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  1. psycho tiller

    Spinlock XTX soft grip clutch experience?

    They offer an 8mm, 10mm and 12mm braid replacement although I don't know how much they cost or how difficult they are to get. It includes the entire spring mechanism and braid so it's probably not cheap. They really need to make a 9mm and 11mm since the braid is so sensitive to sizing but those aren't offered as of now.
  2. psycho tiller

    B&G Vulcan Reviews?

    It's not so much that one is more waterproof, both should be safe when exposed to water without any concern for damage to the unit. The issue is when the touch screen gets wet it starts doing some really funky things and becomes very difficult to use. The zeus is a touch screen but also has buttons and you can lock the touch screen and just use the buttons to control the unit. The Vulcan is only a touch screen. There have been a number of times we didn't have the the touch screen locked on our zeus where it gets wet which changes the screen data or gets accidentally touched and changed. Even wet lines rubbing against the touch screen can change it. The Vulcan inside the boat should be fine and in a really well protected dry location outside it might be ok but from my own personal experience I wouldn't recommend the vulcan outside. Some of this also depends how wet your boat is and what your typical conditions are where you sail.
  3. psycho tiller

    B&G Vulcan Reviews?

    The above thread link isn’t exactly the same as your question but covers some pros and cons of the Vulcan vs Zeus. I ended up going with the Zeus mostly because it’s mounted outside and I’m very glad I did. If the Vulcan is inside in a dry place it would probably be fine.
  4. psycho tiller

    Spinlock XTX soft grip clutch experience?

    I tried the XTX clutch but ended up returning it. The size range on these clutches is very narrow. If you compare a handful of lines of the same nominal size you'll notice the actual sizes varies quite a bit. I have an 8mm line which is actually 8.3mm (measured with a micrometer) and I couldn't get it to thread through the clutch braid. Even if I could there would have been way too much resistance when the clutch was opened. For comparison I've been using the same line through an 8mm ronstan/cousin constrictor clutch and it's always worked fine and feeds through no problem. I think the reason the size range of the xtx clutch is so narrow is because the length of the braid is much shorter than the ronstan constrictor braid. I thought about maybe trying a 10mm xtx or waiting until they come out with a 9mm xtx but I decided I'll stick with the ronstan constrictor. The constrictors are not perfect but I think it's still the most reliable and best thing out there. Just my opinion and experience though. I was really excited about the xtx and wanted to like it, on paper it seems like such a great idea. The reasons I'll be staying with the constrictor clutches: 1) If you ever change lines you'll have to make sure it's the exact size or change the clutch. 2) Lots of moving pieces to the xtx and after messing with it for a few frustrating hours trying to make it work I began to really appreciate the simplicity of the constrictor clutch. There's not much that can break or go wrong with the constrictors. For example, there is a cap that holds the braid in place on the xtx which popped off while I was trying to thread my line through it. I was able to get it back on but the braid wasn't exactly seated right after that. This is just my opinion and experience, it may work very well for someone else, just make sure you have the exact size line. Who knows though, maybe curiosity will get the best of me and I'll try again with the 9mm version if they come out with one and have a different opinion. Then again, the constrictors I already have work well, are dependable and best of all already paid for. The xtx clutches are not cheap at about $200 each.
  5. psycho tiller

    Purpose of these white plastic cylinders on sidestays?

    The SA forums remind me of the old 'Argument' Monty Python skit. "Is this the room for the argument?" "I've told you once." "No you didn't" "Yes I did" No you didn't'. Yes I did" "No you didn't" etc etc etc. Also can't help but notice the OP never replied to any of the answers to his original question. Sheesh, how rude and inconsiderate. I mean come on, there were some really good answers given. I guess it's safe to assume he: 1) Had his question answered to his complete satisfaction. 2) Walked away wondering what kind of eff'd up meth lab, mental hospital he inadvertently stepped into here. 3) Or perhaps the most plausible; The OP, Kevlar and Snags are all the same Russian spy-bot.
  6. psycho tiller

    Rigger recommendations - Bay Area

    Anyone have a recommendation for a hoisting bridle? Budget is $599.00 and not a penny more. Too soon?
  7. psycho tiller

    Rigger recommendations - Bay Area

    Panda Rigging: I've used Panda many times, absolutely no complaints. Does great work, easy to work with, won't try to sell you shit you don't need Rogue Rigging: Never used Ryan at Rogue but have heard good things. Spoke with him on the phone once about a project which ended up not happening but he was super helpful. Scott Easom as mentioned above, outstanding reputation but typically very busy and you'll pay top dollar for his services. If it's something fairly straight forward honestly you might be better off saving a few bucks using someone else. If it's a complicated project or custom rigging he'd definitely be a good person to consider. Might not be as busy as usual with everything on hold due to covid. Plenty of other options too, those are the ones I'm familiar with. There's one other one I would definitely NOT recommend but I don't want to plaster bad reviews all over a public forum. I'll PM you that name.
  8. psycho tiller

