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  1. lautenan

    Rig replacement on G&S 30

    Hey guys, wow! Thank you so much for the awesome responses! The boat oat was originally setup with a masthead rig. @CriticalPath that is the Zoo that I was thinking of! However the rig on Slingshot was pretty rudimentary. This one did not have any of the fancy goodies like jumpers, check stays or runners....I guess good news now that I am looking for a replacement!? Anyhow I am hoping to nail down a pretty simple setup. I will be making a few phone calls this afternoon, per everyone’s suggestions and hopefully I can scare up an applicable mast. I will keep you all posted on what I hear. Thanks again for all of the guidance! side note: anyone familiar with Dux rigging for standing rigging?
  2. lautenan

    Rig replacement on G&S 30

    Hi everyone, I recently took ownership of a G&S 30 named Slingshot. Some of you may know it as a sister ship to “Zoo 2” (I think). Anyhow the boat experienced an unscheduled rapid disassembly of the mast shortly after trading paint with another boat during a Thursday night race in south haven Michigan. The mast was broken in two places and does not appear to be salvageable with much confidence. So begins my search for a similar sized rig, or taller. I have heard that a Santana 35 rig may be close or even a Melges 32 rig if I am feeling sporty. Of course budget is a consideration here. I wanted to see if anyone has heard of some salvage boats wasting space or spare rigs making wives unhappy as they kill the appearance of a manicured backyard. If so I may be able to help relieve some angst by giving your orphaned mast a second chance on the big blue. Or feel free to offer some insight on what mast I should try to track down. Thank you in advanced for your help. P.S. this is my first SA posting