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  1. Hugh Jorgan

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    Many of the classified ads the are gone too, most notably the one I paid for. Hoping this is temporary.
  2. Hugh Jorgan

    Synthetic Teak for Cabin Sole

    I bought some marine lam from this place: If you have questions give them a call, they were very helpful for me. I glued it to marine grade plywood. Looks great and so far is holding up very well. Save your old sole, glue a 4x8 sheet of this laminate down to your new plywood, clamp each old piece down over the new ply with the laminate glued down and use a flush trim router bit to cut each sole piece out, seal the edges and done. Lots of other products out there too but this one worked great for me.
  3. Hugh Jorgan

    B&G h3000 autopilot woes

    Might be easier to help and give advice if you can tell us what system and components you have on the boat now and what your goal is. The short answer to the majority of your questions is don't bother pumping money into an old system with old components that are no longer available unless there is a specific reason or goal in mind. If this is a boat you plan to keep for a while spend the money, get a current system and don't look back. The more you try to piece together an old system with new components the more headaches, problems and money you'll probably end up spending in the long run. Trying to combine the older H2/H3 fastnet system and the newer H5 N2K systems is like trying to fix a Honda with parts from a Ford or trying to make a Windows program work on a Mac. You can probably find a way to make it work but you're ultimately trying to force things to work together that aren't really supposed to. There will also likely be little things (or not so little) that you'll discover along the way that don't work.
  4. Hugh Jorgan

    Black Widow Bottom Paint

    Get it while the gettin's good! From what I understand (unless things have changed) Proline 1088 is no longer available in California except what the suppliers already have on hand. I believe it's an EPA regulatory thingy. Something about not killing off all the fish and dolphins. I say fuck the fish and dolphins, I have a race to win (insert sarcasm emoji here).
  5. Hugh Jorgan

    Black Widow Bottom Paint

    Don't know about it's performance in our local area but I've been told it can't go over proline 1088. I have 1088 also and just recently had the bottom painted. The guys at KKMI told me the only thing that can go over 1088 is 1088.
  6. Hugh Jorgan

    B&G h3000 autopilot woes

    GFD will not have AP function, GPD will. If I remember correctly GFD=Graphic Function Display, GPD=Graphic Pilot display, or something close to that. The GPD's are nice units, does everything the GFD can but also has AP functions. Used GPD's will come up for sale on eBay every once in a while. Occasionally there will be a GFD with a GPD cover/bezel which makes it look like it has AP function but it doesn't. Make sure to specifically ask the eBay seller if it's a GPD. I'm not entirely sure but I don't think you'll be able to control a H2 or H3 compatible AP with the zeus, I think only an H5 or other NMEA 2K AP will work with the zeus.. My last boat had a H3 CPU and ACP-1 AP and I was not able to control the AP from the Zeus 3. Maybe it just wasn't set up correctly for the AP though, I dunno.
  7. Hugh Jorgan

    B&G H2000 and H3000

    Yes, H3000 and H2000 are compatible. They both operate on the NMEA 0183 "Fastnet" system which is B&G's proprietary 0183 system. There may be problems getting any other 0183 system or product to work with B&G Fastnet 0183. Starting with the H5000 systems B&G moved to the standard NMEA 2000 system which in theory is compatible with any other NMEA 2000 product from other companies. You can also use H5000 instruments with the older H3/H2 CPU and 0183 system with the fastnet converter. It only works one way, 0183 to 2K so you can't use it to put in a H5 CPU with H3/H2 instruments. H5 AP's may be an issue too but I think there is a way to get it to work, not entirely sure though.
  8. Hugh Jorgan

    Alternative to facnor flatdeck furler?

    I would think you can still reef the sail like a traditional furler but I haven't tried it personally. For the most part it still furls like a normal furler, it just wraps around the headstay instead of the rigid foil luff track of a normal furler. You also have the option of just dropping the sail on deck as if you weren't using a furler. Overall it's a nice system but as I mentioned before it does have some quirks and at least for us took some time to get it dialed in and working well. A traditional furler will be easier to use and less potential problems. If you don't care too much about the theoretical performance advantages the Ubi system can provide it's probably better to get something else. It came with my boat and the first few times we used it I hated it but now that we have it working well I'm very happy with it.
  9. Hugh Jorgan

    Alternative to facnor flatdeck furler?

