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  1. o30_oldschool

    1000 Daze at Sea

  2. o30_oldschool

    1000 Daze at Sea

    From FB: Cuba Land and Sea: My friends Reid Stowe and Sonya Ahmad are true Renaissance man/woman, and could be described as having qualities that "transcended nature" and being "marvellously endowed with beauty, grace and talent in abundance! Two of the most interesting people one may ever meet in our lifetime. Accomplished Artists, and Sailors and beautiful human beings Both of them set out aboard the 70 ft.sailing ship Reed built , some years ago to set a new world record of sailing ,non stop without resupplying and eventually went 1152 days at sea circumnavigating the planet.. This is an incredible feat more than twice as long as anyone else has ever achieved.. The logistics of something like this is off the charts It's One of the most difficult things psychologically and physically, that any human beings could have ever accomplish, It's beyond the Mount Everest of sailing.. If that's not enough Reed has a new project... to help train astronauts that are going to Mars, aboard their sailing vessel on the isolation and dangers that are constantly being thrown at them and being able to overcome it all on a psychological and physical level.. here's a link to the Mars Ocean Analog..https://marsoceananalogs.com/ Reed and Sonya are very soft spoken gentle souls who have managed to find themselves, and discovered the blissful nature that is all of us down deep. One might call it enlightenment.. After watching this deep video interview of them, I knew that they were the kind of people that lived from their heart and soul fully.. Take some time and watch this 1 hour long interview It starts out a little slow but gets extremely fascinating as it goes on.. http://beyond1000days.com/2020/06/05/lets-chat-about-art-the-1000-days-voyage-and-enlightenment/?fbclid=IwAR2repyBOwoB458nD6F3M0sppZZdvoCD2ou0qqiEfedbhwZr7lVeUaKAidg
  3. http://thecaptainscompass.com/Home_Page.php
  4. o30_oldschool

    Gougeon 32 Roll Call

    Saw you out there. Looked great! I would love to go for a sail if you need crew sometime.
  5. o30_oldschool

    CORK Kingston 1972 Video

    How many of you will admit to being in this video?
  6. o30_oldschool

    Self-fendering gunwale treatments for tenders

    Why would you want to recover a cat?
  7. o30_oldschool

    Might want to get that insurance in place...now

    We have a boat stuck in Nassau, Bahamas. It is in water in a canal behind a private home. Took some negotiating, but insurance was extended for boat afloat during hurricane season. Our normal named storm deductible is 10%. Being as we are afloat now, deductible is raised to 20%.
  8. o30_oldschool

    EPIC: Full Plane Bitches

  9. o30_oldschool

    prize givings

  10. o30_oldschool

    Sailx status?

    I was with Tacticat and SailX as CANI20, and my brother was CANNACRA. Had great times until the gamers came out.
  11. o30_oldschool

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sailboat/hamilton/unique-26-bruce-roberts-sailboat-hull-deck-trailer-misc/1396969858?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true "No low balls please."
  12. o30_oldschool

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Well I have zoomed in and studied those photos in a lot of detail.... Well you don't have and leach tell tails. But seriously you can really see the thought that has gone into design and they have answered questions I dare not ask. Bill4 took the mic out of me earlier for 'good luck and all the best'. Luck comes from hard work and preparation you are going to have good luck in buckets. This is an exceptional and ground breaking design, it has taken me while to see that and I am truly sorry for and upset I have caused you. Tink Sheesh...what has SA become? This is a sincere apology. Good on ya Tink.
  13. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I have heard. Will not bust the surprise, but it is east end. And no, not me, as much as I wish!
  14. o30_oldschool


    The Napanee boat(s) are not being built. My buddy and I bought some plans before getting into other boats. I doubt we will build, either.
  15. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Collins Bay Yacht Club's Long Point Challenge will be held June 23-24 this year. http://collinsbaymarina.com/cbyc/racing/long-point-challenge/