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  1. B dock

    Cleaning fire ash off a roller furled sail

    I did a light scrub with soap and water of the stripes on the suncover and they came off pretty well. Now the stuff attached the mast is another story, basically will need to be scrubbed off in a bosoms chair or rain may slowly wash it off this winter. I wonder how it may impact the anodized surface? Though air quality has been decent (40-80) I am still finding a very light, fine ash collecting on everything outside.
  2. I agree with solo both the those boats, the Antrim and Carrera, are pretty tender without railmeat. My Olson 29 is great single handed but every summer I add 200 lbs of ballast to mast base area. The ballast makes it a bit less tender in wind 15-25 knots range and bashes through the chop a bit better. I think a ULDB is fine solo but it would perhaps be a bit better in areas on the lighter side of the wind scale. if you are in windy area then something with a bit more weight, stiffer, and less rail meat dependent maybe a better all rounder. Solo's azzura seems to be in the sweet spot for around here if you ask me. But hey sail what you got is always the best one.
  3. B dock

    Cleaning fire ash off a roller furled sail

    Purple air https://www.purpleair.com/map?opt=1/i/mAQI/a10/cC0#12.4/37.90246/-122.32123
  4. B dock

    Cleaning fire ash off a roller furled sail

    It looks like I will doing a bit of cleaning. I think I will drop the sail and scrub it with detergent and wash all of the running rigging. Now the issue is when to do it? air quality is supposed to improve in the next few days but could and most likely will get bad again and then I would have to do it all over again. Maybe just take down the sails and running rigging wash and then re-rig and de-rig before and after each sail. So much for easy lunch time sails this fall.
  5. B dock

    Cleaning fire ash off a roller furled sail

    The smoke has been bad for over 3 weeks now, I sure hope this is not our new normal. End of days? Fires, civil unrest, false prophets, hurricanes, earthquakes; maybe mother earth is trying to tell us something.
  6. I just went down to the boat to wash the decks off of the ash from the fires. It was unbelievable how much had accumulated on the decks within a few days. It washed off pretty easily but will need a good scrub once the air cleans out. I did notice a lot ash covering the UV cover of roller furled head sail, especially on the side that faces the predominate wind direction. How should I clean this off, with a hose or just let it blow off in the wind when sailing. I really do not want to stain the sail if I can help it. Am I destined to have it professionally cleaned? Anybody have some advice? It is a fairly new 3di nordac sail with sticky back UV protection
  7. I have spent a bit time in Baja, always land or kayak based and that area is definitely magical. Leave/store the boat in La Paz during the summer? What about the eastern side of central america? Panama the safest area? What about an eventual clockwise circumnavigation of the north pacific. Mex- central am- pacific island-japan- Alaska- SF/LA take about 4-6 years/seasons? Japan and Alaska would be obvious summer time seasons. What about basing out of Australia for a south east asian route? Wife not too keen on major blue water crossings, but she could fly to each seasons spot, though. I thinking around 40 to 45 feet, and a faster lighter vessel as opposed to slower classic blue water boat, is that wise given I have limited cruising experience now. Options are pretty endless so feeling I need to develop a game plan now and bring the pieces into place within a few years. Maybe it is better to just buy a solid boat in a nice spot and figure it out as I go.
  8. Caribbean? Mexico? Central America? Patagonia? Pacific Islands? Southern Asia? Been thinking a bit about being a snow bird cruiser, any opinions on areas to research? I like some convenience and character but also like lonely and hard to get to places as well. Mono or Multi-hull?
  9. B dock

    We are doing great

    Whoa, shouldn't we rename the Apache attack helicopter, seems like cultural appropriation to me.
  10. B dock

    Used boat with rod rigging

    I was in the same situation as you. I dropped the mast and had an expert inspect it very carefully. I also pulled the aluminum chain plates which turned out to have severe corrosion (about 1/2 half way through) hidden by the deck which could not have been discovered, unless we pulled one of them, that was scary. I replaced them with beefed up stainless ones. This was in a boat which had been in fresh water since 1996. Coming up on four years of ownership and I am going to replace the rod this winter, mostly for piece of mind.
  11. "You do know that the famous photo of kids in cages was taken during the Obama administration, and that significant numbers of "families" are nothing of the sort, they separate them to find if they are, in fact kids being trafficked and are with people who are not their parents?" Your views on fracking are bad enough but do you really believe this? so sad!
  12. B dock

    Engineering Career in Sailing

    Being an engineer that owns a small business I go through a lot of resumes from engineers just out of school. There are going to be some critical skills that employers are going to want to see on a resume. Do some research into the industry and find out what are the typical design programs that are being used and try to learn those or at least show exposure to those. Fluid dynamics and hydraulics would be a likely set of classes to take. Also try to get exposure to utilizing programs that utilize 3d modeling and rendering. Try to find an internship in the industry. I am not a navel architect/engineer but become very competent in AutoCAD and I guarantee there will be job opportunities at least to earn $$$ and but maybe not design boats. Usually as a student you can get a copy cheap. Good luck, work hard, do not whine, and read the room in your work place and you will advance and opportunities will find you. Avoid HVAC boring as shit.
  13. Easom Rigging, Pt. Richmond California  Ask for Scott Easom


  14. B dock

    Robo Sailing?

    In an interesting new twist, there seems to be discussion going on whether power assisted boats should be rated differently, given a different class to compete in, or excluded from single and double handed races. Is power assisted sailing a distinct competitive advantage in short handed sailing races? How should this be handled?
  15. B dock

    3di north sails

    I have both a 3di raw and 3di nordac sails on my boat. the raw is very nice, super light, its a 140% so I only really use it during the fall/winter here in SF bay. My Nordac is a 100% stays on the furler all summer, nice shape, super stout sail. It is likely slightly heavier than a mid level regular dacron sail but I have no doubt that it will hold its shape much longer and resist UV better. The raw is so light and nice I would likely go with a raw 100% or 90% and use a sleeve next time. Just my experience.