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  1. cholsson

    Everglades Challenge 2018

    Anyone know where to follow, photos or film from the start-line up? Chris
  2. cholsson

    Small tri beams

    Thanks Vantage475T Centerhull 42 kg, side floats 26kg each. Boat total is 161 kg with mast & sails. Here you can see my Swedish Rating certificate (without gennaker or code0) In Swedish, but think you will understand. Thanks Chris
  3. cholsson

    Small tri beams

    Hi, not that much science in my post, but my small beach trimaran I built, I used 50mm alu pipes + ladders 2016-2017. It work but it was sloppy. 2017-2018 I rebuilt the boat with 90 mm carbon pip+150 mm alu beam. Hope it will be less sloppy for the 2018 season. Photo to compare below.
  4. cholsson

    Astus Upwind

    Not bad at all! Impressive!
  5. cholsson

    used C boards

    Cool! Could we follow your project and progress somewhere? Blog? :-) Br Chris
  6. cholsson

    which multihull jib ?

    Yes it has full lenght battens. The shape is great but impossible for furling. My plan was to furl as well but could not find a good jib for that. Do you find one please send me a note! :-) Also if you find a furlable gennaker 15m2. Thanks for reading my small blog. Chris
  7. cholsson

    which multihull jib ?

    For my tri, 18ft long, the 49er jib was the perfect size. 6m2. You can see photos on my blog. Chris
  8. I was little litle wrong about the weight. It was 161 kg. But, the jib is 5.8 m2 (from a 49:er) It should end up in same numbers Here is my swedish handicape cerificate and numbers And here is the rest of swedish cert Sorry, some of the text is in swedish but you will understand Chris
  9. Here is all data at my blog. I tried to translate all data from metric to imperial to the right column :-) The total weight should be 146 kg I think with all included today.
  10. I will try to do a more fair comparison next season in more wind around our weekly races. I will also strengthen the trimaran during winter and try to add a gennaker which was in original design. I don't believe it could ever be as fast as the A-cat in more wind. BUT, I think the captain of the trimaran required less acrobatic skills. Don't know exactly how Randy Smyth built his Sizzor but to me it took the whole spring to get it ready. Maybe some seasons of iterations to get it fast as well. Chris
  11. Thanks for comments. Yes, the Trimaran felt faster in the super light wind, and as long the A-cat could not sail on one hull, trimaran was little faster. I have built the trimaran myself, and its heavier than the A-cat as well. We where mainly just sailing around for fun, and did not have a serious track. On the trimaran I have a Garmin Virb cam, that can show the speed and much more in the film itself. Really sweet. Regarding the handicap, in sweden we use a system called SRS (Swedish Rating System) A-cat = 1.67 Chryz Outlaw 1.49 (without code or gennaker) Higher number is faster. Will do some upgrades for next year.
  12. Hi. Yesterday, we where racing my A-cat vs my home built 18 ft trimaran. Last salingday in sweden before winter We put some action cams on the boats, and you can compare the speed, in the light wind. check it out, and com <iframe width="560" height="315" src=""frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> br Chris