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  1. jordanseriesdrogue

    Gunboat 68

    Saw yacht Condor at Newport Shipyard Nov. 2nd. Both hulls partially shrink wrapped. To protect?
  2. jordanseriesdrogue

    Sailcloth Choices

    Most use the same software for making the sails, so the shapes are awfully similar. yeh right. ridiculous comment, Dave
  3. jordanseriesdrogue

    J/105 Companionway trim

    used aluminum on a J 22. 4 foot lengths lowes
  4. 32 ft. trimaran competing in a feeder race to Europe 1 STAR "A Busy Month For The U.S. Coast Guard's Vessel Rescue Net Work" Port hull forward cross member had snapped- 700 miles southeast of Nantucket-gale force winds, 20 ft. seas- mast blown down - hulls smashing together. Set series drogue and activated EPIRB - readied life raft and donned survival suit. Skipper David D.: "When something so out of control as this happens there isn't much else you can do other then having a good meal and listening to some Jimmy Buffet" which is what he did. A cargo ship was directed to him by a Coast Guard aircraft and he was picked up about 5 hours later and taken to Norway. Note that he reported no further damage to the boat after the drogue was deployed.
  5. jordanseriesdrogue

    Daisy Staysail

    Baby blue most likely hood sails. Most daisy sails weren't Kevlar, worked at sobstad old saybrook ct, early / mid 80s. Boat?
  6. jordanseriesdrogue

    Older / Smaller J Boats

    J27. Great. Buy one fairly cheap and resell for probably same price few years later. 18 knots daysailing w code zero . Planed at about 16 true wind speed w code zero. Code zero was nothing fancy for fabric, 1.5 oz nylon, but design was by one of the best, my friend Ralph S.
  7. jordanseriesdrogue

    marine surveyor eastern Long Is?

    Barnaby Blatch. Atlantic Marine Survey. Johnson Marine. Ken and son. Mystic ct area
  8. jordanseriesdrogue

    Randall Reed Halfway There

    Randall has an all Dyneema rode Jordan Series drogue. With 2 sets high tech bridle legs, less than 30 lbs drogue itself, plus bridle legs, weight for tail end.
  9. jordanseriesdrogue

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Looks like sun rotted leech. Perhaps too much time uncovered on boom. Can see the red N is partially faded by uv. Unfortunately, fabric is probably weakened entire leech.
  10. jordanseriesdrogue

    Squeezing brass hanks closed USA site.
  11. jordanseriesdrogue

    Squeezing brass hanks closed

    Bainbridge is wholesale only. Plus that's the European site. Haven't seen sew on bronze hanks in years, except for a few old wood boats. Got some mixed in w a couple hundred pounds of hanks stripped off sails for furling conversion .
  12. jordanseriesdrogue

    Sources for Rope by the spool...

    I buy miles of line, this statement is wrong. 2016 NERopes catalog page
  13. jordanseriesdrogue

    Trampoline attachment

    Check with ATN sailing gear, Ft Lauderdale. Ettiene .
  14. jordanseriesdrogue

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Her drogue not made by us, unless bought used from someone. Jordan Series Drogue for a Amel 53. 42 lbs plus weight for tail end .
  15. jordanseriesdrogue

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Jeanne's Jordan Series Drogue weighs 32 lbs plus few more for bridle legs, plus 15 lbs chain for tail end. 7/16ths Amsteel Blue 12 strand Dyneema first section attached to 150 feet half inch double braid polyester. Cones are 6.4 oz Dacron sailcloth. Pic is drogue for yacht similar displacement in Malaysia.