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  1. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    He looks in surprisingly good shape on the video. Hair is tidy, no blisters. Is that what you look like after drifting around the pacific for 137 days in an open cockpit with no shade?
  2. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Great, and now it's only a short haul to Australia. He'll like it there.
  3. I find easter and christmas more silly.
  4. blooper time!

    I believe the Whomper is a better choice
  5. Meanwhile over in Denmark

    Breaking news! The police have found and examined the head and legs of the poor woman. The scull is not fractured and have only minor damage, so that does not correspond with the story of our submarine-captain. I wonder if he is ready to surface now?
  6. Meanwhile over in Denmark

    Yes she must have fell in a very unfortunate way for that to happen...
  7. Meanwhile over in Denmark

    There is a little detail that was not mentioned in the article. In the previous court hearing, the police asked for permisson to acces this computer. Peter Madsen said that he would only agree to this if he was present during this investigation, since he had some very sensitive business documents on that computer. Well the court was not interested in that and granted the police access. Now that they found this, he claims that the computer was just a shared computer that everyone had acces to .....
  8. Sailing with running backstays

    Aah ok, thanks. I was just wondering how that would happen. I get it.
  9. Sailing with running backstays

    Hmmm, I can't get my head around this? How does your main halyard get into contact with the RBS?
  10. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    There is a new kid on the block. Posted on Rimas fuckbook page: Rimas has been a huge inspiration to me. He had invited me to come with him when he left Hawaii, but I wasn't able to make it before I settled some things, and he left without me. I have decided to follow him, in a way. Who knows? Maybe I'll find him somewhere out there, safe and sound and laughing over all the fuss. I'm currently looking for a "semi-seaworthy" boat to take off into the ocean. No, I'm not asking for donations, but in the "Rimas" style, it will be a budget boat for sure. I'm currently working two jobs, and saving what I can, but it's not going to get me a $100,000 yacht in my lifetime. Today I took a look at one, and posted some video. If anyone is interested: Here is the video (hold your breath - it is not pleasant....) Who makes the new thread?
  11. VOR 2017-18

    While that is true, there are other scenarios. The original Vestas campaign was decided even though absolutely non of the CEO's had any idea about sailing. That business case was not about public attention at all, but a chance to give VIP treatment to potential customers on their overseas markets in the stop-overs. Therefor it was absolute disaster when the crew parked the boat in the Indian Ocean. I think scenarios like Vestas is one of the ways to go to get sponsors. VOR sponsorship will never ever be an attractive case if you compare costs to coverage and general publicity. Almost any other sponsorship will beat those numbers. Therefor it has no meaning to make the race something it is not with weird multi-hull racing. They should use the heritage and stay true to their history. There is enough multi-hull/foiling circusses out there. IMHO
  12. Sailing with running backstays

    I sail singlehanded a lot with inline spreaders 7/8 rig and RBS. The boat wasn't born with RBS but I had them mounted this spring. It has been great, no problem to handle, but gives much more control over the forestay tension. Plus when the mainsail is double-reefed, the top is a bit below the RBS, so I can just set them both and forget about them, but they then provide a lot of extra stability. I don't think I'm gonna own another boat without fractional rig/RBS. It's a joy to have control of the mastbend and forestay tension.
  13. Always. My pleasure actually. You are the only good entertainment left here after Dabs is gone.
  14. Try NK, it's more your thing anyway.
  15. Just Another Church Shooting