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  1. B dock

    Any Olson 29 owners?

    I have changed the bobstay to have a 2:1 and make it a bit more adjustable since this photo. Custom painted white instead clear coat carbon fiber black.
  2. B dock

    Cable less Code Zero development

  3. B dock

    Any Olson 29 owners?

    CR definitely interested in specs and pattern. Mine is still set up for symmetricals, and the trogear sprit comes off in about 5 minutes if I was to start racing with any conviction. I think it would be hard for the boat to sail to its rating (99-102) with asym set up off the bow and low crew weight. A head sail roller furler also limits the head stay adjustability, adds weight aloft, and that impacts its flexibility and trimming potential but ultimately makes its easier to sail, so compromises. I think boat is fastest when sailed under its original design for full crew, no roller furling, and a big mast head sym kite. That does not mean it still isn't really fun to sail when configured in a different way, just maybe not at its fastest potential.
  4. B dock

    Any Olson 29 owners?

    Here is the way to determine your production date and hull# http://www.olson30.org/association/hull-database-submission/
  5. B dock

    Any Olson 29 owners?

    Looking forward to some more photos, Captain. Anybody figure out a way to prevent rainwater from coming down the inside of mast? It some how to blows into my halyard exits. Not a ton of water but just kinda annoying. always projects. I need to replace the original hatch and just upgraded the traveler track and car. I would love to have a bow rail set up like yours since I use mostly asyms on her.
  6. B dock

    Best top down furler for a 88

    I use the Harken with few problems for both asyms and a code 0 but watch out for the o ring pull jamming in the bottom mechanism. Happens rarely but it does happen. Anybody figure out a solution to that? I use duck tape or a velcro strap to secure.
  7. I think the point is with careful planning, scouting, the right equipment, skill, the right timing, and some luck somebody could pull this off. I do not know how fun it would be and it would be sketchy as hell. The kid does not have the skill nor the organizational inclination to pull this off successfully and safely. I think it is basically irresponsible that there are some on this site that actually have been encouraging this trip. If its just a joke, then I suck for falling for it hook, line, and sinker.
  8. Better look at the wave height window instead. How is the surf in Canada? Monterey County beaches are 8 ft at 11 secs. head high+ waves every 11 seconds. Good luck getting a cat off the beach in 6 knots of wind.
  9. Fish food once again you demonstrate your dangerous ignorance. 6 foot at 10 secs isn't about swell on the outside of the line up its about getting through the line up, kid. duh. Ever try it with an onshore 15 knot summer breeze? Better watch some Waddell summer kiting or windsurfing video and get educated. But hey you dropped out of school so there is that. You got lucky this fall but you stopped when it started to get spicy and never made it to SF.
  10. mundt is right. Wonder why it has not been done or at least not extensively written about? Monterrey to Morro Bay would be pretty challenging as well rounding Pt. Conception I think maybe it could be done in the early fall before summer winds die and before the chance of big north swells, just hope a big south swell does not start to pump. Weather would be the big factor and you cannot control that. Also you would want to look for more south facing beaches because even summer time wind swell is usually around 6 foot at 9 to 10 secs. This would make getting off a west or northwest facing beach way sporty. A ton of planning and coastal scouting would need to be done to actually make this work, neither of which this kid seems to be inclined to do. If he were to try this in the winter or spring I would say it would be pretty irresponsible because he would be putting the folks trying rescue him/recover the body in big danger. Personally I think this "adventure" is a really stupid idea that only a 20 something would think up, and his loved ones will later regret.
  11. B dock

    Precision Sails

    They have a black friday sale going on now. Just got a quote for a new, single color A2, it was pretty good, decisions!! The quote request was answered in less than 2 hours by the way.
  12. B dock

    Single Handed roll call?

    Turned into such a nice afternoon, I went for a lunch time spin. Wind picked up to a nice 8 to 12 knots right after these photos, not much tidal current, smooth bay, max speed 6.2 knots. Saw a big tri out enjoying the nice afternoon sail, as well, looked double handed.
  13. B dock

    Boat Documentation

    Ok went through this in the opposite direction Canada to CA. This might not apply but in order to get registered in CA I needed a bill of sale and then a security bond. DMV made me take out security rider bond at about $600. The rider basically protects the state for two years if another undocumented owner claims its their boat and you registered it/bought it/stole it illegally. It took over 8 months to get it all worked out and actually get the CA pink slip. Huge pain in the ass, I would avoid unless the boat is a must have type of situation.
  14. https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/83416 this is reasonably close by, but bringing a boat across from Canada can be a pain in the ass, you would need to hire an import agent most likely. I did it and would not do it again unless the documentation for the boat is perfect.
  15. B dock

    New sails

    Single hand on SF bay on a ULDB that is pretty powered up. I found that I do not use my code zero as much as I thought. Originally I got it because I thought it would be a good way to change gears quickly in area that can have a huge variability in wind speeds during the day. But if it is light and I am using it, when I turn down wind to go home or what ever I am wishing for my asymmetric with more sail area and better running angles, so i either live with it or change it. If I raced and had a good reason for a very specific reaching sail I would maybe use it a bit more. I think a good all around asymmetric spin is more versatile and bigger bang for your buck. If you get a code zero sail I would suggest bottom up furler, not top down, much more reliable but will not work that well on a full asymmetric set up. Look at the versatility of the reflex system, works for me. I find I can only use a 140%+ if its consistently less than 10-12, maybe your water ballast helps a lot with with being able to carry for more sail area. I just now need to figure out the best place for the beer holder, tired of knocking it over, wasting good beer, the foamy isolated holders work ok but still way too easy to spill it.