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  1. First sailed with a kevlar #3 in the BBS in '79 or '81. The shock loads transferred to the deck gear were so significantly higher that the turning blocks tore off the deck. We were told by the sailmaker then that the 3 had a life of 50 tacks. Which meant it was essentially built to be a throw away after that regatta. Banning Kevlar....The alternate proposal was to simply weigh the owner's wallets at check in.
  2. 12th rate at best, but I'd estimate 45th overall ranking. There's Millard Fillmore sitting just above in 44th.
  3. Some of the ash got blown out to sea and circled back in. We were on a sailboat coming in from the ocean, sailing down the Straits of Juan de Fuca in light air and totally out of news contact, when this gray, greasy ash started floating down on the deck. No idea what it was. Cold war still very much on. Made everyone very nervous until we could pick up a Port Angeles radio station. Heard about St. Helen's much to our relief.
  4. Yes they do. And the consequence of the latest election is that we have a money-grubbing, arrogant, narcissistic, ignorant, semi-literate crook as president. How's that working out?
  5. How about being an asshole? Or a money-grubbing, egotistical, self-indulgent, ignorant, lying crook? Does that count?
  6. Nope, I never said I had any connections, just that you knew nothing about me or what I may or may not be privy to. Just pointing your willingness to jump to unsupported conclusions. You are really not good at this troll business. Busy, but not good.
  7. Steve Clark is spot on. I was one of those weekend warriors. Chased away by the powered up crews and the rigging and sail arms race. That adjustable jib track system morphed into similar systems on IOR boats, which also got increasingly complex. Finding the proper jib lead in 3-D was an unending chase. Then I sailed with a top-end Kiwi who looked at a complicated jib set up and said, "If I had a hammer and nails, I'd nail that effin' lead down in one spot and go sailing." Sounds like the Tempests did the same thing after I left the class. One thing I'd add is that de-powering the Tempest in breeze was not a well developed or well-communicated art; at least I wasn't read into the club that knew what to do and how to set it up. When I look at old pics of me and my boat, the main is just ALL wrong, too deep, draft too far aft, leech hooked. Yikes!
  8. Nope. You need to know a lot more about how DC works and what a small town it is at the cabinet secretary level if you want to do your troll job properly. After a leak occurs (which even right wing bloggers like Erick Erickson are glad happened, for convoluted reasons), the back story gets dined out on quickly. You really are a know-nothing. And you know nothing about my contacts in DC, either.
  9. Because they are in the intelligence loop and you aren't. You're just getting paid to troll. At least I hope you are.
  10. Funny stories. But MB, apparently you don't even understand capitalism, among much else. That may be the entrepreneurial spirit in action, but capitalism it ain't. No profit gained from the investment of financial assets while relying on the labor of others. Actually, on second thought, "entrepreneurial" is wrong as well. Entrepreneurial denotes a particularly sneaky kind of theft: "Taking between" a wiling buyer and willing seller in that moment that money is changing hands. So let's just call those kids creative opportunists. And anti-establishment ones at that.
  11. Anyone who had dealings with Trump in New York for the last 30 years could have predicted this. OK, maybe not this level of incompetence and idiocy. Back then, he was an insecure, egotistical, self-centered crook - trying to be the biggest dick on the block. He seems to have gone to a different level of ego and ignorance-driven insanity.
  12. I had one for a year or two in the late 60s, #176 IIRC, and we were hopeless at 5'9"/150#, with a crew just slightly larger. I think the winning boat had a 6'5/190 driver and a 6'4/220 crew. Girls did not need to apply. Plus the rigging wars were unrelenting. It was a money pit. Prepping for the Olympics, dedicated (heavyweight) teams would run a baseline boat, a test boat that was Swiss-cheesed with rigging ideas, and a raceboat. Essentially, what should have been a really good sport boat if it had had a good keel and some additional one-design aspects, became an inadequate alternate to the bottomless-pit Starboat. Take a Star, add a spinnaker, deduct style, similar costs = Tempest.
  13. Interesting that you mention Cyprus twice. Just where the new Secretary of Commerce sat on the Board of a Russian controlled bank.
  14. Short-handed distance race, Race to the Straits, with about 125 entrants. The VHF comes alive with some guy saying: "This is the XXXXX, Thunderbird XXX. Can anybody lend us a large philips head screwdriver?" Total message. No description or declared emergency, nothing. Radio silence in response. Then about 2 minutes later "Can anybody lend us a philips head screwdriver?" Radio silence. A few minutes later we cross jibes with an old T-Bird. They are on port doing about 3 knots, kite up, crew sitting in their cockpit, calm as can be. We are on starboard, about three boat lengths away, doing 6-7 knots, asym kite up. As we pass, one of the guys in the boat calls over: "Can you throw us a large philips head screwdriver?" We say we don't have one, which is true. And keep on with our race. But, really, what are the likely outcomes of throwing a philips head screwdriver at another boat from 100 feet away?