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  1. xonk1

    Craigslist Finds

    2009 Corsair 24' Sprint 750 - 35K. Is that a reasonable price for an 11 year old boat? What is the general thinking on this?
  2. xonk1

    Craigslist Finds

    Isn't KC-10 already sold or is it for sale again ( now ) ?
  3. xonk1

    Cheap and cheerful lightweight training dinghy

    Take a look at the Dyer Dhow dinghy. They sail quite well and are stable. A good training platform for teaching your wife and girls to sail. As an extra bonus, they are excellent as a rowing boat to use as a small tender for your trawler. Anything that interests you in terms of performance will not be good for training. Happy Sailing!
  4. xonk1

    Craigslist Finds

    The art work is unusual and interesting. The rest of the boat looks like it has been ignored for many decades. Junk.
  5. When I look at the " lifting strakes " you envision, as previously mentioned, after a certain amount of bow-down I am reminded of the commands in a submarine " Dive, Dive- Dive " Maybe just don't push the boat so hard. The boat will tell you when enough is enough. Just listen. Happy Sailing!
  6. xonk1

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    I agree with the comments about dilution in small boat racing. The problem is not that we ( racers ) need the perfect boat that will bring everyone to the starting line. There are plenty of great small sailboats NOW. We need to get people to actually show up to race. This lack of interest and participation has been beaten to death in various forums and sadly the trends are almost all going in the wrong direction. At least Melges is trying - even if further dilution is the result. We should all just go sailing.
  7. xonk1

    Warren Light Craft Carbon Tri

    This tri by Warren Light Craft is apparently discontinued by the manufacturer. Probably too well made ( expensive ) for successful sales. Short You Tube video under the heading " Little Wing Warren Light Craft Carbon Tri ". Looks cool if you can find a use for it you enjoy. May be a great deal IF it is what you want. Happy Sailing!
  8. Apply a coat of good automotive cleaner/wax once a year and go sailing. The sun in the Bay Area can't be that bad. I repeat, go sailing. Happy Sailing!
  9. xonk1

    A cat trailer

    FoilingNimOs, Best trailer I've ever seen is made by Trailex ( USA company ). Made specifically for A Cat, all aluminum, very light weight. Comes in a box to your house and fairly easy to put together. No idea what the shipping would be. Maybe Trailex has a European partner? Check out this site: Trailer.com Good pictures.
  10. xonk1

    Falling overboard

    Jeffreyheslop9, You ask an excellent question that all of us ( dinghy/small boat sailors ) should keep in the back of our minds. The responses are good and you should consider all of them as they apply to your particular sailing. My primary concern is getting cold. Even as a fairly good and relaxed swimmer, I find that cold water, as you have in your area, can quickly reduce your flexibility and strength in the water. Naturally you will ALWAYs wear a PFD. My suggestion for you to mull over is to always wear a wet suit, even on a relatively warm day. You may be a bit too warm from time to time but the wet suit will assure that even though you may feel cold in the water, YOU WON'T DIE! Happy Sailing
  11. xonk1

    Dinghy I want vs what the club sails

    Running with Scissors, After plenty of input ( very helpful ) from S/A readers, your original post and questions come down to a simple A or B decision. Based on what you are leaning toward, tempered by reader input, make a choice. If it is the wrong one, choose the other. Happy Sailing!
  12. xonk1

    Install Righting Line

    Here is one suggestion that seems simple and effective. I have used this system on my MC Scow and other dinghies. First, use a fairly large diameter line as it is much easier to hold on to. Tie one end of the line somewhere near the center of the boat - maybe to the mainsheet block base just aft to the centerboard trunk. Make sure that the line is plenty long enough ( when the boat is lying on its side, sail in the water ) so that you can toss the whole bundle of line over the high side to the dagger board side with plenty left over. Consider putting some knots in the line to further increase your grip. Used the daggerboard carefully as you right the boat so as not to break it or damage the trunk. Put your weight as close to the hull as possible, either as you sit on the board or use your feet. Be patient and let the boat come up slowly. Sometimes getting back into the boat over the transom is best. MOST IMPORTANT - Practice in fairly calm winds, near shore or the dock and pick a day that is warm. Good luck!
  13. xonk1

    How far do people travel to club race?

    I drive about one hour EACH way to my sailing club. Yes, I complain about the drive. Frequently I spend less than two hour drive time actually on the water ( away from the dock ). My choice is simple: put up with the drive or stop sailing. I have been making the drive regularly for OVER 35 YEARS. You can see the value I place on sailing.
  14. xonk1

    Daysailer Asym

    eje, Just another thought on your asymmetrical spin project for your O'Day Daysailer. My guess is that the advantages of the assy. will not do much for your Daysailer. Mostly in that the ability to sail faster with the apparent forward will not increase your speed much at all. Also, the assy. is useless as your approach dead downwind. A conventional spinnaker is probably more usable on a wider range of points of sail.The important thing is to go sailing.
  15. xonk1

    Daysailer Asym

    Seems like a lot of work and money to " turbo " one of the great daysailers of all time. The O'Day Daysailer sails beautifully as is. If you really want to go faster, why not buy a relatively cheap old Flying Dutchman? Plenty of performance for the buck.