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  1. Go Left

    Drip Drip Drip

    "I wouldn't recognize him if he was standing in this room right now."
  2. Go Left

    "National Cleavage Day"

    It's you, Donald.
  3. Go Left

    Coulter does not like Donnie anymore

    Given all the snarky comments about Ann's gender status over the years, this is either an innocent crudity or another bit of snark.
  4. The SF Cup was amazing, as was the earlier event with the ACC monohulls, although not quite as amazing. Sitting in the stands when the AC 70's rounded the first mark and came right at us, foiling and getting bigger FAST, the whole crowd, maybe 10,000 people in those ticketed bleachers and lots more just on the shoreline, simultaneously said "Holy Shit!!!" First and last time I've heard that from a sailing spectator crowd. I've said it plenty of times during a leeward broach, but meant something else. So.....Stadium sailing with fast, close boats. With predictable winds. Doesn't even have to be a lot of wind anymore. You could maybe improve Bermuda with bleacher barges, but walking around the Marina Green meeting lots of people was just plain fun.
  5. Go Left

    The Four Carbon Cutters project

    I think it was mostly the heat build-up from bouncing down the long road trip that melted the vinyl-based Baltoplate. Smeared it into wave patterns. But I had several layers of build-up so that was a possible factor as well.
  6. Go Left

    The Four Carbon Cutters project

    From experience: Make sure the travel lift guys put protection on their straps and keep the speed and bouncing down on the road to the launch. Those cowboys scuffed and smeared a perfect bottom paint job (Baltoplate) on my boat I had in Bett's shop.
  7. Go Left

    Trump to pardon Joe Arpaio

    But everyone knew her as Nancy....
  8. Really? Step out side your house tomorrow and start counting the things that the government has provided you to make your day go better. When you get to 1,000 please post. Or, really, start counting when you turn on the bathroom light and flush your morning pee down the toilet....
  9. Go Left

    Random PicThread

    That kit looks like it was put together before duct tape was invented. Other puzzlements: Three hard hats? Who gets to be "Staff"? A hammer but no nails? Prune juice but no toilet paper? Food for one person includes a can of dog food?
  10. Go Left

    Will the Republican Party Reject Nazis?

    Well, one thing we know for sure now....The Rs can no longer lay any legitimate claim to being "The Party of Lincoln".
  11. Go Left


    Why did you call Ms. Heyer, murdered by Nazis, "the female". Just some unrepressed misogyny bubbling up perhaps?
  12. Go Left


    We fought the most violent war in the history of the world to shut down this "message" once before. If non-violent means don't turn the tide. If they manage to acquire some level of power. If they perhaps get the chance to institute their actual agenda of racism, anti-semitism, misogyny, and some deep mis-understanding of fascism. (Fascism is an abhorent politically ideology, but these pathetic racists don't even understand what it was, other than a political system that allowed targeted brutality.) Unfortunately it is been shown to be part of the American and even human psyche to blame others and to devolve that blame into hatred. Ignoring that strain of inhumanity does not seem to make it go away. Letting it seep into positions of power by disguising itself as nationalism or protectionism or some sort of "freedom", has brought us to where we are. The Trump presidency - brought to power by code words, fear-mongering and disdain for the truth - has given them hope and the collective "courage" to come out of the basement. Shame, exposure and confrontation is where we are now. Let us hope it doesn't come to anything more painful. Or that 20 years from now the USA will have to go through the same recognition of national shame that Germany recognized, lived with and worked though. That will be ugly indeed. We are rapidly losing, and in fact may have already lost, our post-WWII position as the global leader economically and morally. The tiki-torch carrying assholes in Charlottesville are another ugly moment in that decline.
  13. Go Left

    Scaramucci DTS

    That's still more than -15 days.
  14. Go Left

    Scaramucci DTS

    What severance? He never officially started. Soon to be nothing more than a trivia question. "Who holds the record for the shortest term of employment of any White House senior staff in history?"
  15. Go Left

    Climate news

    Amateur. Pineapple. But really, take your "warbird" someplace else if you want to get it oiled. You are becoming boring.