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  1. ProaSailor, thanks for pointing out the erroneous URL. That link has since been fixed;
  2. I forgot to add; no RC. The RC could be a single or double-handed volunteer. If not, have a course agreed upon with fixed marks, GPS start times, and take your own finish time. Just have some fun.
  3. One thought; as things ease up perhaps in May-June, how about easing into single or double-handed races? Single-handed obviously is low risk proper social distancing, and double-handed required to be members of the same household and/or mutually isolated.
  4. Cheap Beer

    Ro Ro Rolls Over in Georgia

    The pressure wave causes the ship to turn, it grounds and with reduced draft/stability rolls over.
  5. Cheap Beer

    Ro Ro Rolls Over in Georgia

    This has happened many times in the Southeast where there are long dredged channels and lots of current. The suction of another vessel passing will pull the oncoming vessel to one side, often grounding, and in this case, veering to one side so fast it turns over.
  6. Cheap Beer

    Transpac 2019

    Hamachi is smoking it. Great position on the fleet and owning the south. Got to be some butt puckering onboard right now.
  7. Cheap Beer

    Bucket-list Point-2-Point races

    Maybe if you prefer parties to getting a DNF, from either too much wind or no wind and drifting backward, or both.
  8. Cheap Beer

    boating dumbfuckery

    I've cruised the Myrtle Beach/Carolina Beach stretch of the ICW many times, and our rule was to tie up or anchor on weekends and holidays. Too many Bubba's per sq. ft.
  9. Cheap Beer

    New foulies?

    My 8 yr old Musto jacket lost its inner liner, and I got my ass soaked a few weeks ago. It just disintegrated. I'm in the market too.
  10. Cheap Beer

    Barge WHAMMO in Houston Ship Channel
  11. Cheap Beer

    WIRW 2020

    Not exactly a blockbuster announcement, but I came across this tidbit buried in a local newspaper. Then I Google-mapped the "pene-exclave" of Point Roberts. No announcement on the official WIRW web page...?
  12. Cheap Beer

    What's your boat beer?

  13. Cheap Beer

    what is it?

    At some point, J Boats will run out of numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0...
  14. Cheap Beer

    WIRW 2018 - someone had to do it.

    I think the change to a 4-day race schedule is good one and now I can get enough crew (that can take the time off) to do this regatta. Charleston Race Week made the change from a week long to a 3-day schedule back in the early 2000's and participation went way up.
  15. Cheap Beer

    Sailors Powerboat

    I agree the motion on a powerboat is different than a sailboat. Any long crossing of bluewater, I'd much prefer the slower roll of a sailboat. This boat has a quicker roll period (3-4 sec) than most because of its low CG. On the other hand, she is very stiff, resisting initial roll and motion, especially underway. We crossed many exposed sections of water on the east coast including the Gulf Stream and several of the Great Lakes, and Georgia Strait in the PNW. Like any sensible boater, I picked my weather window carefully and avoided beam seas when I could. BTW, the 3.75 nm/gal fuel burn was real-calculated over 10,000 GPS miles traveled divided by gallons of fuel purchased.
  16. Cheap Beer

    Sailors Powerboat

    This is the boat we had built to cruise the ICW after watching all the sailboats struggle to manage those 1100 miles of shallow water and low bridges. Finished up with over 10,000 miles on her between the Bahamas, New England, Erie Canal and Great Lakes. Easily driven with a simple single engine and bow thruster, averaging 3.75 nm/gal in comfort at 9 knots. Regrettably had to sell her last year...
  17. Cheap Beer

    What is it, PNW?

    Anyone know what yard in BC she headed for?