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  1. MiddayGun

    Composite stanctions and bases

    I've no interest in composite stanchions, with all the weight in plywood and epoxy I've added recently there would literally be no point. I've got the option of either a standard metal base, or a stainless stub that goes right through the deck. Will probably go with the standard base, quite surprised that I can get away with such a small backing plate Zonker. Kind of assumed it would need to be 10-12mm at least G10 bonded into place.
  2. MiddayGun

    Composite stanctions and bases

    So on the subject, what's the verdict on the best stanchion attachment? I had to remove 2 when fitting my new chainplates and I need to refit in a new location. Might as well do it properly. The old bases and stanchions need replacing anyway so may as well do it now its off.
  3. MiddayGun


    Is epoxy the way to attach keels these days then? I'd always assumed it would be some kind of flexible sealant.
  4. MiddayGun

    Beefing up shroud attachment points

    Or reading about it in the MAIB? But yeah, thanks again for all the help you sent me even if I didn't go with the carbon design in the end and I'll be sure to report back once the stick is back up.
  5. MiddayGun

    Beefing up shroud attachment points

    Well a shit ton of sanding and grinding, 10kg of epoxy, many metres of biax, and more hours than I like to think of I can finally say. Chain-plates attached sans a little bit of sealant clean up, and the revised sail plan has come through so I can either get a new rig ordered or get my spreader bases re-welded at the correct angle. Of course I still have to finish rebuilding the cabin, make up some new shrouds, paint all the new cabin bits I've had to build, remove and fill the old chainplates etc etc. Of course the moment of truth will be come launch time.
  6. People will buy a modified sailboat if its actually made it better. Its just that most owners 'modifications' are ugly hack jobs that make the boat worse.
  7. MiddayGun

    H-Boat Renovation Project

    In the first picture the boat looks completely recoverable, beached yeah, but like she should be salvageable. Did this guy really leave it there until a broke up rather than even attempt to get it off again?
  8. MiddayGun


    Pics, pics, pics!
  9. MiddayGun

    B&G NAC-2 - No rudder feedback sensor

    The problem you have is that no one makes a clutched tiller pilot drive. Existing units are all intended to be mounted under deck to a short tiller arm attached to the rudder stock beneath the decks, as we have transom hung rudders that solution doesn't work. The minis get away with it due to their twin rudder system, they have a centrally mounted quadrant that drives the two rudders, from photos I've seen they normally put the autopilot ram directly onto that, so above deck, but on the cockpit floor. I've not been able to find or think of any particularly elegant solution, so for the moment I'm sticking with the pelagic drive, out of all the tiller pilots its the most sturdy, if a little loud.
  10. MiddayGun

    B&G NAC-2 - No rudder feedback sensor

    You have to disconnect it manually as well hitting standby. Although if I'm in a rush I'll just lift the tiller pilot off & let it go crazy while I steer the boat. As much as I'd like something clutch driven, its just feasible with my rudder arrangement, at least not without a large amount of work for something that will still look a bit naff. Eventually I'm looking to drive the Pelagic Actuator from a B&G computer, that way I can have a fairly integrated system that can still sail to TWA.
  11. MiddayGun

    tuning a single spreader, fractional rig.

    Forestay length. The backstay is nearly always adjustable on a tackle so you can tune it when sailing. If your furler doesn't have adjustable forestay length then you can make it longer by adding another toggle at the deck level, making it shorter is a bit more tricky as you have to cut down the forestay.
  12. MiddayGun

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Well according to Sea Warrior, providing links and sources just means you can't think for yourself.
  13. MiddayGun

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    That was me quoting and replying to Sea Warrior, the quote you just replied to was by him and not me. Although I do actually agree with what you've written, its just aimed at the wrong bloke!
  14. MiddayGun

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Right, so your argument is basically I'm older and (think I'm) wiser and therefore right? That's pretty low grade effort from someone accusing others of not thinking for themselves. Nothing you've said disproves anything I mentioned. Come back when you actually have something to say.
  15. MiddayGun

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    *Needs Citation* The graph simply proves that young people voted differently to old people. The rest is purely your opinion. Plenty of young people at the age of 25 have been working 9 years, on shit money struggling to afford housing, pretty sure they're more in touch with the realities of life today then pensioners who retired at 55 or earlier with two houses, have been out of work longer than they were ever in it but still think 'those millennials' are all just layabouts who have it easy. Did you know that its not until after the 30-39 that you see any conservative majority in the demographic? Let me guess, those people in their mid thirties don't know shit about life either.