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  1. That's great, EHT! You got me thinking about cutting those halyards into 1 foot lengths and using them for candles!
  2. I just got a response from the rigging department at West Marine. Apparently this is a "feature" of vectran lines! "After consulting with our Splicing loft supervisor we feel that part of your issue is a normal occurrence with Vectran cored rope. The Vectran does have a slightly oily feel and it will leach out somewhat, but not normally to the extent you describe. "
  3. Thank you, everyone! Time for me to get to work on it!
  4. Preferably of different material!
  5. Three years ago I put new Vectran v-110 halyards on my S2 7.9. They are very fine lines, indeed, and performed up to my expectations ... but this year they started slipping through the rope clutches, which is rather annoying. I checked the clutches and the jamming surfaces were not worn, nor had some evil-doer sprayed the clutches with Sail-Kote. In the process of sorting this out, I found the surface of all the halyards to be slippery. Evidently there is a lubricant used in the manufacture of the line that seeps to the surface after a while. I washed the important areas of the line with a medium detergent, rinsed well and removed some of the lubricant, but not enough to keep the lines from slipping in the jammers. Is this a known phenomenon? What is the best cure for this?
  6. Never saw that before ... a sissy-bar for the head!
  7. Try putting a little bit of aft rake into the rudder blade. it also has exactly zilch directional stability. I can not let go of it. The second I do the tiller is headed for the far side of the boat and we round up. I mean, it's nearly instantaneous.
  8. An S2 7.9 named Gargle Blaster lives ... in Sandusky, Ohio.
  9. Follow the money and it will begin to make sense.
  10. Uncomfortable as hell to sit in it down below! When the manufacturer takes the brochure photos they will find VERY short attractive people to make it appear roomy.
  11. PERFECT! Read his last book and forget the rest -- it's a mea culpa for all the previous ones.
  12. Closer to correct to call them lee boards (as on inland lake scows) ... they ain't in the center.
  13. They will suffer upwind against standard PHRF boats with 155% genoas. Limit your thinking to one-design and things will work out better.
  14. BINGO! Had a 25 footer with asymm & Code 0 foresails. A bit of a hassle getting the Code 0 stowed expeditiously. A spinnaker launcher (like on the 505 dinghy) would have been great for the generic assym. If they had thrown in the ability to launch and retrieve some form of spinnaker or offwind genoa....code whatever! without having to leave the cockpit I think we would have had a real winner here. I think they missed the new core market of those 50 and over looking for an affordable boat. Too few improvements over existing and much less expensive used boats.