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  1. Another interesting boat

  2. R2AK 2018

    There are russian trolls here too?
  3. Coolboats to admire

    Trikes are like multi-hulls. Initial vertical stability, but push it past that limit and they will turn turtle very quick. Two wheeled streamliners are like a mono hull. It will take high G-force side loads, you can compensate with your weight, lean into it and stay upright. I rode the Coyote from Ranchita Ca (4000 ft) down to Salton Sea (below sea level) hitting speeds over 80mph. I would NEVER ride a trike down that road.
  4. Solar Systems

    Asking those of you who are familiar with lithium ion batteries, in relation to your daily amp needs, what percentage of amp capacity, over those needs, do you have in your battery packs and how far do you draw them down? I'm coming up to speed on lithium ion batts but would like to hear some opinions from experience. Also interested in which brands gave you product satisfaction with flexible solar panels, multi stage charge controllers, lithium batteries and monitoring systems. My usage is for a 12 volt frig, minimal interior lighting, nav lights, nav gear, auto pilot and stereo. Thanks!
  5. Coolboats to admire

    I was never a fan of trikes. They are gaining in popularity and for newbies it is an easier transition from upright bikes to the 3 wheel platform. To date, they have never been as fast as a 2 wheeled streamliner. Because of their size they are difficult to transport and store and can be wildly expensive. You build a "buck" (the shape you want the bike to be) out of foam, bondo or whatever you like working with. Then paint it and put as many layers of mold release wax on it as your arms will allow. Then coat it with generous layers of sanding resin and finish up with layers of fiberglass cloth and woven roving until you have a wall thickness of a least .25 in. When everything is dry you pull the buck out of your new female mold and you are ready to do layups of new body panels that will have a nice smooth outer finish. You can take all this one step further by vacuum bagging. I only did wet layups.
  6. Coolboats to admire

    There are two poly-carbonate clear panels, attached with velcro to the side openings, but I only used them when racing. The turning radius is only limited by the size of the front wheel opening in the lower shell. I kept the opening as small as possible for speed runs and racing. You will feel the side winds and once I was riding on a very windy day where I had to slow way down to avoid being blown off the road. The rest of the time riding in lesser winds felt like flying in a small plane. The bike weighs 45lbs. I want to clarify that I am not an engineer/designer and my only skill set I had when I built the Coyote was building surfboards. Riding the Coyote was the most fun I've ever had, but there is still lots of room for improvements. Right after I was hit by the truck, the bike went into the garage where it sits now cuz my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died. Being the full time care giver meant I couldn't take any chances of getting hurt myself, so the damaged Coyote still sits in the garage until I pull my head out of my ass and rejoin the real world. Maybe someday........
  7. Coolboats to admire

    The 50 gears are for having a hi and low range with lots of useless duplication in between. Mountain bike low gears (35 inches) for climbing steep hills to the highest gears (250 inches) for when you're going 60mph. A regular road bike has around 100 inch gearing in high gear. Yes, it was a circus act contorting my tub of lard body to get in the bike but I purposely kept everything as small as possible to minimize wind resistance. I willingly sacrificed comfort to be able to do rides like a 100 mile time trial in 3.5 hours.
  8. Coolboats to admire

    There is no metal connecting the front and rear wheels. It is front wheel drive. The steering, gearing, bottom bracket and front fork make up the titanium sub frame that plugs into 2 sockets in the front half of the bottom of the body. It has 50 gear choices. The rear wheel connects to the Kevlar/carbon tail. This lower "hull" is Kevlar/carbon and foam cored in critical areas of stress and built like a brick-shithouse. In the pic you can see a tube shape of the foam core in the Kevlar wall and the seat I made by sewing some nylon into a bag shape, stuffed with a couple plastic beach balls semi inflated. The seat proved to be extremely comfortable and sweat resistant. It's easier to show pics of getting in the bike and being able to come to a stop and put your foot down. I rode this bike very carefully out on the road for over 50,000 miles. The other streamliners in the vid can only be ridden on a closed course and need assistance to start and stop. I need no help with mine. I was never as fast as those other bikes but because I could ride mine in traffic and still be semi competitive with the big boys, my bike was and may still be regarded as the fastest street-able bike in the world.
  9. Coolboats to admire

    Thanks for the interest but I don't want to be more of a TDD (thread drift dick) than I already am. I'll PM ya.
  10. Coolboats to admire

    My mistake, was not familiar with titanium sheet. Mind bending build!
  11. Coolboats to admire

    Thanks! I learned so many things building a monocoque composite race bike. Pushing wind or pushing water, the devil's always in the details. Great fun! What's amazing to me is laying up a carbon hull of that size. How many guys does it take to wet that out or is it pre-preg? Do they have an oven big enough to bake that?
  12. Coolboats to admire

    One week before Bonneville Speed Week, adrenaline junkies gather at Battle Mt just this side of the salt flats to go for the world record top speed for bicycles. I think I'm the 12th bike in the vid. This vid is from 11 years back, the record is now around 90mph!
  13. Coolboats to admire

    I used layers of 8oz carbon and 8oz Kevlar to make the body of my bike. I got rear-ended by a truck going 35/40 mph when I was stopped by the side of the road. That composite body with those materials saved my life!
  14. Coolboats to admire

    Carbon has tensile strength, Kevlar has abrasion strength and combining them in the layup, the Kevlar can reduce the tendencies of the carbon shattering and the carbon gives the Kevlar more stiffness. One thing that needs to be watched with carbon is if there is significant damage that is not repaired, the damage can worsen over time depending on the loads. Titanium is a amazing metal and well suited to the marine environment but who ever is welding better be good cuz you need to purge all joints, when welding, with argon gas to prevent exposure and blueing of the joint. On the bike pic below, the back gold part of the body is Kevlar and the black is carbon. The frame and fork are titanium. An entire boat built with these materials would be off the charts cool, strong, light and expensive.
  15. Sailors Powerboat

    Great crazy water-man story! I'm still trying to visualize doin a floater in a boat!!!!!! When you dropped in, could you fade your bottom turn out into the flat, same as on some rhino chaser pintail?