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  1. I keep my boat in Manhasset Bay in Western Long Island sound. For some reason the birds this year are far worse than ever before. In fact, there is an Osprey flying around the bay that loves to perch itself on my lower port spreader. Between the seagulls and this osprey the boat gets hit hard with bird shit and fish guts. I put up streamers running along the boom but that is not good enough. Any suggestions on what has worked in terms of keeping birds away. I'd hate to put up metal spikes on the spreader because I have an overlapping headsail.... thanks for the help....
  2. The bijoux baby vest is the best vest for under 30lbs according to practical sailor although it is not coast guard approved. It is probably the one to buy. As far as nest and car seats - how did you secure them to the boat? Thanks for the help - A new dad
  3. This summer will be our first summer cruising with our new son - he will be between 5-8 months during the sailing season. I have a Catalina 42MKII 3 cabin layout. What have people done to create a safe 'crib' space to put an infant down to sleep or while you're maneuvering the boat in and out of a marina, mooring, etc....? thanks
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone. Right now we have a dedicated VHF antenna for the AIS receiver we can use on the transponder. I noticed some transponders require their own GPS antenna and some are integrated. The transciever will sit in an area under the cockpit floor, between the engine compartment and the aft cockpit lockers. Will we need to hook up the external antenna or can we rely on the one in the box?
  5. Looking to upgrade my AIS receiver into a transponder and some advice as to what makes the most sense Boat - Catalina 42 Here is what I have: Garmin 741 GPS (NMEA 0183 and 2000) Garmin GMR18 HD Radar Autohelm Autopilot (NMEA 0183 only) Autohelm Sailing Instruments (NMEA 0183 only) Standard Horizon Intrepid+ VHF (connects to GPS with NMEA 0183) The current AIS receiver is from Digital Yacht and they also make a basic transponder. It seems to be the least expensive option. Garmin has one too. They all can connect via NMEA 0183. It appears that the AIS via 0183 communicates a limited number of sentences. Do we get anything by making it a NMEA 2000 connection? Any advice here would be much appreciated Thanks
  6. its 38400 baud - after that the GPS and AIS are working perfectly together
  7. I just changed out my old Garmin 3006 for a new Garmin 741. I wired the AIS to the GPS however, it is not working. It worked perfectly fine on the old GPS not sure what is wrong here. The new GPS is a Garmin 741 and the AIS receiver is from Digital Yacht. There is definitely power in the AIS because the light is on. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks - to everyone's point this is extremely frustrating. You'd think you could just buy the replacement part. I have a call into Garmin to further clarify
  9. I misplaced the chart card for my Garmin 3006C. I can not find any of these older chart cards for sale. Does anyone know where i can find one? I am looking for a Garmin HCA016R
  10. this makes a ton of sense - plan is to check it out this weekend once I find the leak - likely a cracked hose - will be able to fix - i hope....
  11. water heater does not appear to be leaking the floor around the WH is dry
  12. I am having an issue of running out of water well before the tanks are emptied. Here is what happens: I fill a tank - use several gallons and then before it is fully emptied the water pump runs like the tank is out of water. When the pump is primed and the faucet is off the water pump never pulses. This leads me to believe that the issue exists upstream of the water pump. One clue is that I do see water running into the bilge after the tank is filled. This stops after a while. Any ideas here? I am guessing it is not the water tank but hose somewhere upstream of the pump
  13. Thanks for the tips - wound up going with Doctor LED. New lenses were about $25 a piece at defender - easy to install. This was the stern http://www.defender.com/product3.jsp?path=-1|65136|2312566|2312568&id=1200640 This is the bow https://www.doctorled.com/store/nav-LED-bulb/LED-nav-bow-bulb/Bi-Color-Polar-Star-41 Trick is to make sure you screw in the bulb so the red and green are on the proper sides of the boat. this was probably the easiest boat project iv'e done in a while
  14. yeah I am concerned that some rubber gasket will disintegrate in my hands when i pull the light apart. Here is to hoping nothing ends up in the drink!
  15. conversion to LED is already in the works. it seems like a worthwhile investment. Has anyone pulled off an aqua signal lens? Is there a gasket behind there that might be dried out?