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  1. How much does a shill like you get paid by Greentech? Is it by forum-post, a fixed fee, or are you stupid enough to do it for free? Oh well, I think I just answered the question myself
  2. It was no effort, and I am not fooling myself by thinking that any of my actions will influence anything on any significant scale. That my personal CO2 footprint is very small compared to most, is just a coincidence. I am absolutely not serious about GW. If I was, I would be spending the majority of my time thinking about, and implementing methods to mitigate the problem on a global scale. I don't, and neither does anyone else here. Randumb is posting gif's on an increasing number of threads he create on the topic, and thinking he is being serious about GW. He is not.
  3. Thank you for your interest. So far I have not eaten any meat today, and I took the bike to work this morning. So I'm quite good thanks. You?
  4. This thread needs graphs ! I just love it when Randummy is being all serious about climate change
  5. This is just pure gold Randumb, the gift that keeps giving. There should be a graph for that
  6. I Googled "how to start a wildfire". I got 48,500 matches
  7. Another thread by the nine year-old self-retired GIF-maker
  8. Pretty sure that one was hand rolled ....
  9. If that was true, it would actually be quite amazing, since you appear to be 11 years old, judging from your use of gifs and spelling of the word funny. Just to mention a few things.
  10. No it was not... But carry on, it's all good. I think that by applying these kinds of methods, the problem should be solved within a week or two.
  11. ModernViking

    Another keel fell off

    Do we know for sure, that it is an incorrect translation?
  12. ModernViking

    Another keel fell off

    Another dropped keel, and as usual, a sailboat does not remain in an upright position after that. Both sailors are safe. Beware: Google translate Translated to english from Danish sailing website