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    Photography Is Not A Crime

    If one is constantly talking about whom they are ignoring, is it really ignoring?
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    Another Cancellation

    Corporations are just assembled groups of people.
  3. The problem with the global warming/climate change/CO2 is bad clown crowd is they don't walk the walk. Even James Hanson flew halfway across the world to receive one of his big money "environmental" awards. Hard to take anyone seriously that does that. If they really thought they were hurting the children, no way would they do such a thing. It is almost as if they don't really care about that issue and it is just a pretext for political change. Meanwhile, our CO2 output is adding life to the planet. Almost as much as 2 continental US's worth of vegetation. It seems CO2 use is win-win. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2016/carbon-dioxide-fertilization-greening-earth/
  4. But no one would pay anyone jack shit to deal with your rantings.
  5. jzk


    One of the very best things about the Trump presidency is watching the huge number of PA forum members that have virtually dedicated their lives to him. I have never seen anything like it.
  6. What a delusion to think that "big oil" pays people to come to PA and counter Randumb's stupid posts.
  7. It is your religion. No one has to buy fossil fuel. Trump can't make them. The Paris "Agreement" is a joke. If you really believe Climate Change is a thing, you should be outraged. It does nothing except further your politics. Which is why you are fake.
  8. You are making my point for me. You oppose the politics. But the actual climate change? What would be the difference in temperature of the planet 10 years from now had Hillary been elected? Not measurable according to your own religious beliefs.
  9. Well, it is a good thing that it is not a thing. The problem with you is that you are a fake. You don't really care about CO2 emissions, you care about politics. As if the climate would be different under a Hillary administration.
  10. The thing is, shit for brains, that if climate change is a thing, it is not the fault of "big oil." It is your fault. It is everyone's fault that emits CO2. Like those hypocrite private jet liberals that you don't care about. It is their fault. Big oil only gets money when people voluntarily buy its products.
  11. The Trump administration, in this case, is being intellectually honest. No country is going to sacrifice energy security. Even your stupid Paris accord doesn't require such. But dumbasses like you think if everyone holds hands, sends money to the UN, and increases the size of government, then the temperature of the planet will change.
  12. Everyone is proclaimimg but no one is actually reducing CO2 emissions. In fact, they are greatly increasing their emissions just to have this summit. If they were serious, they would have a virtual summit with zero emissions. But they aren't serious. They just want money and power.
  13. If you really care about a planet's biosphere being under assault, then you must be outraged with your private jet elite liberal buddies, no? A few posts ago, you said you didn't care about their private jet travel. But they are committing crimes against humanity, right? Or are you just full of shit?
  14. The real problem with your religion is that you seem to think that just by believing that you can change the temperature of the planet and affect sea level rise. Further, you assign blame not to those that emit CO2 but rather to those that don't believe in your religion. Again, hard to believe actual adults are this stupid.
  15. It is more that you are just shitting your pants accomplishing nothing. Loser.
  16. If you really believe in your religion, then those are the people to whom you should be directing your outrage. But instead, pea brains like you think that if the US gives money to the UN and has an informative government website on climate change, that the Earth's temperature will change. Who would have believed that actual adults could be so stupid?
  17. Pea brains like you think that big oil has anything to do with the demand for fossil fuel. You have liberal elites such as Bernie Sanders, Leo Decaprio and Whoopie goldberg flying around in private jets. Further you have a Paris accord that doesn't even produce measurable results according to your own standards. And you pretend to care about climate change?
  18. The funny thing is that your outrage is directed to those who oppose you politically rather than those that emit large amounts of CO2. Why do you suppose that is?
  19. You have been conned, pea brain. https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/annual-co-emissions-by-region No one cares about CO2 emissions other than you and a few other religious fanatics. That is why even the strongest climate change "champions" aren't reducing their CO2 emissions.
  20. If there are more efficient energy sources, then there is nothing for us to do. No legislating. No mandating. People will choose the better deal.
  21. That is what your clown pea brain is not understanding. It is not my graph. It is the world's graph.
  22. https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/global-fossil-fuel-consumption Clown.
  23. There are still a couple of billion people that need to be lifted out of poverty. They will do it through the use of fossil fuel. Not much you are going to be able to do about it.
  24. Actually, our CO2 production has caused the planet to add about 2 continental US's worth of vegetation. Fossil fuel use is win-win. And the world currently gets 40% of its energy from coal. And, it doesn't seem like that is going to change very soon. Besides, even Bernie Sanders doesn't believe in your climate change religion. That is why he chooses to fly private.