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  1. H5000 shiftometer?

  2. Its desiccant baking day. Use low heat and follow the manufacturer's instructions. https://tinyurl.com/kxgl24x
  3. Forecasting for gusts and what drives them

    Dex, Take a look at the shape of the clouds. Smooth even, stratified clouds not so puffy. Lumpy, broken clouds expect more puffs. and water cooler than the air expect smoother breeze.
  4. Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    This guy.
  5. Calculating change in waterline/draft due to added weight

    LeoV, you are a man of action.
  6. Bungy kite take down?

  7. Clipper Brand Instruments-Quality and Connecting to NMEA2000

    plus one on the NEMA 2000 only install. 0183 gets messy.
  8. B&G - Backward Clinometer?

    What does the TWD trace look like during a tack? Do you record your data?
  9. Manfred Curry movie "Wind und Wasser

    MikeR, Where did you dig that up? Very kul
  10. Color of AirX Performance

    I'm a fan of white for that reason.
  11. Time Warp

    Now that's funny. Snaggy, thank you!
  12. Wite like Snaggletooth day is coming!

    Ey thught Speel lik sngale dazs ur un Aprel Twyoth ech yer
  13. Start Line Technology

    Solo Shot with tag on the pin
  14. YASQ (*) Round-head or hex-head?

    2 x on button head allen screws.
  15. If I understand the question. there is less friction if the tack is in front of the shrouds going into/ out of the hatch. So from the leeward side while hoisting everything goes up and out in front of the shrouds and over the leech of the jib. This works with very little jib overlap. YMMV