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  1. WetaFest-Alter Cup Begins This Week

    Three ( 3 ) is better than ( 2 ) is better than ( 1 ) ! Who knew that a 14' tri could be so much fun? As someone once said " once you get past the weird factor, it's a great little boat " I have never enjoyed a boat more! Try one. Weta # 1010
  2. Turbo Opti

    Hard to run up against the OPTI INTL ASSOC ( I don't know what it is formally named ). They control hundreds of thousands of Opti sailors. My guess is that they will NOT allow changes to the most popular little boat ever built for kids. They will cling to this established design and accept the limitations. All my kids loved the Opti just as it is.
  3. Any info on this cat?

    Good base for power-cat conversion?
  4. Which way the wind blows

    Close your eyes and SLOWLY rotate your head. Soon you will know the wind direction all the time. The FORCE Luke, use the FORCE!
  5. Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    You are driving us ( and maybe yourself ) crazy! Is it a beach cat or a REALLY fast dinghy that you want? They are REALLY different. Make up your mind, then ask the FORUM for help.
  6. VX Evo

    Hope the ballasted board is revealed and tested soon before the buzz goes away completely. Could be a game-changer.
  7. Carbon Kevlar prepreg trampoline?

    Oh my aching knees! Still,it is the latest and the coolest. Go fast, look cool and take Advil.
  8. Badge of honour

    G.R.F. Please stop wasting everyone's valuable time. Find something else to do with your time besides making a total fool of yourself on this site. No one is interested in you.
  9. Mothquito

    Looks like a big water- bug. All we need is yet ANOTHER new design to dilute the already completely diluted pool of small boat racers ( of any type ). The reasons that new fleets cannot seem to form and gain traction are everywhere. Could be fun to sail the Mothquito - but lonely.
  10. old guy in an old laser

    Practice your swimming.
  11. Buy and sail whatever is popular and available locally OR you will spend your time on the road dragging a trailer.
  12. Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    Probably a new boat designed by committee that will satisfy no one.
  13. best new foiler for beginner?

    Imagine the fun of blasting along at 20 kts, hitting a huge patch of weed and then crashing into frigid water! Head to Florida and try a foiler where you can learn and enjoy in comfort. Happy Sailing.
  14. Astus 20.5 new VPLP trimaran

    Amas too small? Maybe not enough buoyancy? They seem to " run silent, run deep " even with what looks like fairly light wind. After all his experience with Astus products, I'm sure Tom Kirkman can get a good reading on the new boat just from the video. I'd like his opinion
  15. Great idea that only requires a different sail shape to keep the boom sound from occurring when you get hit in the head!