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  1. thefirstpelican

    Best Offshore Boat Ever?

    Spray. Captain Slocum could not have stayed at the helm all the time.
  2. thefirstpelican

    Ocean Globe Race 2023

    Great Concept, but the rules on boat choice makes no sense. How Can you get a sponsor without a legal boat?, How can you get a legal boat to get in shape without a sponsor? The understanding I have is Don wants the boats to finish together, very little stragglers on each leg. If you want to win it, simple, get a hold of Ceramco New Zealand, It's right on length at 68ft, it'll be allowed in as it's from the 81-82 race.The biggest boat legal of the last edition of the race to be allowed. Plenty of people said it was as fast as Flyer II. Length rules say that Great Britain II can't be entered, the boat that won the first two races over the line. This boat competed in the first five races. Now you would have thought having this boat in the race would be a great piece of PR. It's slower than Dave's little brother, and would easily be beaten by Ceramco or Charles Heidsiek III. The thing is even called Whitbread Heritage. Not legal. Kings Legend a Sloop Swan 65 1977 entrant can enter, however its basic sister-ship Tenacious winner of the 1979 Fastnet cannot as it's aluminium, yet you can buy a 1984 IORmkIII Swan 651, throw a lighter weight rig in it and that is legal. Where are the production boat options built pre 1988 of that size?, that apparently exist in numbers to do this. Bowman 57.Some of the early production yachts of this era were shambolic. Swan cut ties with S&S over the 57ft ketch. Legal. If Don wants 30 boats on the start line in 2023, that means roughly 60 teams have to start moving now. Out of that 30, it'd be a big big wish that 10 would be competitive. Better start relaxing the sister ship rules if you want the entrants. The argument that not allowing restored aluminium racing boats of the era, reasoning that they will be left at the dockside is nonsense, 1. have you not ever googled the Whitsunday Islands, and 2. Should the race be a success, then there would be yet again a market for these old grey hounds. There success depends on Dons Marketing of this race. No Aluminium will hinder this. Thinning out the heard to much is not something you want to sell to a sponsor. You have to go to a potential sponsor and tell them that a spare mast has to be kept at Heathrow ready to go 24/7. This is an around the world race be realistic if you want go ballistic. Sponsors don't get this. Marginalising the boats does not help this and takes potential rich as fuck owners out of it. Thank you Simon Le Bon. How would the Pelican do it? Heart and souls. 1st. Get the best legal boat. Not the fastest, the best. This will be a race of attrition, not amazing duels. Sponsors in Australia for this are non existent, this is something that should not have to be reminded to Don as he left Sydney in the BOC race with SPONSOR WANTED all over his boat. The best boat is Santervea now called Samurai. She is a copy give an inch or 2 to Tenacious and late S&S Swans of this era, I believe 63" overall, built in 79-80. Way over built in Aluminium. She came something like 11th or something in the 1981 Sydney to Hobart over the line when Alan Bond"s Peterson 42 Apollo came 4th, that should be an idea of now nippy she is. You have to make Don;s arbitrary decision regarding boat choice go your way. Your from Australia. The boat is in survey in Queensland, so it's safe, well built. This boat will be crewed by amateurs, having it well built is a selling point to Don. You want to do something for kiddies education, you want to tell the world about plastic on the Barrier Reef, heat and souls people, got to sell it. I mean when Don released the picture on Facebook of where titled race sponsors would appear on each boat, the silhouette was this boat...…….. C'mon Don let us in. Gonna make a reality show out of it, good for McIntyre Adventure... OK Don Let's the boat in. Hurrah. SPONSOR WANTED. Try finding a private sponsor in Australia. Yup. Speak to Chris Nicholson. Your gonna have to go the Government. No not the dead-shit's in Canberra, the head of the Navy, yes the head of the Navy. Why?. No Government can see past their mobile phones, and the dreadful thought of justifying why they should be re-elected in 3 years time. Way to big picture for this lot. Australia will be building conventional French designed Submarines over the next decade. We can barely keep a Collins Class at Sea. Who is going to man these boats, and our surface fleet, when there are reports coming out that there are Frigates that have not been of the dock in two years. When and where are the people coming from that are going to get these machines operational and manned. You can't go the Minister of Sport or the Minister of defence, the race starts in 2023, they may not be in office. That's right chipmunks a Forces entry. Use it to recruit, using current servicemen on leave to sail a leg each. Ok you join the Forces you get to do cool like this, not sitting around, promote that, the Australian forces gives you options, we will spend money on you the recruit. Use it as a we send em we mend em tool. Sell it good. Tell the Navy it's going to be a race of attrition, they are going to be called upon no doubt to pull a few a people out of the Southern Ocean, if 30 boats make the line. Imagine the TV and the Navy has a boat in race!!!. Boom. Payed For. Heart and Souls. Get A Guest female skipper for each leg. C'mon Kay Cottee, suit up. Jessica Watson, Wendy Tuck, Adrienne Cahalan, Stacy Jackson, sell it gooood. Advertising has to come of this. If the Navy says yes, you have more sway with Qantas, remember the mast at Heathrow. That's it Tigers, rip it to shreds.
  3. thefirstpelican

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Looking for Jubilation frers 50
  4. thefirstpelican

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Go retro, IOR division pls. Hose the eurojizz of Freight Train.
  5. thefirstpelican

    What ever happened to supermaxi WildThing?

