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  1. MiddayGun

    Help me spec a new rig

    @Snowden Any chance you know / could ask what goop they used for the keel joint? And do they work their way up to full torque on the keel bolts first day, or let the sealant set first and then go full tension? My keel joint needs attention so its always interesting to hear how the pros do it!
  2. MiddayGun

    Pelagic tiller autopilot

    It comes down to helm load more than anything else. How heavy does your tiller get in those kinds of conditions? Like most I've only experience of the standard unit. I'm around 3000kg, 27.5 foot overall, but my helm does really load up on a reach (not weather helm, it just gets heavy to move) and I've never found a condition in which it struggles, you can hear it working harder, but that's it.
  3. MiddayGun

    Help me spec a new rig

    So as not to blow the faired profile away? I actually don't know. I'd thought of dropping mine to take a good look at the studs, but since its lead then they're no doubt J bolts cast in place, I can't really inspect past what's poking out. I'm interested to find out how far off square your keel / rudder are. What do they use a reference point?
  4. MiddayGun

    Smart Regulator for LiFePo Battery charging?

    It is a bit more featured than the Balmar one, much more programable, ability to control it via current so you can produce just enough current to supply the electrical load once the batteries are fully charged, Canbus enabled as well. But yeah, pretty expensive.
  5. MiddayGun

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    Hmm a lot less maintenance than anything with points though. I admit, like you I just don't see the appeal of a the Alberg 30, its considerably slower with less interior room than my 27'er (or almost any semi modern 27'er) arguably no more seaworthy. But then again if we all sailed the same boats it would be a bit boring. I actually quite like James youtube videos & logs of the boats he's fixed up, and while we can laugh at the price, its obvious people are willing to pay it as he's made a business of it, having owned a couple of boats with outboards, at least its in the correct place, a well. My enduring memory is hanging off the backstay of a pitching 1/4 tonner trying to manoeuvre the outboard so we could strap it down over the keel.
  6. MiddayGun

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    True enough. But then I'd want a bigger boat if I was going that far north, preferably something with a nice heater and some sort of deck saloon / inside steering position, big enough to be comfortable after a couple of days ashore on an expedition & with enough space for some decent kit. IIRC (long time since I read his site) Roger likes to sail somewhere & back without putting a foot ashore, kudos for doing it & in a tiny boat, but again not my style. It takes all sorts though.
  7. MiddayGun

    Smart Regulator for LiFePo Battery charging?

    I have the Wakespeed. Very impressive piece of kit, however I was fortunate to buy it just before it came to the market so I got an early adopter discount.
  8. MiddayGun

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    A nice looking boat, Oliver Lee had a great eye. But not one I'd want to spend any length of time on, and Rogers voyages while very impressive are not my sort of sailing either. I prefer to be able to sail outside in the cockpit rather than inside a padded box.
  9. Since we're talking purely anecdotally. I spent 2011-2017 skippering the crew transfer vessels that took the engineers out to build maintain them, I still work offshore, just on the mothership now. In that 9 years I've yet to once see a single bird get struck by them, not saying it never happens, but I've not seen it. To read some of the comments I see online, you'd think the biggest risk of falling objects would be eviscerated birds. Interesting statistic, over 30x more birds are killed by flying into buildings than turbines. Does this mean we need to start building out of straw again?
  10. MiddayGun

    Help me spec a new rig

    Interesting process. I think my MGC could definitely do with this treatment, she's much sharper on port tack than starboard, but its obvious even from the rudder position.
  11. MiddayGun

    Help me spec a new rig

    Green & Grey will be most likely be Gelshield. Shame to sand though it. Just wondering how a keel alignment works? Are you talking fore & aft, or side to side? My keel bolts are pretty snug so I don't know how much 'adjustability' a keel should have. Make sure to post pics of the new stick.
  12. MiddayGun

    Tiller pilots - what are you using ?

    Another vote for the Pelagic. The only time I have trouble is in very light airs if the boat is rolling with a bit of swell it just pushes the tiller from side to side as each swell rolls under the boat. With a good swell it doesn't matter how low you set the gain it thinks the boat about to veer and tries to correct. 90% of the time its the best autopilot I've owned.
  13. MiddayGun

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    Some of you guys do make me laugh.
  14. MiddayGun


    I'm not sure exactly why but that cabin makes me think of the inside of a church.
  15. MiddayGun

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    There's going to be a lot of very disappointed people in this thread if the keel doesn't fall off the second they motor if off the slings.