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  1. Been cruising Desolation since I was 10 years old and I've never heard of any method other than looping the stern line around a tree and either taking it back to the boat to a cleat, or tying a long bowline that can be untied without a 2nd scramble up the rocks. Many spots in Deso have short lines that have been left by helpful boaters that are tied around trees and reach the shoreline with a loop that you can pass your line through. Just my experience, maybe I and everyone I know have always been doing it wrong, but have never heard of or seen the chain method.
  2. Homemade Sail cover: sailrite kit

    Did a sail cover last summer. You need an industrial machine but any one will do. Very easy, I have little sewing experience and it still came out well.
  3. Where I live, boating seems very healthy - my yacht club is experiencing a surge in new membership applications and the marina is looking pretty full to my eye. But when I talk to people in my age group who have the money to realistically participate in sailing, the main roadblocks seem to be experience based - the guys who haven't grown up sailing are too intimidated by the prospect of learning to sail on a cruising boat big enough for their family, and the wives aren't too excited about indulging hubby's learning curve, especially with the kids aboard. Racing a big boat isn't on the table in any sense. Most of the sailboats that I see out regularly are owned by '2nd generation' sailors who learned the basics when they were kids. New entrants to boating generally seem to pick powerboats.
  4. A cautionary tale

    My understanding is that this shouldn't work at all.
  5. May see USCG budget defunded by 10%

    Putting brown people in jail is a top priority, restricting the flow of drugs into the country runs directly counter to that aim.
  6. Yanmar gearbox output shaft

    That's a good option. Thanks for the input all. Will talk to my local Yanmar shop and see what they can dig up.
  7. Yanmar gearbox output shaft

    Yeah, resigned to losing the prop shaft at this point. Will likely need to just cut it off anyway - I don't think it's coming out of the coupling. Think 'massive ball of rust'.
  8. Yanmar gearbox output shaft

    I agree. Replace the shaft while you're at it so it's straight and nicely mated to the coupling. Once you're into drive shaft stuff, it's sometimes simpler just to replace rather than spend a hundred hours rebuilding a $50 part. Pardon my ignorance, but can you elaborate on exactly what parts you're talking about replacing... the output shaft? Or the whole gearbox? A new tranny on ebay is around $1800, so a bit more than I'm looking to spend.
  9. Yanmar gearbox output shaft

    Yanmar 3YM30 - https://www.yanmar.com/media/global/com/product/marinepleasure/sailBoatPropulsion/operationmanualgears/outlineKM2P-1.pdf
  10. Situation: newish engine, oldish boat. PO was too old and fat to fit in the lazarette. Motored around for at least 5 years with the stuffing box spraying salt water all over the shaft coupler. Coupler is well and truly fubar'd, isn't going anywhere. This likely includes the engine side of the coupler, I don't believe it's save-able even if I were able to get the two sides apart somehow. Everything behind that, however, is in great shape. What's involved in replacing the next piece in the chain? I assume that's the output shaft itself? Big job, small job?
  11. Yup. Don't blame the kids, blame the parents. Or maybe the parents of the parents, since they raised said parents.
  12. A basically complete lack of any coherent stated policy, replaced instead by a torrent of absolutely shocking language towards women and minorities. That's all we really have on Trump. We literally don't know anything else about him. And that makes you think he's the 'right man for the time'? Fuck you.
  13. Pumping out- Remainder in tank?

    I have the same setup on my old late 70's boat. No macerator, just a Whale Gusher. It seems to play the role of a macerator to some extent - at least, I haven't had problems with it and have used it relatively frequently.
  14. This guy has done a pretty good job of boat repair videography. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0YnqNj36tWt-KxxpY2X2aA Not sure why he settled on that particular boat in the first place, I guess he wanted a project.
  15. Yeah. Instead of that, somebody should put together a video series on refurbishing an old boat. Say, a Tartan. THAT would go VIRAL! I actually really like the 'sailing uma' folks - not much bikini content but they seem like nice people and have knocked off a pretty impressive list of boat projects through their first 30ish episodes.