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  1. pjmsj21

    Reducing Anchor Swinging

    That would be a particularly attractive solution, as my boat was built prior to such conveniences as bow anchor lockers.
  2. pjmsj21

    Reducing Anchor Swinging

    OP Here....we have a 200' of poly line for a stern tie and a smaller plow anchor and rode. Our main anchor is a 17lb Mantus.
  3. pjmsj21

    Reducing Anchor Swinging

    Spousal comfort....for one...maybe the most important. We will be travelling with a group of boats....a small cruising rally and our boat will be the smallest and many will carry an all chain rode vs line and chain. Thus I anticipate that we will swing more than other boats unless we opt to anchor away from the larger boats in our group.
  4. pjmsj21

    Reducing Anchor Swinging

    My wife and I are getting ready for a Gulf Island cruise and I am trying to understand my options in reducing the amount of swinging while at anchor of our Santana 27. In researching possible options it looks as the most common solutions are using two anchors or the use of a anchoring sail. Is one of these two options more effective or am I overlooking something else? Thanks in advance.
  5. pjmsj21

    Removing Duct Tape Residue From Cabin Top

    Yes it is cleaned up. In the end it was suggested to use rubbing compound which with a lot of elbow grease worked reasonably well. It provided just enough abrasion to remove the residue and provide a nice workout. Lesson certainly learned!
  6. pjmsj21

    Removing Duct Tape Residue From Cabin Top

    Is WD40 more mild than Goo Gone, which I tried and it bubbled the paint?
  7. pjmsj21

    Removing Duct Tape Residue From Cabin Top

    Heat gun as in a hair dryer?
  8. During the winter I had a portlight leak. To remedy the situation, I covered the portlight with plastic that was duct tapped to the cabin top. See attached. I am now trying to remove the residue without damaging the paint. Keep in mind that the deck of this boat was repainted by hand (PO) so it cant take much of an aggressive treatment. I tried Goop Off and it blistered a small area even though I rinsed it. I have been using a sponge with an abrasive side and it to removes the paint. Thoughts suggestions.....how about a wet sand paper with a very grit ie 220? Thanks
  9. pjmsj21

    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    Thanks everyone for some very good options. I think the most attractive ones are either to paint or to use the above product.
  10. I have a vintage Santana 27 that is overall in excellent condition. The hull is solid, no deck core issues, the topsides were professionally painted, a complete set of new Neil Pryde sails and a nice new Yamaha 9.9 outboard. So for a half century old boat she is in great condition and sails better than most. However one area that has not been addressed is the cabin sole (see pic). As you can tell the veneer has worn away in many places although the actual floor boards are in relatively sound shape. Also the boat does not have a hull liner. So the floor boards fit on top of the inside of the hull and were all individually fitted when built and conform to the variations that exist in the contour of the hull. So replacing the floorboards is not a viable option as it would take a great deal of patience to replicate the hull contour. I have considered one of the plastic type teak and holly overlays. However I am concerned that if the sole would look new, the other wooden interior parts would really old......the old house remodel conundrum. One option that I am considering is to just pain them with an expoxy paint and call it good. However I thought I would get the input from this esteemed group before making any decisions. Thoughts on what you would do? TIA. Pat Mc
  11. I received a Nest Outdoor camera and would like to try and see if it will work for monitoring my boat. Our marina does have pretty good internet and I have an antenna next to my slip. The Nest unlike some IP cameras does require ac power. I am curious as to how you might have it set up for your boat and how well it works or doesn't work for you.
  12. pjmsj21

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Nice photo and another wonderful Gary Mull design.
  13. Soon to retire guy is looking to gain some offshore or extended coastal cruising experience. I have many years of smaller boat sailing and currently own and cruise a classic Santana 27 on Puget Sound. I have completed ASA 100-105 courses, take direction well, and have good tolerance for uncomfortable conditions Ideally I would like to find some west coast opportunities but am also available in other locations. I am also flexible on duration of the trip.
  14. pjmsj21

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    I am not the very talented painter, but I am the other CA member that Kim references as having stopped by to say hello. I am sad to say that it has taken me far too long to go over and meet Kim who as many of you know is very gracious and welcoming. We are at least for part of the year neighbors and I have been drooling over Francis Lee since it came home to Port Blakely. Today I was fortunate enough to get a tour of FL and I really cant say anything more than all of the very appropriate superlatives that others have used to describe such a beautiful boat that is located in such a beautiful setting......sailing heaven for sure. Pat McShane
  15. pjmsj21

    Keep Turning Left- In the News

    Nice to see Dylan getting some well deserved and earned exposure. He does my kind of sailing.