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  1. I agree, so far much better. Time will tell how it will end. But no matter what it should be advantageous to delay, with better treatment being available now. I just don't think any country is going to avoid most of the poupulation being infected over time. Where I live it also went very well in the spring, but now the numbers are setting new records every day.
  2. I don't think this is very uplifting?
  3. Looking at the trend, I am afraid that it is too early to bring out the champagne for Canada... not looking good at the moment :-(
  4. ModernViking

    US Marines call out Aussies as criminals

    It seems that Randumbfuck has got another boyfriend. I'll now double the number of stupid cunts on my igonre list
  5. ModernViking

    Carshine Anarchy

    Lexus E350... man when I read stuff like that, I just hate that I live in a place with a 180 percent tax on new cars. Well it's actually more, since the VAT of 25 percent is added to the total amount including the tax as well. You don't see many Lexus' drivin' around here.
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    Trump "threatens" to leave the country if he loses

    I think he is headed for Australia
  7. ModernViking

    Stupid mask tales

    Nice story bro
  8. ModernViking

    Hope’s got the Trump Virus

    Incubation time has been seen in the interval of 1 to 11 days. Both outliers, so not probable with 1 day. Average is 5 days.
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    How to fix the US - unsolicited advice from up north

    Thank you for proving my point - JFC Good luck
  10. ModernViking

    How to fix the US - unsolicited advice from up north

    From what I have seen in there over the past few years, it is only a matter of years, not decades, before foreign countries will be flying in food and other humanitarian aid. You guys are already in the trenches, and no one seems to have a debate about anything anymore. No one seems to want to listen or learn, but is so fucking tied up with the side they have chosen. Any kind of input that doesn't completely support the view of the side chosen, will be dismissed, by attacking the writer og publisher, not by it's content. I have even seen someone going after the writers dietary choices when that was all that was left to attack to ignore his work. This applies equally to both sides. God bless America.
  11. ModernViking

    Do lockdowns work?

    Dude I stayed there for 2 months during the peak of cases (project in Gothenburg - 2nd largest city in Sweden), so you Sir are wrong. Everything was open and people were at work, kids at school and no masks.
  12. ModernViking

    Do lockdowns work?

    No you just want to find an excuse to not listen to something that might not fit your narrative. I don't agree that it is another flu, and I haven't seen the number 80 percent elsewhere, so there is that. But I still found the graphs with comparisons between different countries interesting, and I found that useful. There is so much we don't know about how viruses spread, and this kind of info can give os more insight. If you look at sweden now, there are very few new cases, and they have had no hard lockdown at all, while the neigbour Denmark did a hard lockdown in the spring, and now seems to be paying the price. Stuff like that is extremely important to dive into, in order to be better prepared for the next one, which will probably be a lot more deadly. You, and many others like you, does not want to learn anything, or form your own opinion, because you treat viruses as polictics. It is so fucking sad.
  13. ModernViking

    Do lockdowns work?

    Good luck with that, but you didn't have to share - I don't care. But I would like to know what you think is dangerous information in the data he posted?
  14. ModernViking

    Do lockdowns work?

    What data is wrong in his presentation in the video ?
  15. ModernViking

    Do lockdowns work?

    why the fuck would I eat that sugar shit? Are you stupid?
  16. ModernViking

    Do lockdowns work?

    So he presents an interesting collection of data regarding the pandemic and how it has developed in different countries. His conclusions are up for debate as I see it, but it was interesting to watch. And your contribution to the debate is to bring up his diet. You are the essence of what is wrong with the world today. But on a diet note - if you think that stuffing your face with sugar and starch is the way to good health, it might explain why your brain is shutting down.
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    It’s official, Biden is shell of former self

    Obviously both sides support their candidate, only because they think that the oponent is even worse. How did you guys bring yourself in this situation?
  18. ModernViking

    Open Apology

    I'm offended - but only because I missed the whole thing.
  19. ModernViking

    Front Page..."Hip to be Square"

    what's the front page?
  20. ModernViking

    What if China gets a vaccine first?

    I don't think they have a vaccine yet, and it would not go unnoticed if the population were being vaccinated on a large scale, so I am very puzzled about the numbers for china. Other countries have had very hard lockdowns, without producing low numbers even close to the chinese. (Argentina). On the other hand NZ has almost managed it. There is yet a lot to be learned.
  21. ModernViking

    What if China gets a vaccine first?

    I don't think they care. If these numbers have any truth in them, something is rotten.....
  23. ModernViking

    Trump Will Win. Discuss.

    As I remember, McCain himself proposed a Democrat as his running mate, but as we all know was overruled and got Pailin... Anyway, in this situation, where a lot of Replicans just can't get themselves to vote for a Democrat (even though many of them must be embarrased over their own stupid candidate), would it make sense for Biden to have chosen a Republican as a running mate? It could be a strong message of wanting to end the divide and maybe give reps a way to justify their wote for a democrat? Oh well, maybe it would be suicide? I am a long way from the U.S., but just wondering.
  24. ModernViking

    Australian View of Harris

    Well I have managed a few times, to not yet be sober at 0930, so there is that.
  25. ModernViking

    Australian View of Harris

    OK, I respect that. I only sail in local waters here in the cold north, but some day...... :-)