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  1. Climate news

    You meant that humans are good and a 1000 year lifespan would be beneficial to the planet? Oh, then I agree with you.
  2. Climate news

    Yeah, humans are very bad. Very bad indeed.
  3. Climate news

    Nice speculation. So how is that standard of living of the people of the world doing? Is it getting worse or better? How is the impact of climate on the human race? Are climate related deaths rising or falling? If climate changes the way you suggest it will, how quickly will it change? You claim that one day hundreds of millions of people will "find themselves" up shit creek? Or will they have already adapted by the time the creek is shit?
  4. Climate news

    Would it be the lead pellets that were swirling?
  5. Climate news

    What would happen if you dumped all that stuff in the Ocean 10 miles offshore?
  6. Climate news

    I wouldn't litter in a national park because it is rude, not because it would "fuck the planet." Ice melting does not fuck the planet either. Is the planet only "not fucked" when it is experiencing an ice age? More than half of the time of its history it was "fucked?" Is that your position?
  7. Climate news

    Some sort of Gaia god.
  8. Climate news

    So you think. You just have a different god.
  9. Climate news

    You are a religious fanatic. You think that you are inherently a sinner and need to repent. I get it. But religious people are delusional nonetheless.
  10. Climate news

    If we piled all the McDonald's wrappers ever produced into one national park, it wouldn't fuck the planet.
  11. Climate news

    A McDonald's wrapper in a National Park is inconsiderate and rude. But it is not fucking the planet.
  12. Climate news

    If the question is so stupid, then why can't you answer any of them? You are just a typical sailing anarchy clown. All insult and no argument.
  13. Climate news

    If I ask how it is fucking up our planet, how is that spreading disinformation?
  14. Climate news

    Maybe, maybe not. But how is it bad? How is it fucking up our planet?
  15. Climate news

    What harm will the McDonald's wrappers do to the National Forest? Are you just being emotional? What seems bad to you must be bad?
  16. Climate news

    You were making a good case for measuring total ice volume loss. Then you just jumped into a conclusion without any facts or analysis. So I will ask again. How does this ice melt indicate that humans are fucking up the planet?
  17. Climate news

    Chicago and New York was under ice just 20,000 years ago. It melted. Is that fucked up? Or is just your logic fucked up?
  18. Climate news

    How does ice loss equate with "fucking up" the only place we have to live?
  19. US Trade

    Your water is not an example of why we should be concerned about our national industry.
  20. Trickle down

    No it isn't. Do you have any evidence to support this theory of yours?
  21. Trickle down

    They didn't build that business.
  22. Trickle down

    "Allowed?" Nice of you to "allow" people to keep some of their own money.
  23. Trickle down

    Your list doesn't break out Hong Kong, but your source, Credit Suisse does at $34,000. China, at 6,689 is pretty far behind. Seems like your numbers corroborate my statement pretty well. Thanks! Furthermore, if we examine economic freedom, Switzerland ranks 4, and Australia 5.
  24. Trickle down

    China implemented a little bit of capitalism, and they now have a little bit of wealth. That little bit of wealth is amplified because they have so many people. And, compared to the relative shithole of mass famine and starvation that it was in 1961, that is huge. But, in 2017 they rank 81 in GDP per capita on a PPP basis. Hong Kong, however, rates 12 ahead of both the United States (13) and Australia (19) proving once again that the more capitalism a country has, the richer it becomes. That and Bent is full of shit as usual.