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  1. US Watercraft goes to Auction!

    Another builder of J-Boats can't afford to build them.
  2. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    And all that in the eerie gloom of the smoke from the wildfires to the east in the Cascades.
  3. More racing, Seattle style

    I've explained to my other sailing friends many times, "In Seattle, you can wind or the sun, but you can't have both".
  4. Anacortes Racing

    Thanks all for the info! Looked at the Cap Sante crane but it and the pier isn't rated big enough for my boat, and i don't have a single pick point. Scratching my head what to do...
  5. Anacortes Racing

    Well now it looks like Anacortes is our new home port, so we're keen to get involved in the local racing scene. It'll be a busy summer moving in, so we're wondering what the good regattas are to look forward to? The other major hitch is that we haven't found a place to dry sail (trailer launch) our boat from. Seems strange that a boatie town like Anacortes doesn't have a launch ramp and storage yard for small boats like ours. It's a shame that Cap Sante doesn't have more than that hoist. Just trying to avoid putting bottom paint on and leaving her in the water.
  6. On the Rocks at Palos Verdes

    Joke about a lee shore until your crawling on your hands and knees off one.
  7. On the Rocks at Palos Verdes

    Negative. I was on Azura. Fuijin was across the dock from us in Falmouth Hbr thought and chatted with us before the race.
  8. On the Rocks at Palos Verdes

    Sorry to see that, but I've seen how it could happen. We sailed by that bay in the early morning during the Carribean 600 in February. It is normally a leeward side anchorage, but that night and morning it was blowing NW 15-20 kts. There we a dozen boats in there that looked downright uncomfortable, and frankly in a dangerous situation with a lee shore a few hundred meters away. I don't think they had a good night's sleep. They say the trades have been weird this spring.
  9. Hypothetical Friday - Dream Boat

    So other than another 24' and a pipe-smoking guy standing up getting a saltwater douche in hs face, what's the difference from the 60' Motor Launch?
  10. Hypothetical Friday - Dream Boat

    Bob, I'll raise you one. The Tombolo 34' to get you out to the islands in a flash with style.
  11. What is it, PNW?

    Anyone know what yard in BC she headed for?
  12. RORC Caribbean 600

    Looking forward to getting some sun and warm saltwater to wash off this Seattle winter moss!
  13. Anacortes Racing

    What's up in the Anacortes, WA racing scene? Is is going or gone?
  14. Old School Anarchy

    Bruce Nelson falling ass drunk off the dock in '86 SORC.
  15. Old School Anarchy

    The first cell phones onboard were the size of a ham radio, but you could call your date and tell her to stay up, I'm com'in in!