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  1. PHRF Exclusion practice

    I suppose another approach could be a list of races that are open to small sport boats that can't get phrf certs? I know Corinthian midwinters have allowed exceptions in the past and of course there's the small boat races like RYC's small boat midwinter and the RYC big dinghy & Totally Dinghy, Delta Dinghy Ditch, etc. Which other races have made exceptions to small sports w/o phrf certs in the past? Have the Berkeley mids allowed small sporties previously? Maybe some of the Friday night summer series races?
  2. 2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    There are a few K6's in SF and at least 1or 2 VX one's (maybe more?). I don't know much about the sportboat scene anywhere else besides SF but at least around here one of the main issues is with the PHRF committee because they won't allow smaller boats to have PHRF ratings. That's for sure true with the K6 and probably also with the VX one, though I'm not entirely sure about that. From what I understand the Melges 20's actually had to add extra weight to get a PHRF. You can still race those boats without a PHRF certificate in many of the regattas but you need to get an exception from the RC or sponsoring club so it does limit you somewhat. At one point there was a push to start a separate sportboat committee that would handle phrf ratings and set up more races but from what I understand there was a lot of initial interest but when it came time to putting in the work to make it happen there just wasn't enough people to help pull it off. I'm far from an expert on the sportboat scene in SF but from what I've noticed the best chance of one design sportboat racing in SF is a Moore 24, Melges 24, J70, Melges 20 and Open 5.7. Some of those fleets don't regularly have one design starts, at least as far as I know or have seen. But before I get death threats I'll be the first to admit I'm quite certain I'm forgetting some fleets. There's a few J88's and a lot of J105's, etc. but I'm assuming the OP is more interested in smaller sportboats As with many one design local fleets things seem to wax and wane as far as interest goes. Once you get that critical mass then things are good for a while. As an outsider looking in I'd say the Moore 24's are by far the strongest one design fleet in SF.
  3. As the OP of this thread I want to give an update and a huge thank you to Dan Tucker. He went far above and beyond anything he had to do to make things right especially since this was a situation he initially had nothing to do with. Because of his hard work and help my faith in Rondar has been restored. If I had known him from the beginning I'm sure things would have gone much smoother. Thanks Dan!
  4. This issue is with Rondar UK so I'm assuming you likely haven't been involved in this mess. Thank you for offering to help out. I'll be happy to give you all the details in a PM, however it seems we've reached the end of what Rondar is willing (or unwilling) to do to make this right. My final request was that they cover shipping and get the sails at my door within 2 weeks. They declined so I'm talking with my local sailmaker about getting custom sails made. As of this morning my sailmaker is starting to work on the custom sails, if you can get Rondar to pay for shipping and get the sails here in 2 weeks I'll have my guy hold off. Please let me know today. I'll send you an email with details now. Thanks again.
  5. The local dealer has been great, absolutely no complaints there. I ordered sails from Rondar because they decided to make it impossible to order directly from the sailmaker. 12 fricken weeks later still no sails showing up at my door. I paid in full at the time of the order which was required and is probably the problem. What incentive do they have to complete the transaction (other than just plain ole doing the right fucking thing) if they already have all of your money? I was told they were ready to be shipped 4 weeks ago and subsequently a few other times too. Multiple email inquiries with multiple BS excuses why they haven't been shipped. This will without a doubt be the absolute last Rondar boat I'll ever buy and I also plan to stay far away from any builder who requires me to buy sails directly through them. Stay far away from Rondar!!!!!!
  6. Fast "safe" boat....

    Ya mon, that's the one! Little known fact, that was actually an alternate ending to the original screenplay which ended with "Et tu, Brute?" I thought the remake you mentioned was much better though!
  7. Fast "safe" boat....

    Was just thinking that exact same thing! However I couldn't remember if it was a cheesy horror movie where the villain causes the friends to kill each other or if it was this thread. "Yo man, don't you see what he's doing to us!!!!! He WANTS us to turn on each other man!" And of course the next scene that dude gets his head sliced off with a chainsaw by his best friend. It's been very entertaining though. The thread, not the movie. Couldn't finish the movie, got too scared and had to go find my mommy.
  8. Douses on a 105

    Do the retrieval lines off the tack make things any easier? I've never tried it but seems to make sense in theory. Still work in big breeze? Typically how long does it need to be and how does the line not end up dragging in the water & under the boat or tangled around something it's not supposed to?
  9. 3DI (Raw) and roller furler storage longevity

    It's definitely better to take it down as often as you can because it will definitely affect the life of the sail over time but to what degree depends on what you value. If you're looking to be at the top of the fleet everyday, every race and your job and income depend on it then you need to take the sail down and store it in a climate controlled environment. Then there's the other 99% of us who fall somewhere between set and forget cruising and competitive racing. Leaving it on the furler should be fine if you're using it often but I'd recommend taking it off if you won't be using it for a few days. But again, depends on what you value and how competitive you want to be. 3di is the real deal, no marketing gimmick and is as bullet proof as it gets but even 3di degrades and loses shape eventually, just takes a much longer than string sails. For sure it will last longer off the furler but a significant difference? Depends I guess. That 5 or 10 seconds you'll lose someday down the road from sail shape & the cost of replacing it a little earlier vs. the hassle of taking it down all the time. The socks are great options like Parma mentioned but if your boat lives in a windy slip they can sometimes cause a lot of chafe to the sail if the sock is left flapping around in wind, just something to keep in mind.
  10. 2018 Three Bridge

    If I'm never able to actually make it across the start line before the time limit does that count as a DNF or DNC? I'd also like to propose to the RC that we add a 'WTF' to the scoring matrix for clarity. Just planning ahead here.
  11. when the boat withstand more then the crew...

    Don't know any specifics of this particular rescue but often times in hazardous conditions the CC will refuse to tow a boat due to safety concerns. Maybe the vessel was disabled and unable to either sail or motor and there was no other good or safe choice for the crew. Purely speculation on my part though.
  12. Yeah, it's an interesting predicament. Given the words of Akzo it seems either the team arranged something with the VOR RO's or the person who wrote that paragraph was not well informed. Or I suppose alternatively what happens if they break the rule and replace it anyway? Are they planning to just take the penalty for the sake of the benefit of a working mast?
  13. Appears they are planning to perform a "full repair" in Melbourne. Quote from their team page below, Linky-dinky to page here https://www.teamakzonobel.com/news/leg-3-daily-report-saturday-december-16 "As the sailors beaver away out on the Southern Ocean to try to get the boat back to full sailing trim, ashore their technical shore team is formulating a plan with Volvo Ocean Race Boatyard staff and mast manufacturer Southern Spars around how to carry out a full repair to the mast once the boat arrives in Melbourne, Australia."
  14. That's great to see they have it fixed finally! I really felt for them, what a gut wrenching equipment failure as the fleet left them in the dust, then for the first repair to fail. Easy to say in retrospect but I wonder why they didn't use that epoxy the first time? "We wanted to save the good stuff for a special occasion and maybe a celebratory huff and sniff but since the cheap stuff didn't work lets go with the good stuff this time".
  15. Putting this on the list as a contender for best quote of the 3rd leg "14 ratchet straps and 2 monkeys". The 2nd leg best quote for sure was "We are fucked, we are completely fucked." Me thinks this one will likely take the prize for best quote of the entire 2017/18 VOR.