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  1. Hugh Jorgan

    sometimes you just suck - FP

    I was thinking the same thing. Gotta give the ed credit for putting his shit out there despite knowing it's going to be met with a whole lot of scrutiny and sarcastic comments. There are definitely other times I'm certain he puts controversial topics up on purpose just to see what happens. Kinda like walking in a room, ripping a giant fart then leaving right away. Most of us are just grumpy old men in the balcony bitching and complaining. Not that there's anything wrong with that...sometimes "A cynic knows the price of everything but the value of nothing."
  2. Hugh Jorgan

    These guys are higher then Rick James

    "These guys are higher then Rick James" I didn't even know Rick James sailed. Learn something new everyday around here.
  3. Hugh Jorgan

    B&G h3000 autopilot woes

    Had a similar issue with my H3 GPD. It is a very common problem with the displays getting moisture inside and going bad. You really only have 2 choices, both of which hurt and neither is necessarily the right or wrong choice, just what you personally prefer. 1) Replace the entire system with H5/NMEA2K (or whatever other company you want to use) 2) Buy a used GPD and continue to pump money into an old system that will only get more obsolete as time goes on. Nothing wrong with this most economical short term solution but at some point it's probably going to go bad again. Whether it's while you own the boat or someone else is TBD. I lied, there are actually a couple other options: 3) A&T makes new H3 units such as a GPD. They shouldn't have the condensation issue but they are expensive (extremely expensive in regular money, slightly expensive in boat money). Not as expensive as an entirely new H5 system but still you're pumping a lot of money into an obsolete H3 nmea0183 fastnet system. 4) B&G sells an adaptor to convert some of your displays from the proprietary B&G nmea 0183 fastnet to nmea 2K. This allows you to slowly convert your system from the old to the new. It only converts one way though, so you have to keep the H3 processor but you can use H5 displays. You can't use a new H5 display, even with the converter to control your AP though. To be honest I don't remember if the converter would work with an entirely new H5 AP system. I ended up doing a little of both, I picked up a used GPD but I'm also using the converter for a couple new H5 displays which I have to say are very nice! The used GPD displays is just a temporary solution, eventually it's going to go bad again and theoretically over time it will probably become harder to find good used ones. One word of caution with the converter, although most things worked very well for me there are a couple strange quirks. My tide/current calc on the new H5 displays are completely wrong compared to the correct one displayed on the H3 units. And yes, I've tried to adjust the settings on the H5. Also, I've lost the ability to switch what info is on my 20/20 displays. I have to unhook the converter if I want to change the 20/20's. Maybe it's just something unique to my system, I don't know.
  4. Hugh Jorgan

    FP First Blood

    Maybeth? Where is Snags when you need him?!
  5. Hugh Jorgan

    PredictWind vs Sail Flow vs Whoever - The sequel

    What have you been using since ditching Predict Wind? Seems like almost any service including the free ones are equally good as long as you don't sail somewhere that has a lot of micro climates. I use PW quite a bit for SF Bay. I've been happy with it for the most part but they're guessing just as much as any of the other services. But it does a decent job of forecasting the hundreds of micro climates inside the bay. Maybe it's just me but at least for our area the NOAA marine forecasts seem to be more accurate in the last 2 or 3 years. They're still completely worthless beyond 24-48 hours out though.
  6. Hugh Jorgan

    FP First Blood

    If we can't criticize and harass the landlord what are we going to do with our free time?
  7. Hugh Jorgan

    FP First Blood

    Must explain his dislike for Trump also, haven't seen any ads for Trump (or Putin) on SA either.
  8. Hugh Jorgan

    FP First Blood

    1) Congrats to the ed and especially his crew on the first place. 2) Congrats on falling in love again with another boat. I can relate, so many beautiful boats, so little time. 3) I haven't been around nearly as long as many and I don't know the details but seems like I've picked up on some sort of history of bad blood between the ed and North Sails? Maybe I'm reading into this all wrong? Has Hell freezeth over? Is that a super sweet set of 3di's on A4 I see on the FP?
  9. Hugh Jorgan

    J/109 Chartplotter Advice

    That's always been my concern too and why I opted to not mount anything there. The mainsheet on our boat occasionally gets caught on the back side of the metal hoop on the binnacle during jibes and if the wind is up there's a whole lot of tension on the sheet. Doesn't mean it can't be done as Blur and 11233 have shown some good options. I personally just couldn't bring myself to chance it but maybe I'm being too cautious.
  10. Hugh Jorgan

