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  1. User INavX is incorrect. OpenWind can pass data to iNavX without a network. I have an OpenWind device temporarily mounted on a rail (to test and while I wait for it to be mounted on the mast). The iPad/iPhone OpenWind app passes NMEA wind information to iNavX via UDP (mine uses port 2000). I prefer the look of the iNavX wind display to the OpenWind one (but the RayMarine is better still). However the OpenWind app gives information about the state of the device and so on.
  2. Any comments on this product after living with it for a while? Will it work with iNavx on an iPad? I'd like to put a wind instrument on my boat (the boat is bereft of networks or a chart plotter) without too much cost. I'm only a coastal sailer and beer can racer. Elsewhere someone said the wind direction is very sensitive. I didn't know if this is a positive or negative comment! Thanks
  3. nibj

    Offshore Sailing School thoughts?

    I have taken several courses (ASA 101, 103, 104 and 105) at Baysail in Havre de Grace on the Chesapeake. I was satisfied with all of them. I think they offer 114 but unfortunately I took that elsewhere. No affiliation just a satisfied customer.
  4. nibj

    which charter boat?

    Are all the people sailors? In our group of 6, one was not happy when sailing on a monohull in the BVI. Our subsequent cruise on a 40ft cat was fun for everyone. Also there is much more room to spread out. Admittedly we have never chartered such a large monohull...
  5. nibj

    Cruising the Chesapeake in middle June

    We've chartered or sailed around Rock Hall a few times (using Haven Yacht Charters once which worked well). On the Chester River we spent a quiet night in Reed Creek. Also a pleasant night (more boat powerboats until later in the evening) behind Gibson Island on the Magothy River. Both have no facilities. I enjoyed going into Baltimore (we took a slip on Fell's Point - maybe Henderson's marina if my memory serves). There is lots to see on the way. Also anchored on Bodkin Creek at the mouth Patapsco River (there is a big marina there and at the time they offered a water taxi to their restaurant - that was 3 years ago - note sure if it is all running now). Annapolis is another fun place. They have water taxis and paid mooring balls. We also stayed the night at a marina on Frog Mortar Creek near the Martin airport. It wasn't too noisy. Further up the Chesapeake there is Still Pond (which is sometimes far from still with crowds). Its can be a nice place to anchor. On the Sassafras we very much like Back Creek because you can get away from the powerboat wake. Its a long way up the Sassafras to Georgetown, but its a pretty spot with a marina and mooring balls (plus two restaurants). But the Sassafras area is a long haul from Rockhall.
  6. nibj

    The Zombie Fleet

    Right that's the Great Britain on the barge as far as I can tell. I left the islands in 77 and didn't actually see the Great Britain being salvaged. But I recall seeing her in Sparrow Cove when leaving the Stanely harbor on the Darwin.
  7. nibj

    The Zombie Fleet

    I think not. The top hulk is (if I recall right) the Jellum and is located in Port Stanley harbor off Race Course Road. After serving as a floating storage ship for many years, theGreat Britain was beached in Sparrow Cove outside the harbor. She was floated off the beach (after some patching) and returned to the UK on a barge.
  8. nibj

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    She is in a marina in Annapolis next to the Maritime Museum.