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  1. B dock

    Tips For Being Rescued

    I would like to point out to the ass wipes on this board that thought his stupid and lucky trip up the coast was funny and worth devoting a shit ton of posts too (joking about movie rights etc.) All of us in sf bay area knew there was a high probably it was going to end up this way. Next time think a bit about how you respond to someone as stupid and ignorantly dangerous as fish food. It may seem harmless and funny but look what happened now.
  2. B dock

    single-hand setup - beginner questions

    +1 on the tiller clutch. I use mine all the time. I have a Raymarine tiller pilot but hardly ever use it. The clutch is really all i need for day sailing on the bay. I think if you are going to put in an autopilot spend the bucks and get the best one you can afford.
  3. B dock

    What happens when adults are in charge

    White house refusing to bailout the USPS. Me thinks trumpty does not want mail in voting come November. Pretty messed up thinking.
  4. B dock

    What happens when adults are in charge

    I wouldn't count on the California herd immunity theory. Given the speed at which this spreads and variability of symptoms I seriously doubt if 60% of the CA population has in some way been exposed or gotten the virus. This is just wishful thinking. The bottom line is that only way this is stopping is through herd immunity or a vaccine. I going with the vaccine in 18 months. SIP orders do not remove the virus from the community but only serve to mitigate medical supply issues. The SIP order will be lifted sometime early June, then we will see outbreaks and hot spots reemerge and then subsequent SIP orders in early fall. I am planning personally and business wise for that scenario. Maybe other countries can squash this but international travel is going to be strictly monitored or curtailed.
  5. B dock

    well this is bullshit

    While everyone is occupying the moral high ground, I think we should take this a few steps further by doing the following in next 12 months: -reduce gun violence by supporting strict gun control -ban all tobacco products -fight greedy corporate interests forcing processed food and sugar down our throats -support organic, pesticide free food -reduce your personal carbon foot print by 50% -elect officials that see healthcare as a human right, not just for those who can afford it -support affordable housing -support and increase public mental health services and facilities -support universal basic income -vote to get trumpty dumpty out of office My guess if we support those topics, overwhelming we could save a shit ton more lives than this pandemic will kill.
  6. B dock

    well this is bullshit

    Unfortunately law enforcement is their job, it may suck but hey they have to do a lot of other stupid shit.
  7. B dock

    well this is bullshit

    Everyone makes some good points but every bodies situation may be different. My business is considered essential, we do public works engineering as well sanitation engineering and service the waste disposal industry (i.e. landfills). All of my 22 employees are working from home as much as possible but billing, access to large plotters, and field work still need to get done if I am going to keep these people employed. I am fortunate that my office is 50 yards from my boat. I have been sailing about twice week just for a mental break. Every time I enter the dock gates I sanitize the handle with either wipes or spray disinfectant, entering and exiting the dock. I sail only solo and having been going out in less than 15 knots. I have the ability to sail my boat in and out of the slip if needed. I drive to work in an EV which I charge at home in my driveway (I have not been to gas station 12 months yo!!!). My office is enclosed and I usually only deal with employees through my closed office glass door or through phone calls or emails. I have told all employees as of Monday they must wear face masks in and out of office. So what is wrong with me if go for sail at lunchtime? I believe that we all have a responsibility, and I would endorse the coast guard boarding any recreational boats with more than 1 person to ensure they are all household members but I think banning all recreational boating is a bit extreme. p.S. If you are a multiple car household and you do not drive at least one EV your a douche and get with the program.
  8. B dock


    remember a small remote Alaskan village was wiped out by the Spanish flu. I do not think there is any place to hide.
  9. B dock


    Breaking quarantine. Also been hearing the shelter in place order may be extended to 8 weeks. Newsom is already saying schools are "unlikely" to reopen. On other related topics my wife is a researcher who studies pathogen transfer but in amphibians. She is connected to RNA/genetic sequencing labs throughout the country and world. This thing is mutating; the Italian strain is mutating from the north american strain. No one knows if these mutations will increase its potency. From the sequencing they can trace its transmission history. This thing has been on the west coast likely since early December.
  10. B dock


    I am in the shelter in place zone of the bay area. Can I go sailing single handed on the bay? no boats on the bay today. It says outdoor activity OK if you practice social distancing. does anyone have any info. I do not want to be boarded by the coast guard.
  11. B dock

    Sweetest sailing old plastic?

    Surprised Swamp Donkey has not sold. I have seen several E27's go through $20-$40K restorations by eager owners. I guess not many folks in the mood for a $$ project.
  12. B dock

    And Then There Were Three...

    I think the O30 only sails to its rating (99) above 8 knots when it is fully crewed (1,000+lbs) and with a head stay foil or hanks. Adding roller furling reduces rig optimization, sail size, and tune-ability. A well maintained 030 has probably depreciated as much as it is going too.
  13. B dock

    3BF 2020

    https://www.rntl.net/mttamcam.htm Super foggy and little wind, probably pretty tense on the water this morning with 300 boats trying to start between 9 and 11. You might be able see the race if the fog clears. Scroll down through the site to the cam on the Salesforce tower. It is usually pointed at the start and finish line as well as the Blackaller mark, also has a another cam view of Raccoon strait looking towards the City front.
  14. When single handing or light on crew in summer time winds and chop here, I found adding about 150-200 lbs of ballast, low, close to the center line, and just aft of the mast base gives my O29 a bit more punching power. I take it out come the fall and winter.