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  1. jzk

    COVID-19 Price gouging

    That's my food's food.
  2. jzk

    COVID-19 Price gouging

    Quotas and price controls? Do you dishits know anything about how the market works? If you leave prices alone, when an item becomes scarce, the price rises. This prevents hoarding because people will tend to buy what they really need rather than hoard at the higher price. The higher price signals producers to get moving on resupply. This resupply might be more expensive than normal production, so the price will compensate for those costs. If someone charges a ridiculous price, no one will buy the item, and the market will resupply even faster hoping for a shot at those higher prices. When the resupply comes in, the prices will go down again.
  3. jzk

    Liberty of Movement and Assembly

    I know of no libertarian philosophy that makes such a claim. Are you just making shit up?
  4. And don't forget West Marine. West Marine is in an essentially industry.
  5. Science says we have to have liquor and tobacco stores open, but other businesses must be closed?
  6. People were naturally socially distancing themselves in Chinatown, and Pelosi told them it was very safe to go there. We can stay healthy, and at the same time not fuck our economy.
  7. How so? "also to say to everyone. You should come to Chinatown. Precautions have been taken by our city. We know that there is concerns about tourism throughout the world, but we think it is very safe to be in Chinatown and hope that others will come." Are you saying that I misrepresented her words by quoting her saying "it is safe" when in reality she said "it is very safe?"
  8. Here is Nancy encouraging people to visit Chinatown on 2/20. The public was already naturally socially distancing, and she wanted them to come and congregate with other people that may have been recently to China because "it is safe."
  9. jzk

    Failure of leadership

    "You should come to China Town. Precautions have been taken by our city...we think it is very safe to be in China Town and hope that others will come." -Nancy 2/24/20
  10. It is too dangerous for delivery drivers to deliver food to old people, but you want to the old people out and about? what a nasty little moron you are.
  11. No. Public transportation really does constitute a severe risk in this outbreak as do public schools. Especially in areas like NYC. There needs to be another way. We are spending trillions shutting down the country. If old people need food, maybe pay for delivery for them? That would be a whole lot cheaper and be much better at keeping older people safe.
  12. You think those people should get sick? If they go out in public in close proximity with others, they will be both in severe danger of dying and spreading it to others. Isn't that why we shut down the country?
  13. No authoritarianism in that idea, I see. As I have stated many times, I would welcome anyone that wants to come that isn't sick or a criminal.
  14. A little. But have you ever driven across the US? Plenty of room.
  15. When you say "fuck 'em," do you mean that you don't care if a bunch of them die as long as they keep providing essential services for you?