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  1. TyeDyedGary

    Flying with Spinlock Deckvest S-Cutter: carry on?

    I have carried an older auto inflate vest and now my newer Spinlock vest. What I, found saves time and hassles is to carry a one page copy of the TSA rules on inflating PFD's and spare CO2 cartridges. The fact that I show up with a written copy of their rules generally gets me a wave through on the vest. When I fly international, I pack the vest in my checked bags. But I still wrap a copy of the TSA rules around the vest. Side note, I have gotten more grief over the double action hook on the lanyard, (I think it's cause they can't finger out how to open it). Back to your question, I have not had any trouble over the S-Cutter but I know that day will come.
  2. TyeDyedGary

    J22 PHRF

    In Galveston Bay the J-22 PHRF is 174. While we have a large fleet of J-22's in the area, we often have to race against bigger boats. And, Yes we are competitive. Mind you it takes good crew work, but generally you will find a J-22 in the top three on any given PHRF run race, and that is racing against PHRF's across the board. Not just in the narrow range you stated. Go out and have some fun.
  3. TyeDyedGary

    Loose Gooseneck - J24

    After you do what longy says, add nylon spacers to reduce metal on metal wear. Also DO NOT go back with bolts, ( that's putting a file in the middle of a new repair ) use pins.
  4. TyeDyedGary

    J22 HIN

    Go back to the seller in Annapolis, and ask for a copy of their original bill of sale, or state small boat registration, which should have a complete HIN. The original seller should have copies of both of these, as they are required by the IRS to be maintained for seven years.
  5. TyeDyedGary

    Outboard Bracket for J/29

    My Marine Tech mount has a 14 inch travel, and a friend Norestar has a 14 inch travel. Mines on a J-22 and my friends is on a J-27. I would say if it is deep enough depends on how low you mount it vs the height of the deck. I had the 11 inch M/T on a Compact years ago, that worked fine but I had a long shaft motor.
  6. TyeDyedGary

    Outboard Bracket for J/29

    You are looking for either a Norestar or Marine Tech motor mount. You can find them on line or at local marine supply stores. Just remember to properly brace the back side of the bulkhead when mounting. Also make sure you get one for the weight of the motor, as they come in different sizes. You don't want one to light weight for the motor.
  7. TyeDyedGary

    Waterline Systems

    I finally was able to obtain some needed parts as well as another fallow J-22 owner, by going to their web site. Make a note of the parts you need ei: part numbers, posted cost and quantity. Then send an e-mail to Randy Borges at rhb@waterlinesystems.com, and also calling as a fallow up to the e-mail. I am guessing he just doesn't have the stock sorted out after a forced to clear out move from there old location and is still a little overwhelmed.
  8. TyeDyedGary

    PVC Toerail Source

    Waterline Systems is open but the web-site is funky. You need to call and/or email them to place an order.
  9. TyeDyedGary

    TV -

    All your complaints go back to the 1980's. That is when president Rayguns pushed for de-regulation. Up to that point, all broadcast over airwaves over the U.S. were regulated. Adds were limited to 10 percent of all broadcast time, in 1986 that changed, with de-regulation. No more restraints on add time vs program. At that same time the Fairness Doctrine was repealed. The fairness Doctrine stated that if an "opinion" vs facts was put forth, the broadcaster had to give equal time to a opposing opinion. Since then we now have Fox news, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and others that put forth their opinion without rebuttal.
  10. TyeDyedGary

    Garmin Instruments - Any Experience

    I have done a lot of racing and a fair share of boat deliveries. B&G is what I have seen the most that last. They make a wireless system that that is controlled from a central laptop, and is easy to update. Don't get me wrong Garmin is great but most of my experience has been with there hand held, witch we load up our ditch bag with.
  11. TyeDyedGary

    2 bolt lifting eye for J/22

    Waterline systems web site shows parts but you can not order them through the web site. I have tried to contact them by phone, they only answered once and that was it. Go with Gouvernail's offer, or find a local machine shop that you trust and have them make part you need, that's what I have done.
  12. TyeDyedGary

    mediteranean yacht rigging prices

    You might check the marina at La Grande Mott, France. It has a very large repair yard. Also Outremer & Gun Boat cats, along with some other small boats are built there. I was there in late October to move a boat to Grande Canaria. The owner of the boat was very impressed with the service he got.
  13. TyeDyedGary

    Houston, Texas

    Go to gbca.org (Galveston Bay Cruising Assoc.) and Clear Lake Racing Assoc. (Wed. Night Races) Both web site have I want to crew sign up's. You are coming to Houston at a good time Sept. and Oct. have a lot of racing during those months. Just be aware it's hot and humid.
  14. TyeDyedGary

    J27 predomonent sailmaker?

    UK sails in Kemah TX. Pedro has built and repaired sails for the three J-27's that are in the Galveston Bat area.
  15. TyeDyedGary

    J/22 rules changes

    These are proposed rule changes. That if approved, would take effect in 2018 at the earliest. I think the longer battens and loose foot main are a great idea. The ability to mix and match short batten jib with loose foot long batten main for light air regattas and long batten jib with rope foot main for heavy air days has some merit. The one rule to be eliminated is 6.12 One dedicated heaving line.