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  1. jordanseriesdrogue

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Her drogue not made by us, unless bought used from someone. Jordan Series Drogue for a Amel 53. 42 lbs plus weight for tail end .
  2. jordanseriesdrogue

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Jeanne's Jordan Series Drogue weighs 32 lbs plus few more for bridle legs, plus 15 lbs chain for tail end. 7/16ths Amsteel Blue 12 strand Dyneema first section attached to 150 feet half inch double braid polyester. Cones are 6.4 oz Dacron sailcloth. Pic is drogue for yacht similar displacement in Malaysia.
  3. jordanseriesdrogue

    Applying bow stickers.

    Friend won first race of 30 ft keelboat nationals at Larchmont. Made crew weight, so they all went out to breakfast in town. No wind. Came back to yc All boats way out on sound. Got on boat and headed out. Turned around. Forgot bow numbers. Headed for start, bow guy installing bow numbers. Just got to rc at the gun. Horizon job. Rc (long time sailmaker) yells hey you did not check in, and your bow numbers are upside down. Don't worry about it, great race.
  4. jordanseriesdrogue

    Epic Boat Loss

    Would be stern to with a drogue. Inventor Don Jordan said the drogue he invented would not protect the boat and crew if used off the bow in a severe storm.
  5. jordanseriesdrogue

    New sails

    Looks good.
  6. jordanseriesdrogue

    The Jefe is off again

    Have a great voyage
  7. jordanseriesdrogue

    Rapido 60' Trimaran, Morelli and Melvin design, launched!

    A Jordan Series Drogue is in transit to Spain for "Rapido". Dyneema 12 strand bridle legs and first section of drogue. 156 cones. Aft section 84 cones on half inch double braid polyester....saves some $. Aft section weighs 19.5 lbs. Drogue and bridle legs weigh 36.5 lbs in storage bag, without weight for the tail end. Cones are 6.5 oz Dacron.
  8. jordanseriesdrogue


    That's great RKoch.
  9. jordanseriesdrogue

    Small dogs

    Boston terrier. Agreed Norse horse. My six year old male loves boats. ..his fourteen yr old female girlfriend boston hates em. Very agile.
  10. jordanseriesdrogue

    Top tips when sailing across an ocean

    Consider the Jordan Series Drogue.
  11. jordanseriesdrogue

    Old lady sets off on solo nonstop RTW

    2/23/17 6 PM ish... just had the pleasure of speaking with Jeanne. She wanted to know cloth weight of her new Jordan Series Drogue drogue cones. 6.5 oz Dacron with wide hem wide end. She sounds fantastic, talks pretty fast, accent, think I understood about half she said.
  12. jordanseriesdrogue

    SA in Londonderry,vt

    Used to hang out in Peru. VT
  13. jordanseriesdrogue

    which multihull jib ?

    Kite w o battens...ok
  14. jordanseriesdrogue

    Rapido 60' Trimaran, Morelli and Melvin design, launched! Some pictures of recent drogues. Most multihulls use our Hybrid Rode or All Dyneema rode. Hybrid Rode first section Dyneema, aft section half inch double braid polyester. lots info.... none on Hybrid Rode or Dyneema rode as site was developed and written by my late friend Don Jordan.
  15. jordanseriesdrogue

    Old lady sets off on solo nonstop RTW

    Shipping one tomorrow for a Nordic 44...very similar to Jeannes..even same bridle legs for a sailor out of Charleston. In fact Jeanne got his Drogue and we've redone his. he has been slowed by Matthew de hurricane. Pretty sure yacht designed by r. Perry.