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  1. I wouldn’t mind treading on her.
  2. Is Drumpf now getting blow jobs ?
  3. Al Paca

    What Have You Done Today?

    Had a couple of slices for lunch today. Best thing I’ve done in a couple of weeks.
  4. They grow beards because they think people will look at that instead of their bald heads. Wrong. Everyone is looking at that cue ball and thinking to themselves thank Jesus I have hair. Me ? I’m luckily rocking the Einstein look.
  5. It’s official. America is now safe. Chuck Norris says he wasn’t involved in the storming of the Capital. And he’s for law and order. Thank God for that.
  6. Al Paca

    Hallmark Cards Wants A Refund

    “ Congratulations on your assault on democracy and that your nut sack came out unscathed “
  7. Al Paca

    Worst anchor design I've ever seen

    Canada. First bullrails, now this. Way to go guy.
  8. Al Paca

    “We need a new media system”.

    Smells like more dog shit.
  9. Al Paca

    Sheldon Adelson DTS

    He’s in Hell cause he doesn’t believe in the Jesus.
  10. Al Paca

    Belicheck, Medal of Freedom

    Kick? He needs a stun gun to his balls.
  11. Al Paca

    Fox News...

    You don’t need to see our identification. We’re not the Trumpaloons you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along.
  12. “If they got one they are one”. I think Bob Dylan said that.