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  1. Simon75

    The Empire of a Sailor

    thank you for sharing this
  2. Simon75

    Coolboats to admire

    iirc Kim fixed a mishap on FL with Carbon. i haven't heared any reports of FL shattering yet. check the New Project thread for pictures of the build, this is composite construction where one component was replaced with CF due to CF having superior qualities in what that component is responsible for in the composition. jfc, people.
  3. once in a while you have to watch one to remember why you don't usualy.
  4. Simon75

    Dave's perfect sailboat

    that right there is what it is all about. glad to hear Dave!
  5. getting a local to guide you in is a good idea. having a track from a past entering is just that, a track that worked last time.
  6. Simon75

    Sailing around the world (Galleon replica)

    they motored. that thing can not sail upwind.
  7. Simon75

    Community Reputation

    so you can leave anytime you like but you never check out (ok again) ?
  8. diskpart only takes parameters as file and the boat name is not ;Droptables so i suspect either an routing table error or the last win10 update crashed the bcd again.
  9. Simon75

    Sailing Books for Children

    for the older kid: Frederick Marryat: Peter Simple
  10. Simon75

    Guns on Boats

    take it to PA and fuck off
  11. Simon75

    La Vagabonde - who are they?

    jack, all prior contributions from OP where of the same quality. i'm now curious if he made this post because his previous went to die on page 2.
  12. Simon75

    La Vagabonde - who are they?

    oh there was a topic to talk about? i'm sorry.
  13. Simon75

    Guns on Boats

    if he is scared to go outside, those no go zones are real. to him.
  14. Simon75

    La Vagabonde - who are they?

    @dylan winter military ship, military harbor, there for a military exercise and i was fed up with their BS at that point.
  15. Simon75

    La Vagabonde - who are they?

    british humor. i remember entering Plymouth getting asked what ΓΌ is supposed to be.. my suggestion was "aiming assistance" but i was voted down because we needed to stay 5 weeks.