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  1. danstanford


    MidPack, I saw this as well and tried to understand what really happened from the two sides of the story. Trying to make sense of it makes me feel sorry for Protest Committees and the job they have. Dan
  2. danstanford

    Video of TP52 crash in Marseille in 2008

    Bruno, my mind works best by understanding and anticipating these kinds of issues rather than trying to react in the moment. For this reason I like to look at the causes and effects when shit goes wrong which led me to finding this video and reading the analysis and opinions.
  3. danstanford

    Video of TP52 crash in Marseille in 2008

    This is the one I saw before and it was in Cascais! Thanks to Jackolatern I saw the one I wanted and the one I remembered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQj2wlRmNWo
  4. danstanford

    Video of TP52 crash in Marseille in 2008

    I was searching TP52's which got me nowhere. Thanks for the help. Interestingly, this is not the one I remember seeing so it must be another big pile-up at the weather mark in another series. Thanks again, Dan
  5. danstanford

    Video of TP52 crash in Marseille in 2008

    Nope, not the one. I found it too, but thanks.
  6. Having recently read through the thread from 2008 and being fairly certain I have see the video a long time ago, I set out to find it on YouTube. No Joy! Does anyone know where to find the video? I used a couple of search engines with no luck finding more than blog and magazine articles. Certainly nothing I used in YouTube came even close. Dan
  7. danstanford

    need help from you furniture makers

    Don't have it all the way out when you try to activate the levers. Push it in a bit then the levers will work and the thing will pull straight out. I cannot figure out why moving the drawer box up would help it keep closed. If anything the slides may be too deep in the cabinet keeping the retainer clip from fully closing.
  8. danstanford

    J/88 for single handed day sailing?

    Initially I loved the perfect size for all the things I want to do on her. Pretty stiff for shorthanded sailing, very fast, lots of strings to pull, and still able to race fully crewed. Currently trying to decide if getting a J2 or a reaching sail will be more important. My particular boat is an Oceanvolt electric boat and I am looking forward to finding the best way to expand the cruising range for those rare times you need to motor long distance. Otherwise the 20 nm range is tons for everything else I do since it is predominately from the dock to the lake for racing or daysailing. Dan
  9. danstanford

    J/88 for single handed day sailing?

    I just bought one and have hopes of being able to sail her singlehanded. Clearly J&M are not problem but wrestling with assym not on a furler may be a challenge, Looking forward to any responses.
  10. danstanford

    Raymarine/TackTick to a chartplotter?

    George, can I discern that by the fact that you are going Raymarine this time that you prefer the Axiom to the B&G? So in the new set-up, the TackTick displays will not use the original TackTick computer but now will simply be display heads for the Axiom? Sorry if this is basic, I am trying to understand.
  11. danstanford

    Raymarine/TackTick to a chartplotter?

    Tiller steered boat with a Raymarine ST2000 tiller pilot. Integrating the pilot is not a priority since I never actually use the pilot to run a course but just use it to hold a heading. I actually have not seen any of these instruments run so I am trying to get a strategy in place and stuff bought before the mast goes back up in the spring. If I decide to upgrade the whole suite it is the right time to do it but my instinct is to get the plotter connected to the instruments and run her that way for a season. I confess to liking the idea of the TackTick remote since I may be single handing at times. The other big issue for me is where to place the plotter. She is a J/88 and I have seen most of them on the aft vertical face of the house right where someone trimming and launching \dousing the spin will be which seems wrong, particularly with a touch screen. It is also a long way for these old eyes to see from the tiller.
  12. danstanford

    Gybe Ho

    It shouldn't make me laugh every time....but it does!
  13. New boat has Raymarine MN100-2 displays 4 in total but no chartplotter. My instinct was to replace the whole lot and install a new plotter but it does seem a little hasty if these instruments work. I do want a plotter for navigation work as she draws 6'6" which is almost too deep for lots of the places I used to go. Hoping to hear from someone who has done this to avoid mistakes. It is my understanding that if I bought a new plotter say an Axiom 9 that I could buy a NMEA "converter" and these instruments would then display on the plotter just like the proper Raymarine ones? Will I give up any functionality I am used to? When racing I would like to see both true and apparent wind speeds and angles plus compass heading for shifts. Being a tiller boat we don't have a binnacle with a compass so I will need to learn to watch an instrument rather than the compass for this. Can I get what I want from this set-up? Dan
  14. danstanford

    North Helix Sails vs regular Code zero

    Any more thoughts on this since February? Wanting to fill the gap between my non-overlapping jib and my A-2 on a J/88. I am concerned about the load on the telescoping pole and have read lots of stuff on people engineering some different kinds of bob-stays but if the Helix really solves the problem without the bob-stay I am interested. If I had to pick an area where I want to gain the most it would be tighter angles in less wind. Dan
  15. danstanford

    Paradigm Shift...or Same Ole Same Ole?

    I have wondered about this too. I can watch old AC racing or modern TP-52's and imagine myself in those situations making those decisions on my boat. The foiling boats not so much. I don't dislike the foiling boats racing and will find a way to watch the upcoming AC races, but it probably will not make me want to go jump on my boat and go out for a sail.