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  1. Sailors Powerboat

    I think that's just for the annual carb balancing and valve adjustments on the 24 cylinders.
  2. Sailors Powerboat

    Well hell, if you're *going* to oxidize that much fuel, you might as well do it with some class. I would love to hear & feel twin 1100hp Allison V-12's at full throttle.
  3. Sailors Powerboat

    That’s exactly my point. If a Tesla can pick out a pedestrian jaywalking and avoid them, it should be easy for an automated freighter to avoid a sailboat, or at least send out an automated channel 16 call and five blasts as warning that collision is imminent. If the sailboat had functioning class B AIS avoidance should be even easier. The logic and sensors for cars is quickly getting to the point where it’s better than a human driver. I’d bet for shipping it’s an easier challenge. You might still need crew for ops and maintenance but maybe not long for piloting?
  4. Sailors Powerboat

    Hah! I’d think programming avoidance of a cargo ship has to be pretty damned simple given where we are on autonomous driving. I’d bet almost any ship/boat piloting situation would be vastly easier to automate than urban car driving. Given the current sorry state of mobo piloting from the US Navy down to that old dude mowing down those fishermen this gives me hope that the seas might be safer for us soon. Maybe.
  5. Bigger Swan info

    Soooo much deck teak... stunningly beautiful vessels for those with the means to properly tend to them
  6. Sailors Powerboat

    Seems to me the batteries should be sealed "no user serviceable components" kind of system for this reason. I've also shorted a 120VDC pack of 6V Trojan deep cycle lead acid batteries (3am college design project, not enough coffee, etc.) and yeah - scary as hell. I still think there's an application where this makes sense, keeping in mind that storage costs have dropped 80% in the past 5 years and continue to fall. Batteries will never make sense for long hauls, but combined with an efficient hull that doesn't do a lot of mileage (i.e. most pleasure boating) it could make sense. Even in conjunction with a genset (ducking)... Here's a use case from San Diego: 99% of the time you're putting around in a bay (1-10nm) or out past Pt. Loma (10-15nm) for fishing or swimming. But every once in a while you might want to go 85nm to Catalina. A 30nm range from a Tesla pack covers the 99%. If you go to Catalina, you bring a genset with fuel on board, fire it up when you set off and run for the 8hr trip. Once you're there you can re-charge via solar and/or genset as your boat sits & you go kayaking/diving. It's less efficient during that trip, but more efficient for the other 99% of your boating.
  7. Sailors Powerboat

    Yeah - looks like they are using the i3 30kWh pack. Range is 30mi at 6mph, or 10mi at 20mph. That's obviously extremely restrictive unless your lake is really small.
  8. Sailors Powerboat

    I'd focus on a used Tesla Model S/X pack out of a wreck or something rather than the PowerWall. 75-100kWh. Any reason that wouldn't work? That's only 2-2.5gal of diesel equivalent, but you're at maybe 90-95% efficiency versus a diesel's 30% or so - probably less over normal use with idling, etc. So you've got around 6-10 gallons in the (1200lb) tank. Maybe if she's of an efficient design she could get 5nmpg, assuming a reasonable displacement? So max range of around 25-50nm. You might be able to pick up a few kWH from solar over the course of the day, but not more than 5-10% recharge unless the array is really big. Frankly, I think that range is totally reasonable for what a lot of people *actually* do, but probably not acceptable for what people *think* they will do. Sort of like a 60mile range on an EV.
  9. Sailors Powerboat

    I think most people who are interested in a fuel-efficient "sailor's powerboat" wouldn't be expecting an ROI on the efficiency. Boats generally are terrible investments and have dismal utilization factors. Most don't put 50,000 miles or 5,000 miles on our boats per year. More like 0-200. I think there are three reasons for wanting efficiency: Even when you are rich, it sucks to put $500-1,000 of fuel into your powerboat for a weekend on the water. Even if it's not rational (i.e. the boat is costing you $1000/week to sit in the marina before fuel costs), that kind of expense is psychologically painful and can keep you from going out if you're at all on the fence. If you care even a little bit about the environment, your kids, water/air quality, etc. the thought of oxidizing (and partially oxidizing) that much liquid hydrocarbon for pleasure might give you pause. Sailors and a lot of people like efficiency for its own sake. I had to laugh at the dual Detroits consuming 120gph. Holy crap - three hours is my annual fuel consumption for boat + car! We're on our F405 every weekend and seem to average about 15 gallons per... year. I wouldn't be willing to burn 120gph on a boat somebody gave me if fuel was free. Not judging others who might, but I think others might feel the same and be more interested in something designed with efficiency in mind.
  10. Sailors Powerboat

    Very cool. Would love more details & specs - beam, length, payload, materials, etc. Looks like a great runabout. Can she handle unprotected waters at all?
  11. What boat to buy?

    There's one of these for sale here in San Diego for what looks to be a good price. Don't worry - not real teak decks! https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/boa/d/danish-33-foot-day-sailer/6458269336.html Beautiful boat. No affiliation, just noticed the ad.
  12. What boat to buy?

    Love the CW Hood 32 aesthetics. Similar vein is the e33; not cheap but very interesting combo of modern and classic, trending more modern than the 32. A few used for $130k and up, with a cabin. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2010/E-Sailing-Yachts-e33-2421486/Thomaston/ME/United-States#.Wml-v2KIb7o
  13. Sailors Powerboat

    Really nice. Like everything about it except the NZ800,000 price tag (US$600k or so).
  14. Sailors Powerboat

    Looks great but how is it possible? Hull speed should be around 8kts, so 10kts at 1gph seems particularly optimistic, no? Particularly if something like the skoota gets 7nmpg - know it’s more complicated than that but I’d love to know how/if it works.
  15. Sailors Powerboat

    Gorgeous. That's just the sort of vessel that tempts me away from the sailboats occasionally. The trip to Catalina from here is just a long slog directly into wind, waves and current anyway. How would you rate the comfort in a swell versus a keelboat? I never get seasick on sailboats, but have gotten violently ill on planing hull sport fishing vessels a few times due to (I think) the quicker pitching motion. I have never been on a trawler style boat for any length of time.