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  1. There is no case to be made for such. Do you think we need to pare the tree population? It just grows unbridled.
  2. We developed and prospered at no one's expense. And their development will be win-win as well.
  3. Yes we do. They all deserve the opportunity to develop and prosper just like us.
  4. Real pollution is being decreased in developed countries. The more development, the less pollution.
  5. Nonsense. CO2 is greening our planet and increasing our agricultural output.
  6. jzk


    It is not free. The customers pay to get the product offered. You are the product.
  7. jzk


    Nonsense. It makes perfect sense to push for more capitalism and less socialism. If government was out of the health care sector, insurance would cost as much as a cell phone plan and cancer would already be cured. Instead we are using rotary phone healthcare. Now maybe someone like Ocasio can make a case for socialism. But your premise that there is no discussion to be had is ridiculous.
  8. jzk


    So what?
  9. jzk


    In your socialist utopis, do citizens just voluntarily send in 60% of their income, or is it taken from them through threat of going to prison?
  10. jzk

    Trump's America - The Internet

    Yeah, choosing between cable and a host of wireless internet providers is just like being homeless. In addition to a "right" to health care and college, we now have a "right" to high speed internet.
  11. jzk

    Trump's America - The Internet

    Still lots and lots of choices out there.
  12. jzk

    ACA struck down

    Yes historically speaking, social is the best way to provide people goods and services. If you want to kill a large percentage of the population.
  13. jzk


    One is a system of voluntarily interactions among free people. The other is an authoritarian system ruled by the force of government owning more than 50% of your labor.
  14. jzk

    Trump's America - The Internet

    Ok, I call bullshit. What town?
  15. jzk

    Trump's America - The Internet

    I don't remember anyone saying that shit wouldn't be throttled. I remember many people saying the internet would die. Did it die? Did it get worse? Or, as posted above, did it get 40% faster and increase available choices to consumers? 5G has already started rolling out, FYI. in some test cities.