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  1. xonk1

    Launching a Laser from a bulkhead

    eight foot drop! WOW - that's a long way down. How are you going to get in the boat? Maybe more important, how do you get out of the boat and back up the eight foot drop. What about wave action? Is the bulkhead solid concrete? Will your boat be smashed to bits by waves. Hope you can find another beach. Good Luck!
  2. craigiri, My experience ( mostly buying the wrong boat ) has led me to start the process by deciding just how I will use any boat. If you can afford two boats - one for rowing and one for sailing - then buy two boats. Compromise boats are usually not very good at anything. Happy Sailing or Rowing or Both!
  3. xonk1

    Hornet spreaders

    Buy new adjustable spreaders and go sailing. Enjoy!
  4. xonk1

    New F18 - Goodall Design Akurra

    Higher aspect ratio boards?
  5. xonk1

    Covid 2020: Death of a Class

    JimBowie, Sorry to hear of the dissolving interest in MegaByte racing. I had one about 6 years ago and loved it. Sadly, the boat did not gain any traction here in the Atlanta area. Seemed perfect. The good news is that you have as really sweet dinghy to sail and enjoy.
  6. You must REALLY enjoy sailing to put up with all the hassle you have listed. Is it worth it to you? Sounds like too many negatives. Maybe another hobby?
  7. xonk1

    Calculating Righting Moment (trapeze)

    If the boat does not capsize, you have enough RM. ( sorry, I just could not resist ). I can imagine that the calculations are VERY involved. Maybe too many variables. Happy Sailing.
  8. xonk1

    Stable Dingy for New Sailor

    johnnycake, Not exactly a dinghy but you might consider a Hobie Wave. The Wave is extremely stable, even to the point that you can walk around the perimeter of the boat comfortably at the dock. It is relatively dry and comfortable on the tramp. There is NO maintenance They are indestructible - the main reason they are so popular at resorts for sailors who are beginners. They are simple to sail with only the main sheet to handle. No need to ever reef, just ease out the sail. It isn't the most beautiful boat on the lake but you will be pleasantly surprised once you sail one. Be sure to save some money and aggravation by sailing one BEFORE you buy. Tale a look. Happy Sailing!
  9. Just another thought on the idea of holding the U.S. Multihull Championship regatta using the Hobie Wave - there are MANY Waves available all over the U.S. for sailors to use so the participation should be HUGE ( it is an invitational regatta, no selection process ). That being said, I do recall an old expression " like a herd of turtles ". Let's have fun with all of this. Happy Sailing!
  10. I spent at least 25 YEARS bad-mouthing the Hobie Wave. Now I own a brand new one. Plenty of fun, zero maintenance. Everything about it is easy: launching, sailing, capsize recovery ( you really have to work to flip this baby ). You don't have to be an athlete. You don't have to be rich. All you do is enjoy the sail. Sure, plenty are faster but after a while, who cares? Especially in one-design. Laugh all you want. Just remember the old ad slogan about people who don' like Riunite wine - they just haven't tried it.
  11. I have owned over 15 small boats, primarily for racing ( not much winning but lots of trying ) in my in over 60 years of sailing. I have LOST MONEY on every one and have never been surprised. I EXPECT to lose money! That's the way it is. It is a hobby ( a great one ) not an investment. Was it worth the cost? Absolutely. Would I do it again? Yes, I'm not finished buying and enjoying small sailboats. Glad I never took up golf! Happy Sailing!
  12. xonk1

    How much wind is this?

    This must be a variation of the old TV game show now called The Wind is Right. My new guess is 11.9 kts.
  13. xonk1

    How much wind is this?

    Is there a prize? Just kidding. Looking at the beginnings of small whitecaps and the lack of serious hiking, my GUESS is 10 - 12 kts. Please post the answer soon so I can stop wondering.