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  1. Psycho Tiller

    DQOTD - cockpit speakers

    For years I used the outdoor enclosed speakers, I tried Fusion, Bose, Polk, etc and none of them last very long and the sound quality was crappy. Searching for a better option with our new boat and not wanting to cut a hole in the boat I came across some waterproof junction boxes and mounted a pair of JL marine speakers inside. All marine speakers go bad eventually and using these boxes should make it really easy to put in new speakers & if the hole isn't the right size the boxes are cheap to replace. Super easy to mount and not one single hole drilled in the boat. The ability to mount them higher up on the stern rail makes the sound much better than mounted low in the cockpit too. Aesthetically it would be nice if the boxes were either white or black and it's not quite as clean of a look as mounting directly in the boat but there's no permanent damage or changes to the boat with this setup. Link for the boxes:
  2. Psycho Tiller

    Spinlock XTS clutch repair

    This is one of the many reasons I switched to the constrictor clutches. 1000x more reliable, never have to be serviced, don't chew up the line and hold better. Not a good option in some situations/placements but maybe something to consider. Taking the Spinlock clutches off just to service the cam is a major pain in the ass unless you're really lucky and they are easily accessible on your boat.
  3. Psycho Tiller

    Non-furler headsail handling options

    The Ubi Maior furler is a decent option if you want to keep the furler as an option but also want to use hank on sails and the other advantages of not having a furler. The Ubi Maior Furler has some quirks but I've had it for about a year now and overall I'm happy with it. There was a thread about this topic a few months ago if you're interested:
  4. Psycho Tiller

    When to go out, When to stay in

    Truer words have never been spoken. Those late afternoon return trips in San Pablo Bay always seem to be 40% exciting and 60% hate mission. I changed my mind, 25% fun, 75% hate mission. But regarding the point you're making I agree, 4ft swell, 15-20 knot winds on Lake Michigan kicks up very different 4ft swell than you would see in the open ocean. The OP should definitely go for it but think through different scenarios if things get too difficult and have an escape plan before you head out. You'll never know what you can do until you push it a little and as long as you do it sensibly and safely you'll learn a lot even if you turn back early. Don't be afraid to bail if it just doesn't feel right. Like the old Thomas Edison quote about inventing the light bulb "I have not failed 10,000 times, I've successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work".
  5. Psycho Tiller


    A big problem is finding good pro's and sometimes you gotta kiss a few frogs before you find the good ones They're hard to find and not enough of them around. Some of that is caused by most customers only focus on how much it's going to cost and losing sight of the fact that often you get what you pay for. Takes years and years of experience to be good and if they're not making much money they move on and find a different career. It's also unfortunate that as a whole society seems to not value a true craftsman (in any field) as much as days gone by.
  6. Psycho Tiller

    Sun Fast 3300

    Your point is my concern too, I'd be constantly 2nd guessing where to put the fricken thing and eventually I'd try so many different settings I'd probably forget where the base setting was in the first place. Maybe it's easier than that though, maybe it's just a matter of easing the high side rudder to the point of the least amount of resistance or drag? Do trimmable rudders result in a rating hit?
  7. Psycho Tiller

    Sun Fast 3300

    That's a really sweet setup. The JPK 1030 that Jean Pierre sails has a set of lines that do the same thing (not trying to make this into a competition, just informational). I wonder if eventually this will be standard on future twin rudder boats. To be honest though I'm glad I don't have this on my boat. My first thought when I heard about this was, 'Looks great but it's also one more line I can second guess I have trimmed right.' The Fastrak team and JP are well above my level of expertise on rudder angles though.
  8. Psycho Tiller

    Heavy Weather Sailing

    What everyone thinks their youtube sailing footage looks like: What everyones footage actually looks like:
  9. Psycho Tiller

    Differences in Trimming and Adjusting 3DL vs 3DI

    You'll probably find the 3di to be much easier to trim. When you adjust a line or sheet the entire sail responds much more compared to the 3dL which seems to take more tweaking and fussing to get the entire sail to respond to changes in trim. The one drawback of such a stiff sail is some people have problems with halyard clutches slipping since the 3di doesn't stretch much. It's also likely related to the type of clutch used and size of the sail & boat. Some people add 2nd clutches to prevent the halyards from slipping.
  10. Psycho Tiller

    low friction rings for spin sheet turning blocks?

    Hmm, interesting indeed. So the tape just stays on with the sticky backing? If it works and is reliable it could be a game changer. Seems a little too good to be true though and not sure I'm ready to be an early beta tester just yet. Anyone have experience with this product?
  11. Psycho Tiller

    low friction rings for spin sheet turning blocks?

    Not really, the line I use for my friction rings is much larger than what was on the block and I usually whip my splices on rings to prevent the splice from slipping since they typically aren't long enough to get a good deep bury. I didn't rig the spin block lashing that failed, came with the boat and was hidden under the rubber boot. it was much smaller line than I would have used if I did it and I'm just assuming there was a splice that worked loose. Hard to tell for sure from the post mortem though, may have even been a knot in an under sized line which just broke. Not really concerned about coming up with a system that would prevent this from happening again because that's easy which is why I didn't go into much detail at first. Just wanted to know if a ring would be a reasonable option. To me the less moving parts like in a block which could potentially fail the better. I know it's rare for a good turning block to break or fail it does happen. I just personally really like rings; low weight, no maintenance and no moving parts. Not gonna use them where they can't be used but anywhere I can I try to.
  12. Psycho Tiller

    low friction rings for spin sheet turning blocks?

    I guess those are the answers I was expecting but not what I was hoping. Thanks, saved me from an unsuccessful trial and error day. The block actually didn't blow up, just the dyneema lashing used to tie it to the deck fitting. I think there was a splice that worked loose but that's another story and one that's not very interesting or worth much of a conversation. Thanks again!
  13. Is the bend on a spin sheet turning block too much for a low friction ring? 35.5ft boat, 140 SqM kite. Thinking this would be a nice way to prevent another block from blowing up like this past weekend, also don't have to worry about the line getting fouled if the block isn't standing upright and a big enough ring would prob also allow 2 sheets for peels. But then again, it's about a 160-170 degree turn, is that too much friction? I've read that this application is not necessarily recommended but wondering if anyone has personal experience with this setup?
  14. Link for the JPK 1030 Yachting World review below. I haven't seen a 1030 myself but the review makes it look like it's exactly what you'd expect from JPK; an extremely well thought out, good performing boat that has everything you need and nothing you don't. Judging by the review it seems like the 1030 is designed primarily for shorthanded sailing. Whether or not that's just the reviewers impression and not reality is hard to know without seeing and sailing the boat. Most (all?) other JPK's historically seem to be dual purpose and equally good at both full crew and shorthanded sailing.
  15. Psycho Tiller

    Sun Fast 3300

    For those of us too cheap to pay for information the free version of the JPK 1030 review is out now if you're still interested and haven't seen it yet. Paying for information is like so totally 1990's. What next, buy a book made of paper????