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  1. cassiusSlowicus

    That 80's Race Boat for Joe Slob - Redux

    @EvaOdland if you have any questions about inboard electric motor on a Pearson flyer, and can send pics of my boat. i've had it a few years now, and never fails.
  2. cassiusSlowicus

    That 80's Race Boat for Joe Slob - Redux

    Yes, the apparent wind cannot move to the beam or the pole and the top 7-feet of mast will most likely snap off. The assym is the A2 off of a J/105, and I only got it for light. I am also about to get new main and genoa. Do you have any recommendations on particular cuts?
  3. cassiusSlowicus

    That 80's Race Boat for Joe Slob - Redux

    Here's my project flyer on Lake Travis Austin TX
  4. cassiusSlowicus

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Here are the cumulative results from Governors cup. Interesting that total sail time and points ranking give same standings. Felipe got better throughout the day, presumably as he got more comfortable with the boat. Norman (me) got worse, presumably as my boat took on more water. Jenny had an uncharacteristically bad day, and Sylvie sailed incredibly consistent and fast. Skipper 1 2 3 4 5 Grand Total Loehlin,Jennifer 0:45:50 0:27:21 0:34:23 0:33:02 0:34:24 2:55:00 Mathis,Sylvie 0:45:37 0:25:52 0:32:53 0:30:28 0:31:52 2:46:42 Meyer,Norman 0:43:55 0:25:30 0:35:03 0:32:18 0:32:33 2:49:19 Payet,Felipe 0:48:06 0:26:49 0:34:22 0:32:20 0:29:16 2:50:53 Grand Total 3:03:28 1:45:32 2:16:41 2:08:08 2:08:05 11:21:54
  5. cassiusSlowicus

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Jim Casto, the AYC fleet Commander, has some questions regarding TCC the "official TCC contact", and I didn't know who that is. His email is Whomever fits the title of Official Contact can contact him directly. Thanks, Cassius