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  1. B dock

    which one?

    I do not think so! Wolfpack's keel five minutes ago
  2. B dock

    Bottom job costs

    For SF bay area I would assume $100 to $115 a foot for a sprayed bottom depending on difficulty of stripping
  3. B dock

    Trying To Move A Boat - Canada to US

    I did this 2 years ago by getting a pro customs broker, its totally worth it, if you are not going to bring it across yourself. Jones and Jones out of Blaine Washington. I then hired a driver to tow it from Nelson BC to SF for a reasonable amount. Kinda was a huge pain in the ass but ultimately worth it for the boat. Re-registering it in the states took a lot of time and effort but my title and paperwork was old and a bit sketchy. I would make sure you have all of the paper work in recent, good order, and up to date. If the boat is not stellar I would not do it again. The driver had all the paperwork from the customs agent and got across the border pretty easy in Idaho. Most of my hassles were with the State of California. Also note that you cannot bring across an outboard that does not meet recent emission laws (i.e. 2 stroke).
  4. B dock

    Boating While High

    Oh shit is the government reading this? shit what about Jeff sessions? shit why was I so dumb to post this? I am worthless. over and out. Can I have another bong hit please!
  5. B dock

    Fareast Sails

    Thank for your observation Mr. Baxter. As you have said before in other sail threads you might have some skin in the game (in directly) on this one. Took your observations to heart moved the leads back another 3 feet or so and lowered the tack. I just took her out for a lunch time spin out to Angel Island and back (wind was 6 to 12 knots). Sheet angle was much improved and now basically divides the clew patch in half and is in line with clew strap reinforcement, which seems pretty reasonable to me. Sail flew well, I have get a bit used to it as any new type of sail. Was able to get up to about 45 degrees in 6 knots. Since its an ultralight I was beginning to be overpowered in 10 knots at 90 and tighter, but it did deep reach reasonably well as I pointed at Red Rocks to see how deep it would go. Probably need to work on the luff/tack set up to get it nice and tight. Generally happy with the sail. I think it will function like I wanted it too, which is for general daily single-hand, lunch time, and after work sails (boats is berthed below my office). This sail is all about convenience so I do not have to change sails on her all the time and still have a bit of down wind speed when its blowing pretty good on the bay. Basically I like to get her ready and go within 10 minutes or less. When I sail crewed, I tend to use the sail configuration she is rated for, larger head sails, and larger, fuller asyms and syms. So I guess I did get what I paid for.
  6. B dock

    Fareast Sails

  7. B dock

    Fareast Sails

  8. B dock

    Fareast Sails

    OK received my sail today: so my design and delivery schedule was: 2-1-18 got basic quote,- first contact 2-14-18 deposit placed for sail order 3-16-18 sail design finalized, may have been slow because New Year's holiday 4-23-18 sail delivered Sail looks to be of good quality and finished off nicely. So far so good, will fly in it in a few days that is when we will really see. I take some photos of it flying. The sail is Code 0 sail from contender laminate cloth made for a 30' ULDB (460 sq. feet). Final delivered sail was about $1,000 cheaper than big name lofts. No one visited my boat and no one gave me much sail design advice. I was generally responsible for the making sure the design was appropriate and fit was right. They made what I told them to make. Payment and communication was prompt and efficient.
  9. B dock

    Fareast Sails

    Sail is in production now. I had to check measurements closely and in end I decided on the final luff length. Interaction was very prompt and I got see the actual sail design as well. they say about 3 to 4 weeks for production we will see.
  10. B dock

    Fareast Sails

    I am in the process of purchasing a laminate code zero for my 30 footer from Fareast sails now. First time for me. So far I have had quick responses to questions as well as measurement issues. Only issue so far is that I ordered right around the new year celebrations so I think it is taking longer than it usually does to nail down the final design due to employee vacations etc. Once I get the sail I will post again. So far reasonably satisfied but i think you need to be more attentive to details and sail design. They make what you tell them, so you are more responsible for the cut and fit. The price was definitely right.
  11. B dock

    Pelagic Autopilot Systems

    Be patient. Brain has a solid reputation here in the bay area. There must be a reason for no communication.
  12. B dock

    Cleaning sail track

    http://www.jasperandbailey.com/canvas/track.html maybe these
  13. B dock

    Contender CDX Cruise Laminate Owners

    My jib has been sitting on my furler for 14 months now and no problems with mildew yet. Seems to be holding up quite well, even through last years very wet winter here in Northern California.
  14. B dock

    Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    try these guys yet? http://trogear.com/