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  1. Funslut

    Japan sucks!
  2. Funslut

    Go simple, go small, go now - put it here

    I was inspired by Duncan Ross and Beto Pandiani when they crossed Drake Passage in an open beachcat ,so I bought a tornado, put wing seats on her and log about 1000 miles a summer cruising about the Salish Sea
  3. Funslut

    Vendee Globe 2020

    it reminds me of the beautiful Beluga whale. Powerful hull shape on its own but maybe not so necessary with major foil appendages. ..perhaps?!
  4. Funslut

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Surely Sodebo has broken something to pull a 180 and head for Rio ,reaching at only 16 knots
  5. Funslut

    Canada’s new tax on yachts

    I thought "low income" ,was already just like camping
  6. Funslut

    R2AK on a beach cat

    Assuming they know how to sail a beachcat, no.
  7. Funslut

    R2AK on a beach cat

    I sail a Tornado with wings about the Salish Sea and would recommend one for coastal cruising/racing. They're small enough to manage on the beach yet large enough for 2 people and gear. Quite a few about and reasonably-priced too.
  8. Funslut

    Rating beach cats

    I'm a big fan of the Tornado. Lots of them about and reasonably-priced now that they're no longer an Olympic boat. I put wing seats on mine ,as it makes it much drier and more comfortable for cruising
  9. Funslut

    Single-handed cruising options
  10. I don't have any experience with this but, knowing what I know about insurance companies ,I would definitely expect that it matters to have a qualified skipper ,who is also listed on the owners insurance, present during racing.
  11. Funslut

    Remote Cruising on Trailable Yachts

    Just to be clear, the animals shown in the above video are California Sea Lions and are much smaller and less dangerous to humans than the Steller Sea Lion of which I was talking about. Also, a so called "sailboat", that does 30 knots by motoring is a motorboat with a mast and guaranteed to sail like a pig. A Tornado "sails" at 30 knots!
  12. Funslut

    Remote Cruising on Trailable Yachts

    "Um, Grith, I know that Funslut suggested that you use a small boat for your travels. But he was on the west coast of Canada, where the most dangerous creature is a gang of these guys (ahhhh, how sweet ):" It would appear that J The Landlocked Dreamer is exactly that and has very little actual experience on the west coast of Canada ,as I routinely encounter Steller Sea Lions ,which are top level carnivores that are about 10 feet long ,weigh about 2,000 lbs. and can be quite aggressive and intimidating. One of them could easily destroy my boat in seconds. I have also encountered Orcas, also known as Killer Whales but, using basic common sense around any wild animals, has always served me well, including bears and mountain lions when camping ashore in these parts. As Chopper Reid would say, "Harden the fuck up people." Ps. Fast boats=fast women
  13. Funslut

    Remote Cruising on Trailable Yachts

    They've done lots of other passages too.
  14. Funslut

    Remote Cruising on Trailable Yachts

    I thoroughly enjoy cruising my tornado with wing seats about the west coast of canada. I was inspired by Duncan Ross and Beta Pandiani when they crossed Drake Passage. I'm in my 50's and love beach camping on this craft ,and you can pick them up cheap like borscht. I launch mine in the spring in canada on a single load from my buddies pickup truck and pack it in in the fall. The most fun for the $ I've found anywhere. The smaller the boat, the bigger the adventure