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  1. Transpac 2017

    Medusa has water in fuel issue and had to manage it. https://www.facebook.com/MedusaRacing/ Whats up with Pwachet - 0.0 on the live tracker as I type
  2. Where are all the cool boats in CA going?

    The sail maker and a certain rigger who share the same building are notorious in this regard.
  3. NFL 2015 (go Hawks)

    Superbowl city is being built. What a shit show its creating with traffic. Yet San Francisco can do nothing with the homeless, who have more rights, privilege and services then the tax payers. They seem free to roam, piss, shit, at will all over the city. Wonder how this will play out over the next two weeks? Or has the city given them all 50 yard line tickets through some dumb ass social service, at the costs of the tax payers.
  4. Where are all the cool boats in CA going?

    Ding, ding, ding. Winner in BOLD Everyone has less time then before and organizing a crew is almost a full time job.
  5. The Super 12

    What about one-design TP 52, or similar sized modern boat??? Cause the Volvo tried this concept and it worked really well. Too bad they didn't think this one out.......
  6. 1) It's precedent, and yes, sailors have been compensated by the court for negligent working conditions since it was passed. The Jones Act was in fact enacted because the Seaman's Act of 1915 provided lots of 'new rights' for sailors but neglected to address injuries aboard ship. 2) This is how the US congress decided the system works. They passed the law in 1920, and my impression was that they write the laws, not you. I am struggling to find out what possible right or responsibility 'we' have to dictate the way that 'we' all want professional sailing to go, or how 'we' have anything to do with encouraging or discouraging this behavior. Are you a senator? A federal judge? Are you going to lobby congress? 3) I am not so sure you understand the law the way you think you do. Kenny is from Great South Bay (Bayberry YC) and Clean is from Rockville Centre. Could there be a geographical reason why they're in agreement that a lawsuit is the answer to all problems? I love it when Long Islanders are so predictable so so true to form. Hey, I'm a jew and a lawyer too. Got anything cute to say about that? No shit. That explains EVERYTHING.
  7. Antigua adivce during RORC Caribbean 600

    Locals hate white people. Fences with razor wire along the tops to keep the tourists in.... Yeh, great island
  8. American YC Spring Series Dates

    maybe there will even be wind.......
  9. KWRW 2016 Weather- What's coming at ya racers

    Wow, an advertisement masquerading as a thread..... And I thought this was about weather predictions and forecasts.....
  10. "National Cleavage Day"

    The most unbelievable part of that fantasy is that it's happening on a single aisle four-across regional jet. Imagine what kind of service row 1,2, and 3 get! Her bush looks like Hitler' mustache
  11. Lauderdale to KW Race Tips

    Sleep with your feet forward. Better to bang your heel than break your neck.
  12. Donnybrook

    What a shit hole that place is. well, it's a town, not a resort... as far as towns in the caribbean where local people live and work, it's pretty typical - lot's of businesses, tourist infrastructure.., tourist bars and restaurants , local bars and restaurants ...with crystal blue water, white sand beaches, warm temperatures, and trade winds. Sounds like a real shit hole. Cheap beer. Its fucking terrible man, don't ever go there. You might.... be comfortable. Fucking awful. Talking about crime, meth, blow, locals who hate white people.... St Thomas has plenty of resorts with fences with razor wire at the top, and its not to keep the tourists in
  13. Looking for Ride in Israel

    Yom Kipper Clipper? Sorry, couldn't resist.
  14. "National Cleavage Day"

    Her belly button looks like a vigina
  15. Dutch Oven Violence

    She made him chitlins, grits, BBQ, and he had a forty to wash it all down while smokin a blunt. What were you expecting???