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  1. carbon/carbon rudder post failures?

    J-111 Rudder, Hull #4, 2011. Broke hard reaching in breeze. Stump didn't look as messed up as that pic though. J/111 Hull #5, Broke hard running in breeze. Not kidding. J/111 hull #1... Django? Lost at sea after shaft broke Calling hull #2. Hull #2 where are you?
  2. carbon/carbon rudder post failures?

    J-111 Rudder, Hull #4, 2011. Broke hard reaching in breeze. Stump didn't look as messed up as that pic though.
  3. Bermuda 1-2 2017

    Bushido, the white boat. Crusader still for sale I believe.
  4. Short Handed Racing in the Gulf of Maine

    I second Lioness' suggestion. Have done the GoM Solo Twin a couple times from P-Town to Penobscot Bay. Didn't have to deal with those damn pots with toggles until close to the finish.
  5. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Deposit sent. Marbledead home base.
  6. CS4500 to H3000

    Thanks guys. Yes Airmar came back and told me you can't skip the box. Obviously something different than the ST850 which doesn't need a box. And appreciate the heads-up JACO, will set low expectations. Have a Signet on hand I can install but I'll need to haul the boat and resize the thru-hull to do it. The existing paddlewheels are crap.
  7. CS4500 to H3000

    Hi Moonduster, Skipping the Airmar box, going right to the H3000. I'll try it without the temp sensors later this week see if I get any readings. Red is in the left most slot. Green in the 3rd slot. Bare wire has been cut short by Airmar, so goes nowhere, but I could redo that one and put it in the 5th slot like the St850 if that makes sense. Thanks
  8. CS4500 to H3000

    I know a few people here have this setup and I read the other post on it. I just got a CS4500 ultrasonic and am swapping out the Airmar ST850. I ran the first four wires the same way as the ST850 but aren't seeing anything register yet. I have Red and White together, then Black, Green, Brown. Tried the last slot empty and then with the grey wire. On the ST850 the bare wire was in that slot, whereas that one has been nubbed in the CS4500. Any advice greatly appreciated. Possibly there's something else I'm doing wrong. I'll reach out to Airmar and B&G this week if I can't get it working today. Thanks
  9. Newport -Bermuda 2016

    Pantaenius was a sponsor in 2014 and got us coverage for our first trip. Nice folks, easy to deal with. That being said, they recently decided they don't want to cover pure racers. They much prefer boats with furniture, etc.
  10. Interesting J/111 Stanchion Installation

    I've got #4 now, and looking at pictures I think she's got the cheater stanchions. She's for sale if anyone looking for some extra righting moment. Lots of cool carbon bits too. At ECYS in RI or see the ad in the classifieds here.
  11. Key west Race Week

    Ironic it's hosted by the Storm Trysail Club
  12. Distance Racing in New England

    include the canal (under power), but give competitors the option of going clockwise or counterclockwise, a la the Three Bridge Fiasco.
  13. columbia 32 rudder?

    I looked around for info after ours broke similarly, but never found anything. Hitchhiker probably correct: tests were done and someone has a good guess, but not in their interest to make it public.
  14. 50th Newport-Bermuda Race...who's going?

    Heard that too, but they just added SuperYachts. Canters still the same. Only allowed in Open Division and have to be faster than 475 GPH. Not allowed in Gibbs, St David's, SuperYacht or DH.
  15. Performance 40 footer

    I know some people think they are dogs, but since the class fell apart the Farr 400s are cheap. One on yachtworld for a while now. Depending on venue, the Pogo could be piggish in light air.