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    I was driving Jungle Drum on Sunday. We did have a Velocitek on board reading SOG and I can verify the top speed of 17.2 knts & that the B&Gs are correctly calibrated for boat speed. Wind was gusting to 28knts and I guess we were surfing/planning most of the leg. The boat was very stable on the plane and easy to keep on line; I think with a bit more practice and similar conditions that figure will be exceeded quite easily . Can't argue the results - well done on beating the Corby & 105 this weekend, although you did drop points to the Elan 37. Guess you've got the speedo on dealer calibration though, as in 20 knots tws a Ker 40 has downhill VMG targets of c.16 knots and sails off IRC rating of 1.195ish, similarly, a Farr 30 targets c.12, IRC c 1.090.....either your speedo's overeading, or your IRC assessment is way, way, way under..... As for the bulb - well, agricultural is probably a complement, but in fairness is in keeping with the design ethos of the rudder and hull, and consistency has to count for something.
  2. Activator


    Pretty Sliders on the mainsail Floating high in the water cf the waterline Outboard shroud base A lot of fine tune on the mainsheet
  3. Activator

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Do you think so? What happens in the UK and Europe where there is only IRC?
  4. Activator

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Well it all makes sense now, thanks for that. What about the cloth for the kites?
  5. Activator

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    North Sails North America has posted some specific dimension information relative to the J-111 Class Sail Development Program. Link: It is interesting to note that in North America the spec is for 3DL 860 (Carbon/Aramid); on the North UK Site (link below) they are referenceing 3DL 580 (Carbon/Technora). http://www.northsail...US/Default.aspx if you went into north uk and said i want north 3di sails for my 111 they would make them, it's just what north uk suggest for the uk and 860 is what north na suggest But that doesn't really explain why different branches of North recommend different types of cloth for the same boat and spar, does it? I wonder why? Is there a cost difference, a handling difference, an aesthetic difference???
  6. Activator

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Seems quite dry given probably about F5 and boat speed prob about 15knots, anyone with more accurate figures. Oh and that puff thing........