    J/109 Chartplotter Advice

    Just replaced the plotter in my 109 about a year ago and went with a B&G Zeus3. Nice unit, very happy with it and super easy to send it to your phone or tablet out in the cockpit. I thought about mounting it at the wheel but couldn't find a way to do it that I liked & having the option to use the tablet in the cockpit is a good option. Another possibility depending on your needs is to put the zeus at the nav station and a smaller Vulcan unit above the companionway.
  11. Hugh Jorgan

    PHRF Exclusion practice

    The local race organizers in SF can decide who can come and in some cases they will allow small sporties that can't get official local phrf certs. But it does limit what races you can do. In our case the NorCal phrf committee defined the requirements. I think the main issue that came up locally years ago was having mixed fleets of small planing and large displacement boats with similar ratings which is somewhat complicated by the fact that it regularly blows 20+ knots 7-8 months of the year. Even though there are plenty of smaller planing boats that qualify for a NorCal phrf I think they decided they had to draw the line somewhere and 400 lbs seemed to be what they decided. I'm not arguing for or against the issue here, just putting out information as I understand it has evolved over the years. When it blows heavy as often as it does around here boats that plane will have a decidedly greater advantage. It seems fair to assume in more normal wind locations some days the planing boats will have an advantage and some days the displacement boats will and in the end it's a wash. Personally I'm fortunate enough to have both a small sportboat and a larger displacement boat so at least from my perspective I can see the pros and cons of both sides. As for my own personal take I'd rather do whatever we can to include the most boats but I can appreciate the complicated nature of the situation. A separate sportboat committee would certainly solve many problems but so far that just hasn't happened around here. FWIW here are a couple links to some older articles regarding the local issues that were brought up a few years ago.
  12. Hugh Jorgan

    PHRF Exclusion practice

    I suppose another approach could be a list of races that are open to small sport boats that can't get phrf certs? I know Corinthian midwinters have allowed exceptions in the past and of course there's the small boat races like RYC's small boat midwinter and the RYC big dinghy & Totally Dinghy, Delta Dinghy Ditch, etc. Which other races have made exceptions to small sports w/o phrf certs in the past? Have the Berkeley mids allowed small sporties previously? Maybe some of the Friday night summer series races?
  13. Hugh Jorgan

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    There are a few K6's in SF and at least 1or 2 VX one's (maybe more?). I don't know much about the sportboat scene anywhere else besides SF but at least around here one of the main issues is with the PHRF committee because they won't allow smaller boats to have PHRF ratings. That's for sure true with the K6 and probably also with the VX one, though I'm not entirely sure about that. From what I understand the Melges 20's actually had to add extra weight to get a PHRF. You can still race those boats without a PHRF certificate in many of the regattas but you need to get an exception from the RC or sponsoring club so it does limit you somewhat. At one point there was a push to start a separate sportboat committee that would handle phrf ratings and set up more races but from what I understand there was a lot of initial interest but when it came time to putting in the work to make it happen there just wasn't enough people to help pull it off. I'm far from an expert on the sportboat scene in SF but from what I've noticed the best chance of one design sportboat racing in SF is a Moore 24, Melges 24, J70, Melges 20 and Open 5.7. Some of those fleets don't regularly have one design starts, at least as far as I know or have seen. But before I get death threats I'll be the first to admit I'm quite certain I'm forgetting some fleets. There's a few J88's and a lot of J105's, etc. but I'm assuming the OP is more interested in smaller sportboats As with many one design local fleets things seem to wax and wane as far as interest goes. Once you get that critical mass then things are good for a while. As an outsider looking in I'd say the Moore 24's are by far the strongest one design fleet in SF.
  14. As the OP of this thread I want to give an update and a huge thank you to Dan Tucker. He went far above and beyond anything he had to do to make things right especially since this was a situation he initially had nothing to do with. Because of his hard work and help my faith in Rondar has been restored. If I had known him from the beginning I'm sure things would have gone much smoother. Thanks Dan!
  15. This issue is with Rondar UK so I'm assuming you likely haven't been involved in this mess. Thank you for offering to help out. I'll be happy to give you all the details in a PM, however it seems we've reached the end of what Rondar is willing (or unwilling) to do to make this right. My final request was that they cover shipping and get the sails at my door within 2 weeks. They declined so I'm talking with my local sailmaker about getting custom sails made. As of this morning my sailmaker is starting to work on the custom sails, if you can get Rondar to pay for shipping and get the sails here in 2 weeks I'll have my guy hold off. Please let me know today. I'll send you an email with details now. Thanks again.