    I have no reason to doubt what the 112e owner had to say however at least in my experience on our boat we haven't had the same issue with the set screw. The Ubi furler can definitely be a little quirky to use though. If you don't have enough halyard tension it doesn't work well. It typically also takes more effort to furl compared to a conventional unit but we can furl it from the cockpit. Our boat is 35.5', maybe on a bigger boat it might be harder to use. The other issue we had is the line for the continuous furler needs to be a very specific size. It calls for a 10mm line, if it's just a little too small it will slip, a little too big and there's too much friction. We had to play around with different 10mm lines to get one that worked well since almost every 10mm line is a slightly different actual size. Just 1 mm can make a difference with this furler. It was an interesting process finding just the right line, we found some "9mm" lines turned out to be larger than some "10mm" lines.
  10. Hugh Jorgan

    Alternative to facnor flatdeck furler?

    With the hanks the sail isn't pinched in a slot or groove like a luff track so it falls super fast, almost no resistance or friction. Release the halyard and it'll fall on it's own. Having said that not all luff tracks are created equal. Some work really well, some require a lot of tugging on the sail to get it down. Seems like most luff tracks/foils that work with furlers are quite sticky. Just my personal observation on a limited number of furlers though, ymmv.
  11. Hugh Jorgan

    Alternative to facnor flatdeck furler?

    Yes, if you want to use your headsails on the ubi furler you'll need hanks or zip. Whether or not the advantages gained are worth the hassle and expense might be a good question for your sailmaker. It's definitely a better system for getting the headsail luff and headstay tension dialed in and makes it easier & faster to change out sails. The foil that is used with most conventional furlers isn't great for performance or trim. If it's a significant difference depends on your specific situation and uses.
  12. Hugh Jorgan

    Alternative to facnor flatdeck furler?

    As Furkolkjaaf wrote, yes. The nice thing about the ubi system is the sail performs more like a non furler headsail on a normal headstay and much easier to hoist or drop the sail. If you mostly cruise and don't change headsails much you'll probably be better off with a more conventional system that uses a foil. If you race, change headsails often or are just more concerned about getting as much performance as possible it's a great system. Furling the sail with the ubi furler can be a little quirky sometimes but definitely worth it in the right situation.
  13. Hugh Jorgan

    Alternative to facnor flatdeck furler?

    UBI Maior has a nice continuous line furler
  14. Hugh Jorgan

    Switching out speed transducers

    You're correct, it's a boat I recently bought (slightly) used. The electronics were all installed by the builder in 2016 so it should theoretically be a good solid professional theory. The info you provide also explains why it's wired unconventionally. I was on the boat yesterday trying to diagnose the problem and attempted to put in a paddle wheel. The wiring of the ultrasonic into the H5 CPU seemed very odd but now makes perfect sense given the info you provided. The power for my NKE speedo is wired directly into the 12v main supply for the CPU instead of the 5v speedo input but the green pulse wire input goes into the normal pulse input on the CPU Unfortunately I struck out on both diagnosis and installing the paddle wheel. The paddle wheel was the wrong size for the thru hull and the diagnostic procedure built into the Ultrasonic sensor gives test readings at 8, 16, then 24 seconds after the power is turned on. Too bad it apparently takes about 25 seconds for the B&G system to display any info on the instruments. I could clip the speedo power line, power up the B&G system then reattach the speedo power but the power lines are all heat shrinked and presumably soldered together. Slightly hesitant about clipping and re-soldering wires for a procedure I doubt will provide much useful info. The bad news is nothing I tried worked yesterday, the good news is the ultrasonic speedo worked fine all day long. Trying to diagnose something that's working is very challenging. Really strange, about 75% of the time the sensor works fine, 25% of the time it sucks and there seems to be no identifiable way to get it to work. I've tried restarting the system, changing the dampening setting, taking the speedo out and making sure it's clean, repositioning it, moving the wires around looking for a possible loose or bad connection and I've even tried not only words of encouragement but also insulting, berating, cussing and screaming at the speedo. I think that's where I'm headed, the airmar paddle wheels are relatively inexpensive. Even if I get the ultrasonic working consistently it would be nice to have a paddle wheel as a back up and also for racing. I tried the st850 yesterday but I think the NKE compatible thru hull requires an ST800. Interestingly, as I've been researching all of this it appears Airmar makes about 85-90% of all transducers and thru hull housings, they just put various other name brands on them (Raymarine, B&G, etc). However I believe the NKE ultrasonic is not airmar but the thru hull housing is (at least in my case). Next haul out I'll probably change to the signet thru hull and paddle wheel which seems to have a reputation as being the best and most accurate. Spoke with the guys at Signet and apparently there is no way to use their system with mine other than a new thru hull which means another haul out. Since the bottom was just painted a month ago I'm not too excited about paying for another haul out now just for the speedo.
  15. Hugh Jorgan

    Coast Guard Training HUGE Waves

    Link to a short interview with a few of the CG guys below. Nice to see them get a little camera time, they don't get nearly enough recognition. Our bad decisions and worst days ever are the start of their normal work day. Video of Mr. Toads wild ride: