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  1. xonk1

    Weta anarchy

    With the new self-tacker, what happens to the jib shape and square footage? Is it " class legal " for racing or yet to be determined? Anything that gets more people sailing/racing is a good thing.
  2. xonk1

    Hanstaiger X1

    Certainly shows that money and common sense don't necessarily go together. The real question is who in the world would buy this creation the second time. Maybe, if you enough money, resale is not a consideration. I'm a bit jealous of anyone who can actually afford to do this sort of venture.
  3. xonk1

    Dinghy for the kids -- recommendations?

    Hobie Wave
  4. xonk1

    Used cat market

    There are plenty of ways to lose money. Boats just happen to be fun!
  5. After you see some other places, you will realize that you are already in the place where everyone wants to live. You will rue the day you left such a great place to live. Figure out to live on less but DON'T MOVE!
  6. xonk1

    Craigslist Finds

    Good boat, good buy.
  7. xonk1

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Holy Crap! If MONOMUNCHER is correct ( and I have no reason to doubt him ) then at today's conversion ( .68 ) the Pulse, loaded, tips the scales at approx 68K U.S. That number should be a clear indication of the problem. Everything else mentioned just makes it worse. Are we all , in different ways, killing the sport we have loved for so long?
  8. xonk1

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    Just what is this " crucial climate change conference " in New York? Is her attendance crucial? If so. how? Hope she makes a difference.
  9. xonk1

    Dyneema usage: good or bad idea?

    Why replace the cables with something other than new cables? Will chafe be a problem? What are you hoping to achieve? Looks like chafe is already a problem? Good luck.
  10. xonk1

    Mast Stepping Advice?

    Be careful and try to find a big, strong young guy to help. Dropped masts are hard to fix. Any chance you can store the boat somewhere with the mast up? Again, be careful and happy sailing.
  11. Mr XC, Save yourself some aggravation and buy a base-model Loos gauge. They work very well for sailboat rigging tension measurement. Happy Sailing!
  12. xonk1

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    Jules, I read plenty of suggestions for you - and from you I hear more complaining. Find a new kind of sailing or some activity you enjoy in the summer. Take a trip up north. Think of the lyrics from the sixties: " change is gonna do me good " I'm done.
  13. xonk1

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    Jules, I have been sailing/racing for over 60 years - many of them in various parts of Florida. Your age could be part of all this. How do you feel? Still reasonably flexible and somewhat fit? It could be the particular boat you are sailing. I find that I continue to look for boats that are easier to sail ( physically ) yet enjoyable. I currently love my Harbor 20. Friends ( all over 60 ) and I are all buying Hobie Waves for local easy sailing. I can hear the laughter and snickering now. I too have bad-mouthed the Wave for decades and now I own one. Surprise! It offers easy and comfortable daysailing and one-design racing. My point is that you may be in the wrong boat doing the wrong type of sailing for this time in your life. Don't give up on sailing, just try a different type of sailing. There are limitless ways to enjoy the water wherever you are. Sailing is always better than bowling or cleaning your garage. Happy Sailing!
  14. xonk1

    Advice on transporting a boat

    I have had good experiences with USHIP ( USHIP.com ) twice. These are independent drivers who will haul anything. They bid on your job so compare and check any reviews for the driver. Most are just honest, hard working drivers. A word of caution: time is money so they will pick up your boat and blast off. Be sure your tires and bearings are in good shape because they probably won't be checking. Also make certain that your Thistle is well tied down. Secure enough to make the entire trip with little or no checking on chafe, or tie-downs loosening. As I said the drivers just drive - probably pretty fast. They may put your boat on the trailer on a flat bed so no worries on the aforementioned. You will probably be very satisfied.
  15. xonk1

    Colored vs white sails

    Winston 29, Your posts are getting a bit tiring. People are happy to help you with good questions about your new boat but the minutia of the coloring of your sail panels really begs the question " who cares? " Please use this forum for something more important or relevant. Get a Life.