    come up with a title

    "Dude, Where's My Boat", "Munchies", "Spicoli", "Greener Pastures", "Bong Water"
  9. psycho tiller

    the perfect boat

    Certainly not advocating for a hole in the boat. There are a few different ways it's been done well on other boats where a retractable sprit goes inside an enclosed space which is sealed off or separate from the inside of the boat and still offers access to the sprit rigging. If the sprit is the biggest drawback to a pogo then they are still better than 99% of all other boats out there. No such thing as a perfect boat, except for the one we're going to find for the OP. Also sorry for not responding to your email, while I applaud your efforts and the idea it just doesn't align with the type of racing we like to do. I hope it gains traction and momentum especially if it gets more boats out but at least for our particular interests it's just not our focus. I didn't respond figuring you would get more momentum and support from people who would be joining your cause instead of a thank you but no thank you response.
  10. psycho tiller

    the perfect boat

    I've never quite understood why pogo goes with the sprit bolted onto the foredeck. They seem to do everything else top notch and well thought out, the bolted on sprit just looks cheap and like an afterthought & clutters up the deck. I'm not knocking pogo as a whole, I think their boats are fantastic, just this one aspect is strange to me.
  11. psycho tiller

    Caption Contest

    I hate to be the guy who spoils a good joke thread with facts but apparently I don't hate it enough to not do it fwiw the hose on the floor and tank next to the head is the water ballast tank and hose connecting the port and starboard tanks. The holding tank for the head isn't shown in the picture. Definitely a tight space for the head but without putting it in the v-berth which has even less head room there's not really a better place to put it on this 33 ft performance boat while still maintaining a usable interior. Gut the interior and you'll have plenty of room for the head but then it would just be another stripped out boat that planes. That's not necessarily a bad thing but the idea and market for the boat is a shorthanded planing boat with a usable interior. The French are nothing if not sophisticated while planing! Apparently with the exception of when it comes time to drop the kids off at the pool. I am however curious if the head is still in the same place in the boats without the water ballast system. Carry on with the dick and fart jokes, I'll let myself out.
  12. psycho tiller

    February racing in San Francisco area??

    Corinthian midwinters is the weekend of Feb 15/16 which is typically one of the more popular and well attended races that time of year. Maybe try putting your name on the crew list here on SA, latitude 38 ( or SF Sailing ( The Corinthian YC might have a crew list for midwinters also.
  13. psycho tiller

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    This episode of "Wisdom and Better Judgement" is brought to you by our friends at "Scared Straight". I once read an autobiography written by Bigfoot entitled "In Me Own Words". Big Foot once had a friend named Dennis who reminds me of FF. Please FF, don't be a Dennis, don't be "here for good time not long time", be here for "good time and long time". And btw, "In Me Own Words" is truly one of the great literary masterpieces of our time, you should all read it now and thank me later. And another thing just occurred to me, Big Foot's literary style has an uncanny resemblance to Snaggletooth. Could Snags have been BF all this time? Maybe cousins?
  14. psycho tiller

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    Holy crap, you've gotta be one of the most generous and kindest people I've ever come across. Are you sure you're on the right website? You know this is SA right? Seriously, much respect to you and glad there are people like you in the world to make up for the rest of us assholes. There must be something you could tell us to make the rest of us not feel so shitty, maybe when you're alone you kick the dog or punch the cat? This thread is fricken crazy, read the first handful of posts when it was first up and like most I was convinced it was a sock puppet spinning a BS story and never went back till today. Today I see there's 5 pages and was curious how a sock puppet with a BS story could go on so long and JFC it turned out to be real. After reading all 5 fucking pages in one sitting there's one thing that stands out to me. The one time @FishFood seemed genuinely happy and content was after he met up with @Pro looper. Keep up the adventures FF but do it safely and spend some time on land. Try to find people you can connect with, that's what makes life enjoyable. Adventures are awesome but one day you'll look back at these adventures and will think more about the people you did them with and people you met along the way and less so about the actual adventure itself. I guarantee 50 years from now many of the details of your trip to HMB will become foggy but you'll remember every single detail about meeting PL and what impact he had on you. And don't forget to pay it forward whenever you get the chance!
  15. psycho tiller

    Delivering a boat from Europe to US

    I looked into importing a boat from Europe to the U.S. about a year ago. Fortunately I found the exact boat I wanted just 30 miles away so I didn't have to import but I did speak with a few people who have. The universal messages from those I heard from was: 1) Yes, it's a total pain in the ass but still worth it. 2) There will be many issues and expenses come up that you won't expect, but it's still worth it 3) Using a customs broker and attorney is the best money you'll ever spend and save you from a lot of headaches and time. Two different people recommended the same attorney. I have no experience or knowledge about this guy or firm but I'm guessing he's good and has experience if recommended twice in two separate conversations: David Bohonnon of the Bohonnon law firm in New Haven, CT