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  1. Foiling Aero

    Great! Now the AERO, which is beginning to gain a bit of traction in the US, can be split - straight board or foiler. Just like the A Cat is splitting. The dilution of one-design in the USA small boat racing world continues. Stop the Insanity. Happy Sailing!
  2. Craigslist Finds

    Sad to see what was, at one time, probably a beautiful E Scow. The hull may still be in surprisingly good condition except plenty of dirt. Fiberglass has a long half-life. The boat could become a very large planter, a winter sled for many people in snow or the world's largest stand-up paddle board.Come on guys - use your imagination!
  3. Corsair Pulse 600

    More pushups!
  4. New 1975 FD

  5. VX Evo

    I have sailed in many regattas ( MC Scow ) where racers could use crew or not in each race AND change crew for any race or not. It seemed a bit unfair especially for racers who did not have many crew of different weights available. With the EVO, I think a possible direction for this question of rigs would be to require each racer to declare their rig choice for the ENTIRE regatta and then be restricted to their choice. However this issue is resolved, some will complain and be unhappy. We should all be thankful that the EVO offers a choice of rigs to TRY to accommodate all racers. Happy Sailing!
  6. Moving up from a Hobie 16

    " the sensation of speed a monohull will give " ??? I must be missing something here. Stick with a multihull. Happy Sailing
  7. F16 like foiler?

    I raced a Viper F16 for several years. Plenty of fun but I felt it could get away from me occasionally. I think a foiling F16 is NO PLACE for little kids. Too much chance for crashing and serious injury to kids while foiling. You might rethink this one.
  8. Seascape 18 outboard

    Honda 2.3 is VERY reliable and simple. They have engineered-out many things that can cause trouble - no cooling system, no transmission, no gas mixing. Yes, they are a BIT noisy but remember it is really a small lawnmower power plant with a propeller. Happy Sailing
  9. VX Evo

    Carsondude, I agree with your post and observations EXCEPT: In the price comparison, I think you may be looking at apples and oranges. The Aero,Laser and VX EVO are not the same ( similar but still quite different and don't forget the Melges 14 ). It all depends on what works for you in your area. Your suggestion that the folks with 15-20 K might head for the used Viper/VX One is valid EXCEPT: you either want a single-handed boat or not. Again, sailors need to choose what works for them. Happy Sailing!
  10. VX Evo

    Thanks! Keep the bulb info coming.
  11. VX Evo

    Rod, Brian says the new bulb dagger-board ( more stability? ) is near. Keep us all updated on this option and the general opinion of the performance changes. Could be a game-changer for us older and less athletic sailors. Waiting.
  12. Both boats are VERY uncomfortable if you plan to sail more than a few hours. Get something with seats. Happy Sailing!
  13. Arm Fatigue

    Unless you are Hercules, everyone will get fatigued at some point. The way to get in shape for sailing is to go sailing. Tack or gybe occasionally to rest one arm using the other. Keep at it and enjoy your boat. Happy Sailing!
  14. do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    Things are looking really good for the annual Halloween Regatta here at Lake Lanier Sailing club with the arrival of " Team Melges ' to support the growing Melges 14 fleet ( now 6 boats ). They are bringing charter boats and we expect a good showing from the Melges14 fleet at Privateer Yacht Club in Chattanooga. Could be as many as 15 boats for racing. Details next week. Happy Sailing!
  15. A-Class cats added to 2018 Charlotte Harbor Regatta

    Bring your warm foul WX gear! A truly great venue but be prepared if the cold fronts roar south. I've been 5 times and it always was worth the drive from anywhere.