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  1. All boats heading South. Wish the skeds came sooner.
  2. This might not be such a bad strategy for MAPFRE in light of what happened the last two legs. All it took was one mistake and DFRT was out of the lead, both times iirc. Still pulling for DFRT, so I hope they got mistakes out of their system, learned from history, etc., and hold the lead this time! They are looking good right now, but hopefully they don't push the boat too hard.
  3. Just woke up - looks like some very close racing indeed! Very glad racing is back. I was getting withdrawal about not being able to check the tracker as the first and last things I did in the day.
  4. Thank you! Hope it’s nothing serious either.
  5. VS11 taking a risk by sailing further south than the rest of the fleet? From the latest tracker info, looks like they're slightly slower than the rest.
  6. Haha - I hope that is all they do! It seemed like DFRT was pretty well set up for this leg, and winning the in-port race must have given them some additional reassurance, so hope this was not too big a blow to them. In any case, really excited to see the start in some powerful conditions! Should make for some very entertaining viewing.
  7. Out of Town Visitor - Sailing in Sydney Harbor

    DTM - the week of 8 January. Can't wait to be there!
  8. SSL Finals Coverage

    Gutted for Rohart, but very nice race to Goodison! Agree - the entire series had great coverage, and some really exciting racing.
  9. Really enjoyed the in-port race. Well done to DFRT. Was very dramatic to watch them duck VS11, and then on the next rack, make VS11 duck them. Unbelievable come back by MAPFRE to finish second after starting dead last. Can’t wait to the start of the next leg!
  10. Star Sailing League Live Streaming

    The in-boat cameras are great! They really show that rocking well. Glad we get to see four races today. Let's go Rohart/Ponsot!
  11. Star Sailing League Live Streaming

    Great racing! Glad Rohart and Ponsot took the bullet in the second race in an incredibly tough fleet.
  12. Love this! More racing soon! This break in between legs has felt too long already.
  13. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Thanks for posting this - great interview. I too was wondering what the sailors smell like after such a long leg at sea.
  14. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Can a team prevent the reporter from reporting just by saying that they would reveal a secret? Also, it’s not quite clear from the video what exactly cuadrelier did or to what extent he actually stopped the reporter from reporting.