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  1. MiddayGun

    Poor Mans/Womans Globe Beater

    Hmm. So you can build the whole boat including keel, and even the mast yourself according to the website, but they have to manufacturer those specific components for safety reasons, I guess those other bits aren't important. Call me cynical (which I am) but it sounds a bit like a money making exercise to me. That aside, I'm not sure if we need another small class, if you want an affordable small boat for 1-2 handed sailing, old minis are way cheaper than you can build and fit out even a boat of this size. Is the average person going to be able to afford to build one? Probably not tbh.
  2. MiddayGun

    Ferrocement Anarchy!

    I did mention ease of working. Those are basically non-issues in a well designed and built aluminum boat. (And can be catastrophic in one not so well built and designed)
  3. MiddayGun

    Ferrocement Anarchy!

    Never heard that one before, but I've had enough bikes that were basically a few pieces of drain pipe welded together to appreciate a nice alloy chassis with some decent geometry. And to be fair the only reason to choose steel over aluminum in a yacht is cost and ease of working.
  4. MiddayGun

    Ferrocement Anarchy!

    Pretty sure the only reason it got as much attention as it did was the idea that you could build it yourself & some peope seem less intimdated by cement and concrete than Wood / GRP. Afterall if you can lay a new driveway then you can build yourself a boat.
  5. MiddayGun

    Covid, are foreign yachts allowed in the UK?

    You're on the list of 'safe' countries so no restrictions should apply other than the general stuff that applies to everyone. (Masks on public transport etc)
  6. MiddayGun

    Stanchion Base

    Looks like an Osculati part: https://www.osculati.com/en/11293-m-002896/stanchion-base They have different types of that same stub design, but it looks like that's the one you need. M16 stud that goes through the deck.
  7. MiddayGun

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Oh yeah sure, you could definitely do better than the figures I gave, it was essentially a back of a cig packet calculation. It was more to illustrate the problems that certain people seem to pretend aren't there. Even if you could cut my cost by 50% and the weight by a 1/3rd it still wouldn't compete. As we've seen for some people it works, the Sailing Uma one is one good instance, its perfect for them. But as their t-shirt says 'In no hurry to be anywhere ever', that doesn't apply to me or I'd guess most of us.
  8. MiddayGun

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Hmm lets have a go then. Ocean Vault Shaft Drive 8. - 7365 Euros or $8318 (I won't add any taxes, once you take off VAT it probably is close) https://oceanvolt.com/shaftdrive-8/# From the website they reckon that for 20nm you need 11.4kwh. (Probably optimistic since it they're trying to sell you something, but lets go with their word) So we need 7.5x that capacity. Plus some reserve to run the instruments so that if we don't make it we aren't a dead ship. So lets say 8x. Or 91.2 kwh. Using the Battleborn batteries listed above in the configuration described. You would need a total of 18 sets of 4. (Actually a touch more but lets round it down) So a total of 72 batteries. Weight @ 14kg each = 1,296kg (again I rounded the weight down a little) Batteries are $950 each. So a total of $68,400... just for batteries. Another $500 for misc installation costs. (They would probably be 2 - 3 x this but I'm feeling generous) Oh and a propeller - $1000? That feels generous as well. It should be reliable as its a reputable company. So for that setup you're looking at: $78,212 cost. And a weight of 1.3 metric tons + the motor. I'm sure you can make savings buy buying larger cells & in bulk, but still even if you got a 30% discount on that price, you're still talking over $54,000. That's the system recommended for up to a 30 foot boat & the range given by the manufacturer. The KWH of the batteries I took from Carcrash's post earlier so no idea if they're accurate, didn't bother to calculate. And the recharge time of that bank of a standard 240/16A or 120/32A shore power plug is going to be considerable.
  9. MiddayGun

    Diesel Engine Delete

    He's just willfully ignoring the range factor and he knows it. Not sure where the 300kg weight saving comes from, if all he needs is 12nm range at 4.5 knots then a 5l milk carton for a fuel tank would do the job and save him carrying another 100kg of fuel about.
  10. MiddayGun

    Corby 33 Rebuild

    Makes sense as he designed the boat to start with. He did my rig redesign for me last winter, found him very easy to work with. Remember to take lots of pics for us!
  11. MiddayGun

    Corby 33 Rebuild

    Did you try Iron Bros? They've been the go to guys for this kind of thing forever, the one off lead keel on my MGC was cast by them in the early nineties and you would think it had been designed for the boat. (Which I guess it was technically, but you know what I mean) Seems unlikely that a keel will come up on the second hand market most people would probably try and weight it in rather than hang onto it.
  12. MiddayGun

    Beefing up shroud attachment points

    Well long time no post, but the end is finally within sight. Covid delays meant I didn't get my mast in March when it was finished, it was supposed to arrive at the start of June but the driver apparently couldn't get a B&B, go figure. Then it 'turned up' 10 days ago, I wasn't there to take collection (as they turned up a day early) and the delivery guy unloaded the wrong mast! (A McGregor 26m mast of all things) before driving up to Scotland with my one. Anyway it finally tuned up, here it is. Booked in for rigging on the 20th of July. And I'm pretty excited. Found the time to polish and launch a few weeks ago. Also I fitted the new stanchions (old ones bolted to the toe rail in way of the cut out I had to make for the chainplates), 10mm G10 plate bonded under the deck with thickened epoxy to take the load. The stub uses an M16 threaded stud on the bottom which bolts through the G10 pad with a penny washer. Total deck thickness in that area is probably not far off 20mm now. I had to cast a small base for them in resin as the sit half on & half off the toe rail, I used polyester thickened resin as I wanted to finish it with gelcoat. My next update will hopefully be with a fully rigged new mast. If you don't hear anything i most likely fucked something up in the work and the chainplates ripped out the hull.
  13. MiddayGun

    Diesel Engine Delete

    I've got a 12 miles run to get my new rig fitted a week today, I feel the same way, the engine has never once even stumbled before, but it still feels wrong somehow.
  14. MiddayGun

    Solo/shorthand racer/daysailer

    They went out of business a few years ago I think. There was a good series on prepping one of these for single handing: https://vimeo.com/channels/1186312
  15. MiddayGun

    Solo/shorthand racer/daysailer

    Archambault 31? Designed for the Transquadra, option of IRC keel or Bulb keel some came with a cockpit pod to centralise all the controls. Clean & functional interior, hot running water as standard, supposed to sail very well. Also well within your budget so should be money left over to upgrade. I wouldn't mind one myself.