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  1. What's it rate?
  2. Police has finished the initial investigations of the sub. As has been said, the young woman was not on board, but the police says that investigations seems to indicate that the sub-marine sank on purpose (with the "help" of the Captain) It is also known that he has changed his statement about setting the lady off friday evening, we do however not know what the new statement is. An intensive search operation in the waters south of copenhagen is till ongoing. The doors were closed on the court hearing. The police wanted this, with the argument that the things that would be uncovered, would be very embarrasing for the relatives to the victim. (The police has from the beginning used the term victim even though no body has yet been discovered)
  3. That is a fair point indeed. Tell us what you have done to save Rimas
  4. I think that's another movie with a very small audience ..
  5. We might have a candidate over here for the Chicken from a kids TV-show. But it might be cruel to seperate it from best friend Teddy Bear, for which I don't really see an obvious role
  6. You deserve that role! Mr. Eastwood, please step aside
  7. I know this is only partly related to sailing,but then again a lot is around here A very bizar story is unfolding in Denmark right now. It all started yesterday (August 11th) with a privately build (the world largest privately build sub) submarine went missing with the builder and a Swedish journalist onboard. Later it was spotted, and soon after it sunk and the builder was rescued to a nearby boat. The journalist however was not around.... Builder claimed she had disembarked then night before in Copenhagen and he had continued on his own. The lady journalist was missing though. Last night the police arrested him for the murder of her (even though there is yet no body).... Ships are now trying to salvage the sub to get a look inside.... Court hearing later today... The builder is quite famous in Denmark as a kind of "nyttu enigineer" for the last couple of years he and his team has been working on the first privately build rocket to be launched into space... I think that comes to an end now... Google translate from a summay in a danish newspaper. Drama minute by minute The case of first the missing home-built submarine UC3 Nautilus and subsequently, where the vessel's constructor, Peter 'Raket' Madsen is charged with killing, is quite violent and spectacular. Here's a timeline over the course: Around. 19: The submarine stole out on Thursday evening. Several random witnesses leave the submarine leaving Refshale Island, where the vessel is at home, and then sail from Copenhagen Harbor in the beautiful summer evening. In the tower, Peter 'Raket' Madsen was seen together with a 30-year-old female Swedish journalist who participated in the tour. Good at 02:30: Here the woman's boyfriend contacted the Joint Rescue Coordination Center - JRCC - and reported the submarine missing because the girlfriend had not returned. Kl. 02.51: Here Lyngby Radio called the submarine in vain, but there was no answer. Kl. 03.39: Here the JRCC contacts and states that an accident has occurred and that the submarine may have been out of order. Kl. 0711: Lyngby Radio broadcast a general alarm for the shipping in Øresund and the eastern Baltic Sea to look for the submarine. Kl. 1014: The JRCC received a message from ships and both in the area south of Drogden Lighthouse, that the submarine was located in Køge Bay. Kl. 10.39: Peter 'Raket' Madsen called from the submarine to a rescue helicopter and explained that he had a course against Copenhagen. He explained that he had some technical problems, but that there was no one in need. Here the search for the submarine was blown off. Around 11 o'clock Peter 'Raket' stood Madsen in the tower on the submarine. A witness standing in a boat close to has told him how he disappeared shortly under deck, and then he appeared in the tower again. Then the submarine suddenly began to sink, and Peter Madsen ran into the ocean. The submarine sank in good 30 seconds. Madsen was picked up by a boat and sailed to the port of Dragør. He told him that he was the only person on board and that he had sailed back to Refshale Island on the previous evening, where he had put the woman off. Then he was sailed out again. Around. 11.30: Here he arrived at Dragør, briefly explaining that he had some problems with the vessel's one ballast tank. And when he had tried to fix it, it went wrong and the vessel was sunk. Then he had been driven to the Police Station City at Halmtorvet to get in touch. Here the purpose was to clarify the background for the shipwreck, and besides the police there were also maritime personnel. At the police station there were also family members of the missing woman. They were clearly upset and they also came to the station to be questioned. In the middle of the afternoon: Dives from the Navy arrived to the area south of Drogden Lighthouse, where you dived down to investigate the submarine wreck. It was not possible for the divers to get into the wreck. Kl. 17.44: The Copenhagen Police issued a press release that the owner of the submarine was now arrested and charged with killing the Swedish woman. In the press release it was described that he refused to kill and that he had explained that he had put the woman off at the tip of Refshale Island, near the Half-Supper Restriction at around. 22:30.
  8. Maybe so... Anyways I just heard that the harbourmaster role is no longer vacant...
  9. I wanna play the harbourmaster of Monterey. He seems to be the only one in this shitshow that didn't put up with Rimas grifting for months on end.
  10. What's the VOR thread?
  11. Seeing it lately? According to yourself, you visited this site for the first time two weeks ago....... Well, carry on.
  12. Cruising speeds in excess of 20 knots under power have been achieved from the yacht's clean-lined underbody, moderately light displacement and twin diesels totaling 7000 bhp.
  13. Most likely we have all been fooled, a great con really. How do we respond, and more importantly what about the hookers?