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  1. NACRA - finally!

    I have to correct my measuring mistakes. Remeasured both beam diameter and distance yesterday: The fresh 5.5 beams with sleeves on the inside was 101.6mm. The semi useless 18SQ beams without sleeves on the inside where 100.2 - 100.4mm. So it seems they have been compressed at the ends. So all Nacras use 101.6mm beams, period! My caliper measured the new 100x3 tubes to 99,9mm. Tried to add 1.00mm alusheets I had lying around to fill up with, but the tubes didt´t bottom. Tight tolerance! So I will buy 0.7mm sheets with 0.1mm for glue to get it right. I was also wrong about the beam distance, it is 221cm, exactly as the 5.8.
  2. NACRA - finally!

    Thanks for the pic Francis, on the inside it is exactly the same style. As I will use a stainless 400x3mm striker band I will copy Nacra Infusion with a ss plate with welded bolts from the inside. About adopting the 5.5 beams on the 5.8 hulls I see no problem at all.
  3. NACRA - finally!

    Actually it is 4"=101.6mm on my 5.5, but I have another set of Nacra beams that are 100mm. Might have to do with, if they are made in Europe or elsewhere. Will anyway add strips of 0.8mm aluminium sheets to fill up with. Noticed the fifth bolt is bolted from the top of the beam as the 5.5 is bolted from inside through an aluminum casting. I guess there is a casting inside the 5.8 too, but from top to bottom of the beam? The beam in the image is for some reason without the 2mm sleeve inside.
  4. NACRA - finally!

    Thanks, enough guru for me ;-) . 5.5 is a foot shorter and boomless but looks very much like a 5.8. I am actually modernizing it with F18 rig and daggerboards, when I got the 5.8 hull offer. Question is if the 5.5 beams will fit the 5.8 hulls directly.
  5. NACRA - finally!

    Hi, You seem to be the 5.8 guru here. I sail an old 5.5 but might get the opportunity to lay my hands on a pair of 5.8 hulls soon. The 5.5 has 215 cm c/c distance, main beam to rear beam. Is it the same for 5.8 or is it more?
  6. Flipper Scow by Peter Bruun

    My guess is that the straight edge is front and the hole is where the cp pivots, and that you will find a corresponding hole in the centerboard drum where you will pass a bolt through it and the centerboard. Tie a control line in the hole above the rubber cushion. Lead it through a block in the front of the cockpit and back through a clamcleat on top of the cb drum. Note, this is just for keeping the cb up. Use one hand on the cb and one hand to the control line when raising. Also hold the cb and the line when lowering. If you just loosen the line when lowering you will probaly sabotage the front of the cb drum as the cb is very heavy.
  7. Flipper Scow by Peter Bruun

    Hi Donald, Is the centerboard missing? This is the cb of a South African Flipper:
  8. Singlehand 49'er?

    Foredeck Shuffle, forgot to mention all values are metric system so design wind is m/s. But you heve probably figured that out already ;-) .
  9. Singlehand 49'er?

    H/T is an approximation of hiking resp. trapezing, .2m for hike 1m for trapeze, 0.6m is for one hike and one trapeze. Designwind is the wind where you can sail the where RM equals HM. Coe of the 49er is from 9eronline.com, some of the others are approximated and others measured.
  10. Singlehand 49'er?

    Hey Foredeck Shuffle, I have also put together a spreadsheet where emphasis is on righting arm and design wind without taking deplacement in account so for VX-one it might be a little better. I am not sure whether the Swedish xls is compatible with the std. SA49.xls
  11. Singlehand 49'er?

    Seems like I, at 66, have to rig my junkyard 49er with the std daggerboard and std sails and give it a try, albeit with assist boat. I have cut down one of the rigs and mainsail 100cm for another dinghy, might try that rig first ;-) !
  12. Singlehand 49'er?

    Hey High Flow, Worth the effort as the boat including hull, trolley, two rigs and seven sails was handed over to me for nickels and dimes. Wouldn´t do this experiment otherwise ;-) .
  13. Singlehand 49'er?

    As many of you say the righting of the 49er probably is the main concern. At the moment I am rebuilding an early Ovington 49er to a single hander but with another approach. As I want it to work in all winds I will add a 50kg keel bulb and cut down the main, jib and add a smaller kite. As the hull was given to me without wings I am adding wide ones to eliminate trapeze. No longer a speedy 49er, instead some kind of sports boat.
  14. Singlehand 49'er?

    Did a simple spreadsheet to determine design wind for 29er and 49er with one and two crew of 90+80kg. Figures might be a little course but they should give a good picture of the single handed 29er compared to the 49er with full crew. 2949.pdf