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  1. ModernViking

    Toilet Paper on Ebay

    Here is a real scum-bag, but luckily shut down by amazon/ebay.
  2. ModernViking

    Toilet Paper on Ebay

    I think Same Day Shipping is a nice touch. If you need to go, you will appreciate stuff like that.
  3. ModernViking

    ‘Everyone needs to calm down’:

    I think it is fair enough to give people an idea of how stores look in countries with socialism :-)
  4. ModernViking


    Lot's of cool stories up your sleeve lately. Keep 'em comming.
  5. ModernViking

    2020 Primaries - Let The Games Begin

    I thought they were far behind? Are there any examples of come-backs of that kind? And will it be settled (for the rest of the candidates) after super tuesday?
  6. ModernViking

    2020 Primaries - Let The Games Begin

    So, it's Bernie or Biden then?
  7. ModernViking

    SC Primary

    Having watched two debates with the candidates so far, this result really baffles me.
  8. ModernViking

    Android app to track and record boat speed

    You could also try
  9. ModernViking

    Democratic debate

    Not a US citizen, but the country where I live is a member of NATO. How do you assess the candidates qualities as commander in chief? Most of the debates are about domestic issues, which is fully understandable, so was wondering.
  10. ModernViking

    Democratic debate

    Is it possible to view the whole thing online? I still have too much time on my hands, but can't find it on YouTube.
  11. ModernViking

    Trumpian Suicide Bomber Attacks Democrat Rally

    If this is how you debate politics, I better understand how it became so fucked up over there...
  12. ModernViking

    Only the sick cities they destroyed will be left

    It seems that brussel sprouts need a lot of other ingredients and spices to remove the bad taste, before binning them.
  13. ModernViking

    2020 Primaries - Let The Games Begin

    I don't know if this was a question for me, but maybe I don't understand that difference well enough.
  14. ModernViking

    2020 Primaries - Let The Games Begin

    I think this has been said at all times, and yet it seems that it is getting worse. I mean, with a population of this size, it seems odd that no one, has the talent, visions and drive to really go for it, even if it is not the most profitable or glorious career. When I watched the debate, none of them struck me as someone with a cause, who was really there to make changes for the better. Perhaps Bernie, but he seems like a bitter man, who might have ideas that many americans like, but I don't believe that he can carry any or much of them through.
  15. ModernViking

    2020 Primaries - Let The Games Begin

    I have too much time on my hands right now, recovering from a stay at the hosptial, so I watched the two hour debate (Las Vegas I think). If I were an Amercian, I would have a really hard time to pick one of them to vote for. But pressed on the issue, I would go with Pete, but I have a feeling that he doesn't have a chance. What really amazes me, is that such a great country with so many people, are unable to present more visionary and intelligent people below the age of 60. Is there something built-in to your process, that makes this happen? (Some would say money, but is it really it?)