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  1. US Trade

    Your water is not an example of why we should be concerned about our national industry.
  2. Trickle down

    No it isn't. Do you have any evidence to support this theory of yours?
  3. Trickle down

    They didn't build that business.
  4. Trickle down

    "Allowed?" Nice of you to "allow" people to keep some of their own money.
  5. Trickle down

    Your list doesn't break out Hong Kong, but your source, Credit Suisse does at $34,000. China, at 6,689 is pretty far behind. Seems like your numbers corroborate my statement pretty well. Thanks! Furthermore, if we examine economic freedom, Switzerland ranks 4, and Australia 5.
  6. Trickle down

    China implemented a little bit of capitalism, and they now have a little bit of wealth. That little bit of wealth is amplified because they have so many people. And, compared to the relative shithole of mass famine and starvation that it was in 1961, that is huge. But, in 2017 they rank 81 in GDP per capita on a PPP basis. Hong Kong, however, rates 12 ahead of both the United States (13) and Australia (19) proving once again that the more capitalism a country has, the richer it becomes. That and Bent is full of shit as usual.
  7. US Trade

    Yet you can't provide a single case in history of us getting fucked over due to this "ramp up" phenomenon theory.
  8. US Trade

    It is not important. If world price climbs sufficiently, the mine can reopen. We will still be ahead. No need for subsides. Mines are coming online all around the world.
  9. US Trade

    You have your facts wrong. Your REE example simply does not fit your argument. We don't need REE protectionism. There are mines coming online all around the world in the next 10 years. REE is a dirty business. Molycorp closed the mine in 2015. But it is in maintenance mode which means that if world prices surge, we can get back into the game. Your whole position is a nothingburger. In all of history, this is the best case you can come up with for why we need tariffs? In reality it proves my case more than yours.
  10. US Trade

    Do you have any evidence of this price increase for REEs? It doesn't appear to match your story. And, if China never sold us the radiation hardened electronics, then how is that relevant either? It seems there are REE projects popping up all around the world. Molycorp was a bubble. The owners rode the bubble up and then sold at the top during the frenzy. What does any of this have to do with tariffs?
  11. US Trade

    So what exactly happened with the satellite grade solar panels. US companies can't compete because China is subsidizing satellite grade solar panels? What is the size of this industry? It is so specific that it seems hard to believe that what you say is true.
  12. US Trade

    Did prices of solar panels go up?
  13. US Trade

    You have to be more specific. Some cursory complaints about an industry don't cut it. Show me how foreign products were dumped, industry destroyed, then prices jacked up to our peril.
  14. US Trade

    Show me an example where someone dumped stuff on us, it destroyed our industry, and then they jacked up the price, cornering the market and making back all of their investment.