gave them Christina Point as the crash site. Likely they meant Christie Point but more likely again is that it happened at Woodward Point (also labelled Tideview Point above) as this is closer to the usual path of travel. There are excellent nav aids in the harbour and of course on board electronics that make this incident almost inexcusable. The weather was reasonable but it was 2120hrs local and dark. Without more information it would appear to me complacency and or crew distraction may have played a major roll in this incident. There are serious injuries here: a crushed pelvis to one individual, chest injuries to another, and unnamed injuries to the third member requiring medical attention. The fourth member did not require hospitalization. It's up to the crew whether they wear helmets or not, many don't so there could be head injuries as well. Hopefully some good will come from this catastrophic, avoidable event.
  12. BarfBag

    we want susie, but...

    She reported it had "parted way" with the boat. I was left with the impression the bridle snapped.
  13. You're still not doing it right. You don't need to pass the entire line under the bull-rail.
  14. Not only is that not a dock cleat ( it's a boat cleat, dock cleats are much heavier built ) it's not even bolted down!
  15. BarfBag

    Apology to our Canadian Friends . .

    So I drive a small tour boat here in Canada and I get a lot of US citizens on board. They generally fit into two categories: either terribly embarrassed about what's happening or shocked that there aren't more Trump supporters here. I truly feel for the former but have lost all respect for the later. Our government is not gifted but I have lost all respect for USA. And the kicker is, you'll probably vote him in for a second term! Oh, and my forum points rating is thanks to two, intolerant US citizens. Either have a civil war and get it over with or dummy-up and get rid of Trump. Good luck!