    That shit ain’t coming home.
  6. thefirstpelican

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Frers 50, Jubilation? Pretty clear cut port and starboard with Helsal 3 in the 1987 race film on the YouTube. Where is she now?
  7. thefirstpelican

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    If you look at Rob Mundle’s 50th anniversary doco, during the end montage, you’ll see Evelyn (the 55fter) with her mast broken. It’s Evelyn during the gale swept 1984 race. You can see the hinge in the mast as the still attached stump heaves up and down.
  8. thefirstpelican

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    There was an Evelyn Farr 40. Australian Maid was 55ft.
  9. thefirstpelican

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Farr design 136 was the breakthrough after the rating band was lifted to 30.5ft. Pacific Sundance(r) nearly won in 1983.and Indian Pacific did in 1984.
  10. thefirstpelican

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    I don’t know who built Evelyn. She sunk in an Albany race.
  11. thefirstpelican

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Nadia iv was built for Ron Clark in Perth. I think she then I believe went to the Canberra Ocean racing club sailed by Teki Dalton, who was pretty big into the safety side of the Hobart race. I think it even sailed one year with an all girls crew. She used to have a kick arse paint job. There were quite a few of them around at the time. Evelyn, prime suspect, finesterre , Nadia iv.
  12. thefirstpelican

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Pilgrim and Mark Twain came out the same shed. Pilgrim was built first, the moulds were then used for Mark Twain, and left inside for extra strength. Tim Ratten from Esperance owned Pilgrim right up to 1989, when Jon Sanders bought it and renamed it Perie Banou III. He once told me that he felt "The mast step needs beefing up".
  13. thefirstpelican

    RIP Ian Kiernan

    What a great Australian. I first read of him as kid. He was racing in the 1986 BOC around the world race on tripleM, I believe a Ben Lexcen design (I am probably wrong). It was fairly big news over here as Jacques De Roux had gone missing and his boat Skoiern IV, was found off Albany shortly after. Thank you for being an inspiring sailor. Thank you for getting us to think of our waterways, and not be a wanker about it. Thank you for keeping Maris seaworthy. History is always worth it. A man above most.
  14. thefirstpelican

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Apollo 1, was the big Bob Millar design. got wrecked. Had monster coffee grinder pedestals with 2 sets of handles on each, never seen it before or since. Apollo 2, same design as Ginko. one of them was entered in the Whitbread I think. Apollo 3, uglier than Rosie O'Donnell's arsehole. Things that behave that badly are usually shot at dawn. Again strange pedestal set up, the pillars were horizontal in to the base of the drum. Clipper bows are for Clippers, sorry New Zealand Endeavour. Apollo 4, don't know. Apollo 5. Peterson design. Quick boat, well sailed. My dad sailed against her in the 1981 Southern Cross Cup, said she was witch uphill. Apollo 6. Ben Lexcen. This was after Australia II had won and Bondy was throwing cash around. Ben Lexcen was considered a demi god, and could do no wrong. He was given the job to design a one tonner for the 1985 Australian CMAC team. It stank. While she looked a little like the Castro designed Intrigue, she just didn't go. Would have been slaughtered in the Solent against the European boats. I remember that the entire time of the Americas Cup in Fremantle she sat in a cradle next to the office at the Bond camp collecting bird shit. Years later she was sold on to the couple that used to own Golden Eagle, a 70's 1104. I sailed against Apollo IV in a West Coast Series . She threw her mast over the front, after failing to get the new runner home during a dip-pole in 25 knots true. Broke below the first set of spreaders. After that for us, kite down, gybe, re set kite, re hoist. We had had an earlier bingle with Nadia IV (ex Hitchhiker II), that put her out of it as well with a busted up stem. Good afternoon of attrition. I can't really think of a Ben Lexcen design that really dominated the IOR scene, there were flashes of brilliance. Rampage overall winner 1974, and Apollo/Gherkin 1985. BenBobs mid 70's Viking 30 did really take off over here, quite a few were built. Good solid little half tonners that you could race on Saturday and take the kids to Rotto on the long weekends. They were used for The Australia Cup, part of the World Match Racing world tour for a few years. You could pick one up for about $30G. They still race em' here. Transom hung rudders, gudgeons and pintles on big boats looks weird. I understand that the less hull apertures, the better but the transference but be wicked. Anyway Ben for President.
  15. thefirstpelican

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Queequeg was an S&S47. She was a close design to both Ragamuffin and Love and War. Ragamuffin was modified, there are some cool pictures around of her having her diagonal strip planking taken off. Lou DÁlpuget had some great pictures of all of them. Drumbeat was awesome. Built in Osborne pk. Perth by Peter Milner Boats. Milners knocked out Prime Number, Prime Suspect, Prime Times/Minister, Prime Factor, Prime Example, True Blue, Second Term and many others. Bondy had sold both Australia III and Australia IV to the Bengal syndicate along with all the equipment and data. Drumbeat was built around the time the IACC rule was finalised. She was supposed to be a boat where systems/sails could be evaluated for the new class, Bond was going to have another go with the partial financial backing of some Canadian Newspaper guy that evaporated in to thin air. Apparently Bond didn't believe that the Farr office could offer the service the project demanded as they were contracted to four Whitbread teams at the time. Pedrick was decided on, as Sovereign was well raced and doing well, as had Nirvana before her. (Love that Nirvana was paid for by Sesame Street) Drumbeat was given the whale tail treatment, the same as Sovereign. She had the same camera system as Kookaburra to measure sail trim, hence the black banding on her sails. At the time the winch system was state of the art. The 1989 race was a forgone conclusion, Drumbeat was always going to win, but there was a little bit of "what If? after Windward Passage II retired the year before with a cracked deck. True Blue came third overall for Lawson Klopper. Not bad for a boatshed on the West Coast. David Pedrick did the mods for Challenge 12, the supposed conventional sister of Australia II. The tender for Wild Oats IX, was the tender for Kookaburra. Swings and roundabouts. Sad that Bondy through his own vanity has become a cartoon.