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  1. In the old days,climbing in yosemite resulted in men stranded upon endless thousands of feet vertical blank faces of granite, days behind, days ahead, weather risks looming, and simply no escape from what is facing right now. Pure terror, absolute horror, fear in it's deepest clearest form, this is how those men would describe moments in the center of the "abyss". To go to sea, and enter upon passage to a distant land, a passage with enormous and lengthy risk, vanquished, ovecome, and what now? Look at the aftermath: (warning, this is a long, video)
  2. It is not impressive to be a local phrf yacht race winning captain. It is like soccer. It is something the french do. We had a run long time ago when sailing temporarily became family activity, and boats were closely aligned, and costs were sort of in control, but the honchos with the big boats still need to rule the marina, the yacht club, and the fairways. Sure you can buy a boat, but when you take it out, you are just creating an opportunity to show your woman all the real big boys that could have her if they wanted and their big fancy boats sailed by other people for them while they taste wine. The big wigs have to back off and let the proletariat buy a boat and feel like they are kind of cool for a day or it is all just a waste of time. like the tide, they will back off, and then come back. just watch it. Look at excess costs, as if maintenance were not enough,! tax, tax, tax, license, mooring, and haulout is now an hourly deal jeezuz! in the day we had some solidarity with fishermen, and we worked on our boats in the yard together. now you pay more daily rate before even starting work to be hauled and on the hard by triple than to just sit at a dock!!! No working on your boat, gotta go to the yard, get hauled,and hire the professionals! FUK ME.
  3. I really like the way the mast, and the underbody on the Westsail look like they mean serious business. No need to s**t yer pants and head back to the marina because it is getting dark and a little swell picks up and the wind is increasing... just keep voyaging to your destination no matter how many thousands of miles away it may be. Nice choice.
  4. I was blown away by the ericson when researching it, because they are what appears to be solid heavy crab crushing bluewater voyaging vessels, and then I saw the underbody...?!!! and then the sail to displacement in the 13s... Topsides look a bit more like an ED monk, probably great boats , as most owners command very high prices, and likely they enjoy sturdy construction. Overall a lot of surprises there, nothing like the other model Ericsons built at the same time at all. The Stone horse rates so high on the PHRF scale it makes me think charts and graphs would all look weird if it were included, but nobody includes it. too embarrassing.
  5. As we get older we MUST become smarter, not harder workers. I ski, and I ski hard, If I tried to ski the way I did when I was 19 years old, it would kill me on the first run. when I tour and ski with younger guys they drop like flys. this is because I develop that smooth efficient casual flow that comes from years and years of doing it. I smoothly make the movements that get serious results. I look way ahead down the line, and anticipate what is needed. I identify the strongest team member and apply them to the most brute task---and they love it. It happened to me also. When I hit a stump under the snow skiing powder in the backcountry I knew as I tumbled down the mountainside I had done damage to my knee. when I gingerly eeked my way out that night back to civilization I accepted defeat. A personal evaluation the next day showed me I did real damage, but did not need surgery, no complete tear through... So I took 2 months off in the middle of the season, and rested. the most boring time of my life. staring out the window at the mountains and the fresh snow, but I rested. When the time to ski again came, I started very slow, and very gentle, and worked my way back in. Now I still enjoy a solid backing of knowledge, and wisdom as I traverse the backcountry, and I will always be a little more careful with my left knee. I will still tour farther, and deeper, and longer than the new guys, because I have that experience. yes I will massage my knee quietly by the fire when we get to the hut but those younguns will be crying from exhaustion... Daily yoga practice saved my ass. The supple strong muscles and tendons were able to absorb and deal with impact that would have straight ripped ACL MCL and LCL ligaments . no doubt in my mind. Dull and boring, but that 20 minutes a day saves my ass in those critical situations, and it as the first order of physical therapy when the time came to return to active duty. Taking the time to heal was the hardest part, but pays off in spades.
  6. Yes, actually Ericsons and Cals keep coming up as excellent middle ground for me. I know the current state on these boats is everything, and sometimes I envision a clean cal 34 with a newer set of sails, a good running diesel, and a butt cushion to sit on, or an Ericson 35ii with a nice hard shell tender lashed before the mast, bimini, dodger, spray cloths and endless voyaging, but I look at the inventory, and they all have sails from 1999. I know soft decks are slinking around, and that lovely diesel? likely gets grumpy when the swell picks up and the old crap fuel tank sloshes some crap into the filter, and at high RPM's we all know that heat exchanger will show its true colors. not to mention rudder issues and a thousand layers of misery on the hull come time to repaint and fair. the sails will make my cry being old bed sheets or patched parachutes from1950. running rigging is probably twisted nylon anchor rope from walmart and the shivs up the mast siezed years ago.... Then I start looking at smaller, newer, higher performance, strapped on outboard, minimal throughhulls, and new sails/rigging/structural improvements and it is hard ignore. Being able to stand up down below would be nice, but sailing long and true is more important. I can't stand doing a bunch of maintenance, I want a cooler strapped down rather than an alterntor, and running a diesel, and the endless refer maintenanceI want a nice porto loo from walmart, not a porcelain commode with endless issues with stench and hoses and through hulls and holding tanks full of someone elses turds...
