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  1. This is disappointing. Just a few posts ago, I clearly openly opposed multiple things done by your King. I skimmed through the news article about the blackwater thing. Doesn't sound good. But no one can fairly judge a criminal case by a news article. If I were King, our military would not be in 75% of the places it is.
  2. Yeah, I am not familiar with every criminal conviction in the country. I did hear mention of Trump pardoning some blackwater types. Is it possible that Trump would do something I disagree with? Certainly. No shortage of that, and I have posted plenty of examples.
  3. I have no particular allegiance to the President. Just call balls and strikes where I see them. Good supreme court picks. Good to leave the Paris Accord. Bad on immigration (as most presidents were). Bad on trade. Seems crazy that anyone can call Trump a racist and then vote for Biden. The pardons? I don't really know that much about them.
  4. Why would you call me "faithful?" Faith is a terrible concept.
  5. jzk

    Donald Trump the uniter

    I swam into the beach to see what you fuckers were going on about.
  6. jzk

    Donald Trump the uniter

    To see what the nutjobs are doing.
  7. jzk

    Donald Trump the uniter

    I heard you had already filled the cunt position.
  8. jzk

    Donald Trump the uniter

    Yes, it does. Welcome to science.
  9. jzk

    Donald Trump the uniter

    Like I said. Such nice people.
  10. Right. No one considers this nutjob forum the general public.
  11. Yeah because all of those groups think it is super important to invest big money on convincing PA clowns such as yourself of anything.
  12. jzk

    RIP Austin1972 1972-2020

    Super sorry to hear this news. He didn't live far from me, and I am sad to have never gotten the chance to sail with him. Went a bunch of rounds with him here, and he always seemed like a super great guy.
  13. So many people paying big money to try to convince your dumb ass of something.