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    Sailx status?

    I was with Tacticat and SailX as CANI20, and my brother was CANNACRA. Had great times until the gamers came out.
  2. o30_oldschool

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sailboat/hamilton/unique-26-bruce-roberts-sailboat-hull-deck-trailer-misc/1396969858?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true "No low balls please."
  3. o30_oldschool

    First Caribbean charter, looking for advice

    You will not go wrong with BVI. And if you want your best bang for the buck, check out http://thecaptainscompass.com Older boats that have some scratches, but if you can get past this, the prices are incredible...about half or less of what the big guys with shiny boats have.
  4. o30_oldschool

    Sailing in Kingston ONT Q's

    Sailed here a couple of times...will also be at the vipers. Thermal = bang left. Thermal will be predominant unless a strong front passes through. Some current on north shore, not usually enough to make a big difference. Some compression on north shore with thermal, but flatter water as you go south. In North wind, good luck. Rolling the dice with wind coming from shore. If the course is set up in front of KYC, the Cataraqui River can help smooth fluctuations out a bit. Stuart Walker wrote some good stuff about Kingston dynamics. I am sorry to say I don't remember which book had it, though.
  5. o30_oldschool

    Activity streams no longer working

    I set up a stream when the new board began, which worked very well until last week. Then I tried the "latest without PA" stream offered here, and it does not work. Created a new stream last night that is not working either. Is it me, or has something changed on the boards?
  6. o30_oldschool

    Running Backstays Bungee Set-up

    http://www.antrim27.org/content/maintenance.html Look at the running backstay deployment system.
  7. o30_oldschool

    25'-30' Sprit Boat For $75k

    Antrim 27 if you can find one for sale. Some have inboards.
  8. o30_oldschool

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Well I have zoomed in and studied those photos in a lot of detail.... Well you don't have and leach tell tails. But seriously you can really see the thought that has gone into design and they have answered questions I dare not ask. Bill4 took the mic out of me earlier for 'good luck and all the best'. Luck comes from hard work and preparation you are going to have good luck in buckets. This is an exceptional and ground breaking design, it has taken me while to see that and I am truly sorry for and upset I have caused you. Tink Sheesh...what has SA become? This is a sincere apology. Good on ya Tink.
  9. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I have heard. Will not bust the surprise, but it is east end. And no, not me, as much as I wish!
  10. o30_oldschool

    Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Where in Ontario?
  11. o30_oldschool


    The Napanee boat(s) are not being built. My buddy and I bought some plans before getting into other boats. I doubt we will build, either.
  12. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Collins Bay Yacht Club's Long Point Challenge will be held June 23-24 this year. http://collinsbaymarina.com/cbyc/racing/long-point-challenge/
  13. o30_oldschool

    Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Anyone want to buy my 2x NA champion Olson 30 for $50K???????
  14. o30_oldschool

    Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    I have to say, that is one sexy beast.
  15. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Bill is our resident RO. We are very happy to have him at Collins Bay.
  16. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Are the 105's coming to CORK? They are on the CORK site, but CORK is not mentionned on the 105 site.
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  18. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Here is the link for the Long Point Challenge page: http://collinsbaymarina.com/cbyc/racing/long-point-challenge/
  19. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    The Long Point Challenge NOR is attached. June 25-26, Collins Bay Yacht Club to the Lake Ontario Weather Buoy and back. Should be a great time! 2011 Long Point NOR Entry.pdf
  20. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    New race for 2011... Collins Bay Yacht Club's Long Point Challenge. June 25-26. NOR not quite completed yet, but here is the gist: Start in Collins Bay (Kingston). Leave Amherst Island to port or starboard. Leave False Duck Island to starboard, the Lake Ontario Weather Buoy (45012) to port, False Duck Island to port, Amherst either side, finish in Collins Bay. 107 miles, with everything from protected flat water to wide-open conditions. PM me if you want to be on the info list.
  21. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    A certain O30 did quite nicely in PHRF 1 and overall. http://www.stlawrencesailing.com/course%20racing.htm
  22. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Dude....the Olsons should always be listed first!!!!
  23. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I have a crew that is looking for a ride for LYRA. 175 pounds, early 20's male. Relatively new to sailing, but very motivated and quick to grasp new positions. He has sailed with me since the spring, and I can vouch that he will be a good addition to any boat.
  24. o30_oldschool

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Any local-knowledge types looking for a ride for LYRA?