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  1. See if a bluejay's sails will fit. About the same size and should be some in GA.
  2. O40_77885

    Worth repairing C-lark 14?

    If you like the boat fix it, if it's just a boat scrap it. Lot's of cheap small boats out there, but most are pretty torn up.
  3. O40_77885

    First boat at age 50

    Go down to Shilshole, they used at least have a group that raced sj24's. Might pick up some pointers. Make sure the brace under the mast is good, that's about the only weak spot.
  4. O40_77885

    Turbo Etchells

    What's with the hate? He's having fun and experimenting, when he break's something your not paying for it. Is it a good idea no not really, but again HE is having fun.
  5. O40_77885

    Dropping my Cal 20 keel

    Use the hoist at the club, lift the boat a few inches and stick some 2x6's between the pads and the boat.
  6. O40_77885

    Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    Don't know if you can get it in the UK, but Seahawk biocop plus, works well for me. Can't get it in the US anymore unfortunately, luckily I stocked up before the ban.
  7. You can sue anybody, would you ever win, no! Unless it fell on your boat from the ship or you saw it fall off, then hit it. How would you know which ship it fell off of? The company lease's the conx, plus their stolen all the time. So you will have to prove the ship and negligence.
  8. Get a piece of tape, put inch marks on it. Tape the tape to the hydraulic unit vertical. Run a wire rod down from the backstay make it loop around the body. This will show you how many inches of travel you have. At the dock put on pressure until you get the mast bend your looking for. Now you'll know your max adjustment. And it's easily repeated. Your psi gauge will change all the time based on load, the tape is constant.
  9. O40_77885

    caption contest

    Anybody see Fred, he fell off.
  10. O40_77885

    Andrews 80 Donnybrook

    I say go for it, it's only money and time. Like was said once, money for nothing and chicks for free.
  11. O40_77885

    Olson 30 vs. Soverel 33

    The O30 is a pain box, in comparison to the S33. The 30 is a bit faster in less than 6kts of wind.
  12. O40_77885

    New old sailer

    I've single handed my 40 but would rather not, they single hand 60's around the world, but I wouldn't. Your 24 isn't a problem. A tiller pilot is only a couple of hundred, and if you single hand just about mandatory. Try looking for a sj 9.9, good boats just a big 24 basically. See the local clubs and hitch some rides with other's, even if you aren't going to race you should learn quite a bit.
  13. O40_77885

    New old sailer

    Crusty, I grew up racing on sj24 hull #1. They are great boats, check the compression post base at the keel joint, that's the only weak spot. Yes they aren't fast compared to a modern sport boat but has a big interior for it size, and it will take you anywhere. We had a hurricane near San Carlos where bigger boats has problems the sj is just a ping pong ball on the water. 50% of the weight is in the keel, it will always pop back up, it just doesn't have much form stability so it rolls easily. It will teach you how to drive a IOR boat downwind if you're willing to learn. Good luck!
  14. O40_77885

    In Over Our Head

    Looking at your pictures you really have something against luff tension on the main. Your draft is way to far back. There's winches on the boat for a reason, put the main halyard on one.