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  1. xonk1

    What is it?

    Don't forget to notice the Rhodes 19. A classic daysailer!
  2. xonk1

    Flying Scot Price

    Shavdog, If you like the boat, buy the boat. Remember from Game of Thrones, " Winter is Coming " Buy it now, sail it now, enjoy it now. Happy Sailing!
  3. xonk1

    Looking for an single or doublehanded boat

    TRY ( and I mean try as opposed to buy ) a few boats. If you want to race, then TRY what is raced in your area. If you don't care to race, then TRY what seems cool to you. Then you'll find out if you like it. Happy Sailing.
  4. xonk1

    Tips for hiking on a feva?

    " Gonna need a bigger boat "
  5. xonk1

    successful dinghy brand available

    Raider? Successful?
  6. xonk1

    Prindle.. What ever became of them?

    Better cats came along. Think evolution. Sad but true. It eventually affects all designs.
  7. xonk1

    Trapeze harness recommendation

    Zhik products are expensive because they are worth it. Try the Zhik harnesses ( in your size - they tend to run small ). Very comfortable and they work.
  8. xonk1

    do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    All that matters in the end is which boat is raced near you ( or a reasonable distance for driving ) and which boat will accommodate you physically. Merges 14 is better for bigger and heavier racers. Happy Sailing!
  9. xonk1

    Cheap dollies

    2 X 4 's ?
  10. xonk1

    Classic American Dinghies

    All of these posts are a great trip down memory lane. Problem is, most of these " oldies but goodies " are deteriorating on their trailers from lack of use. The memories are terrific but what is sorely needed is sailors who actually go sailing.
  11. xonk1

    Baggy Sails

    The sails are the ONLY power your boat has. Quit wondering and buy new. You'll enjoy the change.
  12. xonk1

    From Cats to Dinghies...Hopefully.

    Brad, Your original post was exhausting! Good luck finding ONE boat to do all you ask. Any boat is a compromise but your " criteria " list seems impossible. Try narrowing your search. Good luck and hurry up. Winter is coming.
  13. xonk1

    What Should I Offer for some used sails?

    Take the cost of brand new sails and offer 25% for good used sails. Used sails have very little value. All they can say is NO. Try it. Happy Sailing!
  14. xonk1

    The VX Evo

    Ortegakid, I had a Bongo for several years ( #28 ). It was a bit ahead of its time and maybe too expensive for what folks thought of it. The concept was good in that the ballasted keel ( think mini-melges 24 ) provided great protection from capsize and super easy recovery.The hull itself was very narrow at waterline so it had little form stability. It would sit peacefully at the dock but getting on the boat was like stepping into a canoe - you had to be on centerline. The bongo was relatively heavy for its size, I believe it was around 400 lbs. The best performance was on a close reach with the asymmetric. Upwind not so good, probably because of the weight. Few were made. I am almost certain that the hull numbering began at #10. Sadly, a fire at Abbotts boat work destroyed the molds. It was the most interesting boat I have owned but not the best.
  15. xonk1

    The VX Evo

    Rod, Still waiting for word on the possible ballasted board option for old guys like me who want to hike less and capsize even less. Lazy guys want to know. Any hope or should I work on my aging abs? Still following the boat. Happy Sailing!