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  1. AmericanVagrant

    Perkins 4-107 enduring leak on the pump

    I have a Perkins 4-107 that has been leaking diesel at the injection pump since I first purchased the boat a few years ago. The leak is coming from a high pressure side banjo fitting. I have given the pump to 3 separate reputable builders and no one can recreate the problem on the bench, they all say it looks great (it has maybe 200 hours since a rebuild). I've proposed that the lines might be bad and they all said no way, they look great. I had the olives changed on the offending lines with no luck. I've replaced the bolt, the washer and tried numerous different torques. I've searched downstream of the pump to check for blockages to no avail. A mechanic here in LA said that it could be a nick on the sealing surface of the pump, and wants to charge me a couple hundred dollars to mount it to his machine and diagnose. He said if it's a nick I might need a new pump, unless he's able to get it out with a soapstone. I have the pump with me, but the boat is in Hiva Oa, French Polynesia. I need to insure this problem is fixed when I return to my boat. There is a cheap rebuilt pump off a 4-108 that looks identical to the one on my 4-107. Is it? Should I buy the replacement pump or keep pulling my hair out with this one?
  2. AmericanVagrant

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Almost considered this mock-worthy given the context of the article, but if the reason for rescue was depletion of provisions then I can't hold that against the vessel. I'd say for $3k it looks like a good deal. From this article:
  3. AmericanVagrant

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Kinda interesting - the vessel mentioned above (with the rescued 78-year-old sailor) is for sale at $3000: How great would it be to see Rimas on this thing?
  4. AmericanVagrant

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    I don't recall what he said that led me to this conclusion, but I'm fairly certain he's in southern California...Lake Arrowhead/Big Bear areas I believe
  5. AmericanVagrant

    Dehler 30 OD no Backstay

    It tripped me out seeing a Hunter 50 in person as they don't have a backstay. That, and when the owner showed me the aft stateroom berth which converted into a hot tub. Made my Hallberg-Rassy 33 Mistral seem like tent camping in comparison
  6. AmericanVagrant

    The best builder/refit yard in SoCal & West Coast Mexico.

    I have dealt with Baja Naval in Ensenada and the Bercovich yard outside of town in La Paz. I would trust them both, but if coming from California, I'd say Baja Naval is the better choice. You're close to the US in case you need to run parts and I found them to be generally very attentive to detail. Bercovich got the job done cheap...very bare bones repair but it has held up just fine so far.
  7. AmericanVagrant

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    I'm pretty sure that rudder has no internal framework, and that the only attachment of the rudder shaft to the rudder itself is the radius weld at the top. I'm also pretty sure that in order to allow the rudder to be lifted into the boat while still in the water, he plans to have only two points of lateral support for the shaft, one at the bottom of the skeg and one at the top of his 11ga steel box. Even if he reinforces the box enough to act as an upper carrier, it's going to be a massive amount of lateral force on that system. If those butt welds don't fail and if the tubing is strong enough to deal with the lateral loads, the connection between the top of the rudder and the bottom of the shaft is going to flex and eventually tear. As someone who has lost a rudder at sea, I'd say the engineering in this video concerns me more than anything else he has done to this point. Beyond the rudder system, if I had to speculate on what is going to sink the boat, it's flooding due to that box failing.
  8. AmericanVagrant

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    True, I don't admire and wouldn't encourage his pursuit or putting the product of his efforts into service. But nonetheless I remain impressed about the shear will it takes to get up day after day, week after week to toil away at the project. He doesn't seem to mind wasting his time and it certainly doesn't appear that he's burning much money. I'll wait to harbor my admonishment for if/when this pollutes the environment or puts someone other than himself into harm's way. Until then it's just a dumb thing someone is building in their yard.
  9. AmericanVagrant

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    Interesting that he's sealing it up now rather than fitting the cabin first. I'm genuinely impressed by the guy's determination
  10. AmericanVagrant

    OpenCPN for a tablet? Other option?

    During the crossing from Mexico to the Marquesas I downloaded GRIBs + Weather Routing tracks from PredictWind and my IridiumGo to my Macbook, then transferred the tracks into OpenCPN. Worked great. I briefly messed with the weather routing and GRIB plugins in OpenCPN but never put the tracks into service. Generally happy with the recommendations of PredictWind weather routing though sailing through the doldrums/ITCZ it's kinda a crap shoot. Very squally and unpredictable. I understand why most people motor through it. I chose to bob around for about a week pulling my hair out until finally making it through.
  11. AmericanVagrant

    OpenCPN for a tablet? Other option?

    I have used OpenCPN on Windows, Mac and Android (tablets + phones). I love it, 4000+ miles using it as my primary navigation. Once it's setup, everything has been smooth and reliable. I've got mine hooked up with the AIS data as well, transmitted wirelessly via my XB-8000.
  12. Calling all southern California boat owners - If you want to make some money doing a trip to Catalina the weekend of August 23-25, get in touch with me or send an e-mail to Compensation is entirely up for negotiation between you and the paddler you're supporting, but typically includes coverage of fuel/moorage for the weekend + a negotiable fee for the time of you and your crew. No experience necessary! You just need a boat that meets basic USCG standards including VHF, safety gear and compass. Paddlers typically complete the 32 mile race between 6-8 hours, so just be sure your boat can keep up! If you want more details PM me, I know of at least three paddlers that are desperate for escorts. These guys put in a ton of effort to make it to this event, would be a shame for them to miss out because they are unable to requisition their escort The race leaves Two Harbors Sunday morning and wraps up by 3pm near Manhattan Beach.
  13. AmericanVagrant

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    And the sheaves. Rubber rollers with what appears to be plated mild steel bushings. Corrosion, friction and halyard loads staring at this guy in disbelief: "Are we a joke to you?"