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  1. Al Paca

    Rush Limbaugh

    Hope he lives long enough to see Kamala become President. A black, Marxist Woman President would kill him for sure.
  2. Al Paca

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    Lots of extra strokes in his golf game that don’t get counted.
  3. And you just can’t not like this words by Bono sung by Roy backed by the Heartbreakers with Jim Keltner on drums
  4. Al Paca

    They shoot horses, don't they?

    A Presidency about nothing. He’s like a Seinfeld.
  5. Al Paca

    They shoot horses, don't they?

    Seems to be?
  6. Al Paca

    Treason ....

    Vince Foster.
  7. In the nicer marinas here in Newport that will get you a bit under 3 feet of dock space.
  8. Al Paca

    An impending crisis for PA

    Everything will be so tremendously powerful with Biden & Harris we’ll only be left with local zoning laws to bicker about. Let the good times begin.
  9. Al Paca

    What will Biden do after election?

    Right after his stroke.
  10. Al Paca

    Lincoln Project - getting better with every film

    First words out of a Trumpaloons mouth is Biden/Harris are Marxist.
  11. Al Paca

    Minneys Closed

    tRump is going to be in town tomorrow. Prolly will be driving down Newport blvd. and passing right by Minneys. And being a “builder” himself he may want to stop in and check out the “remodel”. Or maybe pick up a pair of used #10’s Barients.
  12. Al Paca

    Tower of Power

    AKA welfare motor.
  13. Al Paca

    Obama must be shit’n bricks!

    Anyone else here miss G. Gordon Liddy?