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  1. You're still not doing it right. You don't need to pass the entire line under the bull-rail.
  2. Not only is that not a dock cleat ( it's a boat cleat, dock cleats are much heavier built ) it's not even bolted down!
  3. BarfBag

    Apology to our Canadian Friends . .

    So I drive a small tour boat here in Canada and I get a lot of US citizens on board. They generally fit into two categories: either terribly embarrassed about what's happening or shocked that there aren't more Trump supporters here. I truly feel for the former but have lost all respect for the later. Our government is not gifted but I have lost all respect for USA. And the kicker is, you'll probably vote him in for a second term! Oh, and my forum points rating is thanks to two, intolerant US citizens. Either have a civil war and get it over with or dummy-up and get rid of Trump. Good luck!
  4. Our waves are nastier here too. Best to stay south of the border.
  5. You can't count on retrieving a line on a bull rail from the boat. Why not? I've never had a problem doing it.
  6. OMG, I can't believe an entire thread trashing bull-rails. Here in the Great White North, it's a safer way to secure as the bull-rails are typically through-bolted right into the dock during construction. They're not a trip hazard like cleats can be. Nobody seems to know how to tie off correctly to a cleat anyway. And is the cleat through bolted? Not likely, just lag bolted usually. Bull-rails are always right where you need them. One does have to rely on the spacing of the bull-rail attachment blocks for anything but breast lines, however. Tying to a bull rail is easy and splinter free if you know how to do it: First, form a generous loop in the dock line and pass it under the bull-rail from the outside, twice ( a full-round-turn ). Then form two half-hitches around both the bitter end and the new boat-to-dock line, together, leaving a loop in the second half-hitch for easy release. So all your lines are doubled in the knot. It's called a full-round-turn with two half hitches. Passing the line under the rail first applies the load to the shortest lever arm on the bolts holding the rail to the dock. The full round turn is self tightening and distributes the load over many bends, not just one, but is still easily released ( it doesn't bind ). To make it a bit simpler for you, just a single line, full-round-turn on the bull-rail and back to the CLEAT on your boat! Then you have, balanced, two-line strength and a quick get-away should your neighbour catch fire in the night. But learn how to tie off correctly to your cleat.
  7. BarfBag

    what is it?

    From the stern.
  8. BarfBag

    Questions for US Citizens sailing to Canada

    Thank you Jim in H, that may have been more appropriate.
  9. BarfBag

    Sinking car (DUKW ) Anarchy

    Licensed or not, it appears no one was asked to don lifejackets prior to sinking. That is a very large screw-up in itself. And the abandon ship call was a little late...
  10. BarfBag

    Questions for US Citizens sailing to Canada

    Lol, that was quite a few years ago. I admire your comradery though there wingman! Cheers
  11. BarfBag

    Questions for US Citizens sailing to Canada

    Really. I met an American women in a bar one night and her hubby had been caught trying to bring his silver plated pistol into our country. He spent the weekend in jail while his girlfriend spent the night with me! $2000 fine, the weekend in jail and he lost his beautiful hand gun... I have travelled the world and the toughest boarder I've ever crossed is my own when returning to Canada. Leave your guns at home when visiting Canada.
  12. BarfBag

    Questions for US Citizens sailing to Canada

    Flying a Canadian flag, in Canada, is a distress signal. The guy in the photo got it good from his "buddies". Don't bring guns or drugs, without a prescription, across the border. Don't lie to border officials. They are not a stupid as many think them to be. And finally, don't use a forum as your sole source of information when it comes to border crossing.
  14. BarfBag

    R2AK 2018

    The race doesn't need separate categories! It's an awesome race JUST the way it is. If you don't like it fuck-off.
  15. BarfBag

    R2AK 2018

    Hospital? Are you sure about that? IV's can be had outside of a hospital. EDIT: Right you are Norse. From his FB page: "We brought him to The hospital at Bella Bella BC"