  7. I'm in aspen till december, so east or west coast is not a real factor, in fact I may end up east coast say Chesapeake or similar if the mooring costs and boat availability suit, I just want to sail every day for a while. 5 foot draft, is my ideal, 6 foot if it really pays off. centerboards and heavy cruisers like the tartan are just fading into the background. I like running backstays...as long as they are not critical to keep the rig up. I want them as another option to get my desired sail shape. I want adjustable jib sheet rails and cars, I want main traveler in the cockpit, and I cannot see how a dodger could possibly work with how I want to sail my boat, unless it was some extended trunk roof hard dodger with winches on top. In fact I look at the companionway roof as an obstacle to running rigging. Gimme a few years and I'll know better I guess.
  8. I keep coming back to the Olson 30 for a few reasons. 1 I am single, and I am very spartan, I have traveled for months on end living out of a subaru impreza with a heavily laden roofrack for extended periods. when I travel I take a carry on only, even for overseas, actually especially overseas. I am lost in large accommodations. A full classic army duffel has been my entire possession collection for a year at sea in the past. I am fine to rent a room near an anchorage or marina for a month at a time as I travel around. 2 I fear the ocean, and I am a slob who loves to lounge on the couch, but I will not abide a boat that sails poorly. I need laminated sails and battens, I will have an OCD fit if sail shape is bagged out and sloppy. I want to sail, and sail and actively sail some more. 3 I need something that can be easily maneuvered in new harbors and anchorages, I want a boat that prefers to sail against motoring. 4 years of actually surfing inshore on a surfboard tells me I will be drawn to sailing and maintain long term interest if my boat can surf swell effectively downwind, in fact the more I look at it, the more this is the crown jewel for me. 5. I see no other vessel that compares in the price range, The hobie 33 and J 33 are very interesting, but restored prices compare against much newer unbelievable boats that are way out of my range 6. The thing has some offshore pedigree, and based on my other ventures, I will begin heading further and further, one way tickets are my routine. So am I way off here? Evans really stirred me with his single handing book, sometimes I think a CAL 34 is more appropriate, but then I just get meloncholy about sailing, and prudent choices begin to dominate (proper diesel needed, and it goes on from there) make me want to do something else entirely.. I am in budget hell. this is a big factor. I am on a 6 month work to build funds mission, and the fear that I am a dreamer rather than a sailor is snapping at my ass every day. I will be sailing every single day if I have to buy a soft deck j24 in december if it kills me. J35 or 36 size new sails at cost would bury me, and looking up at bagged out bed sheets is not in the cards. I need all the strings to pull, and sealing off through hulls and using a bucket/porto and a an outboard seems like a great way to sail more and avoid head down in the bilge misery on the maintenance factor. Mid size with a yard trailer lets me dry out and ski for 90 days a year without coming back to barnacle bill and 2 feet of water on the sole. It's my first boat. I can't handle a biggie on my own. maybe an olson 25 wouldbe even better? North sails sail trim video on youtube shows 6 sailmakers running a J35, and doing well. I am not 6 sailmakers. I am one dumb newb. J35/36 ridiculous for me. Faired bottom with a faired keel, updated rudder and stock, structural improvements, new sails, outstanding maneuverability and performance, one design should I get to that stage, downwind surfing built into the design, and just enough weekend accommodations to get by... am I looking in the right place?
  9. i know im a newb. i know im a jaggass. but i like that J36 rig. swept spreader fractional, heavy on the main. but I need something with a centerboard. c&c has it but with a huge foresail and waste of time main. smaller boats towards 30 foot are good, but fractionals are hard to find. boo hoo...
