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  1. DogBalls

    jerry jone's new boat

    Wonder how big the "stabin cabin" is???
  2. DogBalls

    Apollo 8

    Please read Rocket Man - story of Apollo 8. Borman was "Da Man!"
  3. DogBalls

    Liz Warren is in !!

    PA - The source of fiction vs. fact
  4. DogBalls

    Liz Warren is in !!

    She'll lose in about 1/1024th of a second and ensure my man Donald J Trump has another 4 years making my country even greater. Any questions? I'm ready for your cyber name calling and hate filled replies, liberal wack jobs! Go put a cause bumper sticker on your Prius and feel like you actually did something....
  5. DogBalls

    North 3Di vs Quantum Fusion M 9000

    Wonder if Elvis is reading this thread....
  6. DogBalls

    espo is a dick

    You guys in WLIS must be soooooo bored
  7. DogBalls

    Funny Comments while Racing

    we made it this far without a Butch Ullmer beat down story. Geez, slow day here
  8. DogBalls

    what is it?

    Ms. Cleans vibrator
  9. Dem's are running an inside job against the Right. The lib's have no morals and will stop at nothing to achieve victory. Outside of CA, they are done. Fuck the Dem's anyway. Could you imagine Chuck, Nancy and Hillary in a Pay Per Screw?
  10. DogBalls

    Boat Hook Terror

    Can you speak up? I can't hear you with that pity dick in your mouth
  11. DogBalls


    maybe it could wash the caravan away, or at least bathe those smelly beaners
  12. 1) It's precedent, and yes, sailors have been compensated by the court for negligent working conditions since it was passed. The Jones Act was in fact enacted because the Seaman's Act of 1915 provided lots of 'new rights' for sailors but neglected to address injuries aboard ship. 2) This is how the US congress decided the system works. They passed the law in 1920, and my impression was that they write the laws, not you. I am struggling to find out what possible right or responsibility 'we' have to dictate the way that 'we' all want professional sailing to go, or how 'we' have anything to do with encouraging or discouraging this behavior. Are you a senator? A federal judge? Are you going to lobby congress? 3) I am not so sure you understand the law the way you think you do. Kenny is from Great South Bay (Bayberry YC) and Clean is from Rockville Centre. Could there be a geographical reason why they're in agreement that a lawsuit is the answer to all problems? I love it when Long Islanders are so predictable so so true to form. Hey, I'm a jew and a lawyer too. Got anything cute to say about that? No shit. That explains EVERYTHING.
  13. DogBalls

    "National Cleavage Day"

    The most unbelievable part of that fantasy is that it's happening on a single aisle four-across regional jet. Imagine what kind of service row 1,2, and 3 get! Her bush looks like Hitler' mustache