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  1. danstanford

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    Being in the General Forum I thought this would be about Phil Mickelson in the US Open!
  2. danstanford

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    I am realizing how much I am going to miss this race and all the watching, thinking, and talking about it! 4 years we have to wait? Will enjoy this one to the end. Dan
  3. danstanford

    Random PicThread

    Hobot, thanks for keeping me entertained and interested. I really find many of these images quite thought provoking in many ways. Dan
  4. danstanford

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Sorry Sol, I wish I could say it was the first slap I have made!
  5. danstanford

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Sal, you have been missed!
  6. danstanford

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    We went to sleep with this on our minds and this morning looked at the news hoping for something good. Once the possibility of good news was banished, my wife said a great thing..."It would be great to go doing something you loved and at the edge when you have to go"
  7. danstanford

    How much does areo drag matter?

    I happen to be trying to race a 323 and have thought long about this issue. My current solution is to fold the dodger down forward which causes another problem by making the traveler very hard to operate. Next year I thought I would remove the vertical panels from the dodger leaving only the roof panel along with the bimini which only have horizontal elements now. Thoughts? I am also removing unnecessary weight (causing another kind of drag with my wife) and working on my tactics! Dan
  8. danstanford

    Sail: how much is shape and how much is material?

    Thanks for all the input Everybody, I think I have settled on a 3Di Nordac sail. They are going to measure the boat to get every last square inch out of the jib so I am going to take a chance. I know that I will kick myself if I cheap out now and don't feel I have given myself the best chance of success within the limitations I have set. Dan
  9. danstanford

    Sail: how much is shape and how much is material?

    Jib is sheeted inside shrouds so this is max size. Good news is that there is less abuse of the sail during tacks!
  10. danstanford

    Sail: how much is shape and how much is material?

    Joe, In the world of jibs, how much does the shape vary from big name sail builder to another? For example, I am comparing Neil Pryde dacron to North 3Di.
  11. danstanford

    Sail: how much is shape and how much is material?

    The 3Di quote includes 3 short vertical battens which I have never had in a jib before. Quote is 1/3 higher for a raw 3Di black 760 fabric over 3Di Nordac. Thoughts on either or both above?
  12. danstanford

    Sail: how much is shape and how much is material?

    B323 is the boat, 116% jib is what I want. Light airs are prevalent, and I am one to sail in heavier breezes, but I am pretty good to my sails. Club racing is the reason to do this as I can achieve hull speed with the 10 year old dacron sails but I am suffering when competing in our club races. I know my tactics are the principle reason for our performance and I am working concurrently to fix them but I want faster sails too. I learned with hank on sails and loved the roachy main on my last two boats but now I have a wife who loves to sail and furlers make that happen easily. Sounds to me like the consensus above is to buy some better sails if I want to be faster longer term. Dan
  13. Looking to buy a new jib for club racing and struggling to understand this question. I get the fact that the shape is a huge problem when the sail is stretched, and I get that most of the high tech fabrics are less likely to stretch, but if not stretched, are they all pretty much the same in terms of speed? Sorry for the run-on sentence! Dan