  10. Now I feel stupid. I have NO experience, and in a 6 month time frame I am hell bent on living aboard and sailing 7 days a week. I have accepted many setbacks, and headroom is one of them. I am west coast, south of point conception. I cannot deal with a boat that does not sail. I need quality sails, I need adjustable jib cars, I need main with a roach?, I need a mast that flexes, I revel in the idea of sausages everywhere down below when stowing primo sails I actually want jumpers that come into pay above 20 kts. I want to fly a spinnaker, especially symettrical spins!!!, I want a boat that sails, and GAWDAMMIT if I have to lose a rig to the sea I want to sail! I am looking to drop down in size to get newer sails. J boats are looking really good. I am afraid of handling things offshore in a fin keeler, but I will not go below and pray while my alberg design rescues me. I need a good balance that gets me high performance, forgiveness, and a sail plan below heavy financial output. Seems sails at 35 foot bury me, 30 foot, not so bad. I am really looking at j29, j30, and olsen 30/29 set up and dialed in, sleep below and deal without headroom. 2 big concerns: Draft, and getting back home upwind along california coast in a lightweight boat... I could really use some folks who know what the hell they are doing giving me some pointers. What I really want is to sail, sail, and sail some more, day after day after day. It is all tight budget single handing. I really want to go further and further offshore. I honestly love the olsen30. I just gt nervous about upwind return trips...
  11. J36. Fractional, swept spreader fractional perfection dances before my eyes. In every way this boat speaks to me, the rig, the underbody, the balance, the speed, the ability to sail. the accommodations, It wants to sail, it loves to sail, its well designed, it is fast, it sails! and she is deep, really deep. The Tartan 37, is a compromise it can creep into shallow harbor, it promises heavy weather safety in its weight and pedigree. the keel drops to meet my windward desire, and raises to sneak into the shallow end of the pool. I look at the tartan, and disgust develops for the undersized blade main. and then I check NEPHRF status, and get really down A slow turd. How HOW do I find a liveaboard vessel that sails worth a crap? I don't want to run aground every day... Jeezus if I had tits to show I would. Single these days... carry on.
  12. The sunfast is awesome, and very much what I would like, I am guessing in my price range I will be looking at boats before 2000 though.
  13. Not foils like a moth or americas cup catamarans, I mean a keel that produces lift to windward efficiently rather than a big fiberglass blob holding lead. like the keel on a j29 vs the keel on a pearson triton... Sorry. I'm not that great at communicating.
  14. As I approach a new boat purchase, my research has taken me away from more traditional cruising designs to boats that are designed with higher performance sailing as a primary goal. I have eliminated non sloop rigs, full keels, heavy displacement, low sail area to displacement ratio,and high displacement to length ratios. I abhor any design or set up that detracts from sailing operation and effective cockpit, for example travelers in front of dodgers to make room for bimini tops, decks that are difficult to move forward effectively, cruising stuff lashed or installed that interferes with fair sheet runs, anything that resembles a sluggish motor sailor. I have some criteria I really want: -built with modern methods of creating superior laminate, for example vacuum bagging, or epoxy rather than polyester resins. cores are fine. good in fact. -fractional rig or tune able masthead rig, multi spreader, mast bend expected/allowed -swept spreaders or shrouds, no running back stays, no extra fore stays that interfere with tacking the headsail -well laid out deck for effective sailing, with lines leading to well placed powerful winches, multiple jib car fairlead tracks spinaker pole tracks and all uphauls, downhauls, pole storage chocks, toerail for rigging etc... -draft <5 feet while still being high performance, centerboards are fine, wings maybe but not so great -underbody that works in light wind and offshore conditions. -a modern design with "foils" for keel and rudder, efficient lift producing stuff not just lead loaded appendages. -open transom and long waterline to vessel length are very good -of course I like wide asses, and really a class 40 is the dream... -and I have a limited budget. in fact, I need to be very frugal so I can afford proper sails and other things. all under 50k here. -length is good between 29 and 35 feet -plan to single hand, and go lots of places, so heavy rail meat not in the cards. -I like racing style interiors, pipe berths, central and prominent nav stations, business, not pleasure, still offshore function is needed. So far I really like olson 30s, and I am sort of leaning towards j30s, but I hope there is a lot out there I just am not aware of I like carrol marine, and a 1d35 would be pretty cool, but unrealistic with my experience, the draft, and costs... Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks ( even expecting some suggestions to go fuckmyself. I know the site I'm posting on) Oh I suck at sailing, but I am keen to get a boat, and sail every day. EVERY DAY, and go everywhere! fuck dodgers and stern towers for solar arrays and davits... I'm working on pics of my girls tits... will post soon
  15. People who have enough, and want to Do Good, and want to choose the specific thing their money is used for. (As opposed to donating to a large, general charity.) "doing good" by giving wealthy people money rather than donate to charity. Like I said FUGGIN MORANS!