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  1. danstanford

    Prada Cup

    I watched a program about odds makers where the claim was made that casino odds makers have only one objective and that is to have equal amounts of money on both possibilities. I am not sure how they make money that way but this was clearly the statement of the person from the casino.
  2. danstanford

    Team NYYC

    Having the captain on grinder handles and not on the helm certainly looks bad now. Ultimately Dean had the helm but not the authority to go the other way around the right hand mark. Easy in hindsight I know...
  3. danstanford

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Max, the drawing really helped. I guess I was stuck in the land of single skin sails. When I think of a deeper draft I really only was seeing the windward side of the sail in my mind's eye perhaps that is from setting sails and helming looking at the inside of the foil for the most part. Sorry to be so thick Everybody and thanks for the answers. Dan
  4. danstanford

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Sorry Guys, I could understand this if the sides were reversed. Everything I have ever read about foils says they get their lift predominately from the fact that the air has a longer path around the lifted side. Therefore the windward side should be less flat than the leeward, shouldn't it?
  5. danstanford

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    I enjoyed the article and the table setting it did so we can better understand what they are struggling with. However this sentence is hard for me to understand, is it possible for someone to explain the reasons? I certainly have seen lots of depth created for power to get them up on their foils and then the sail getting flattened to reduce drag and all the makes sense to me. This however is stretching my brain: If you are going to have two skins, they’d better be more efficient than a single one, and that means finding a way to make the windward surface flatter than the leeward surface.
  6. danstanford

    1 in Every 1000 Americans Dead from Covid-19

    Not to distract from the thrust of your point, but what about the differences I have read about on a continental basis? Without any research for this, and going on things I have read over the last while, it seems that the death rate among Asians is much lower than it is in South America. Does anyone have any analysis on this? Could it be exposure over the years to similar viruses in some places but not in others?
  7. danstanford

    J100 Inhaulers

    Sorry I don't have any photos but my J/88 has a system quite similar to the one in the photo above but the part I think is relevant is the rest of it. To make it simpler with less blocks and complications, the inhaulers are adjusted from the windward side of the boat making the angles easier. Look for a photo of that setup as it is very easy and could be mocked up and tried simply running the lines around connection points you likely already have. Dan
  8. danstanford

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Ken Read's thoughts on these boats and particularly the sail controls.
  9. danstanford

    Best use of budget?

    What explanation do you have for this? Having never sailed a twin rudder boat I do not have any opinion but having the drag of a second rudder on its own cannot be the reason, can it?
  10. danstanford

    Evaluating a small business worth?

    A few things: I am in the same business but a bit larger and further down the road business wise and thinking occasionally about retirement Your ability to sell the business will be significantly hampered by low ebitda over recent years since that is how any lender will see their loan being repaid if they fund the buyout. You drastically limit the pool of buyers if you are the key person without a strong management team to run the company in your absence. This doesn't mean you shouldn't run the business but rather that your team can handle the day to day decisions based on what they have learned from you and the procedures you have put in place. It seems that most evaluators see 7 times earnings as the base point for evaluation. This number will be an average over some number of years of recent history so managing your statements to potentially pay more taxes but have a consistent stream of earnings is a good way to maximize your price. In many years of helping other businesses in my volunteer life I have seen a consistent theme with languishing companies and it is almost never the product they sell. Most have at least one hole in their management skills and it could be anything from sales to finance to people management but they all can and should be be hired for. It seems many retirees here are winding up the business and auctioning the assets as their best way out. I could never do that as I am too proud of the business and too protective of my people. Message me if you want to talk, Dan
  11. danstanford

    NBC are cunts

    Thanks Mike, I will set up the VPN if I need it. So far all the races have come up on YouTube right away. Not sure if it is live but when I get up in the morning it has been there. Dan
  12. This is The change in shape is what prompted my question about how they are changing the camber. It is clear that the Kiwi's are making the bottom of the main deeper as they tack and flattening as they pick up speed but watching these videos has not helped me understand how they do it. Not by way of explanation but rather observation, I did notice the line running from the bottom of the big ram up to the middle of the jib track which seems to be used through the process. At times the top of the ram is buried between the sails and at time sticks out past the line of the leech. I couldn't identify any part of the macrame (great name BTW) basket as the shape changed but this is probably where it happens. The big ram must change the leech tension to allow the square top to twist off as needed to modify drag and power. Thanks for your thoughts, Dan
  13. danstanford

    J105 A2

    It has to be large enough to get in the water requiring it to be dried out every time you use it. Draping the sail over the dining room table and chairs seems to be best drying technique...
  14. Watching them add lots of depth for power when they want to get back up on the foils, it is not clear how they are adjusting this with the twin skin main. Could they be using mast rotation? It seems to me that both skins add chord depth which would lead you away from it being the mast rotation but I don't know what else they are using when, in some cases, they don't have a boom for outhaul. Dan
  15. danstanford

    Docking. When it all goes wrong.

    I was cringing so bad at the decisions and damage that I couldn't finish the video. Wow