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  1. Spudly

    Thanks Sailor Girl

    Awesome Job!!
  2. Spudly

    Rolex Wild Oats XI

    Looks like she is back to get something done.... What boat is it on the dock with the 2 cranes? Looks like Oats to me, possibly during the Mods?
  3. future shock (elliot 57) for sale at the moment.
  4. Future Shock, theres another one!
  5. turns out innkeeper is in a yard in Campsie! info in other thread! Dam I miss Sailing.. Might have to find a ride once I get back onto the coast! Jervis Bay Area if anyone is down that way!
  6. just found a thread on aussie pocket maxi's! should have looked in there, some old favourites coming up! Exile Broomstick Shockwave
  7. there was a few downwind flyers back then.. Fudge? Innkeeper These where back in the days when the Original?? Wild Oats was prime spot first on the left as you walked out onto the CYC marina I think!? got an OLD! vhs tape somewhere at home from Innkeeper I think it was the Hobart doing ridiculous speeds in heavy wind taking wave after wave over the bow. Then someone opened the hatch! I learnt some colourful new language I hadn't before heard as a young boy watching that! Hopefully I still have the video somewhere..
  8. After 15 years living away form the water (Very Soon to change!!) the building race between Wild Oats XI and Comanche has really got me interested more than I have been in a long time in racing and I hope to soon get back into sailing in one form or another, (Last regatta was 2000 cherub Nationals!) It has really got me thinking about the boats I used to Admire walking the wharfs of the CYC and where they are now? My old favourite Brindabella is still around, I remember seeing her when first launched and for me she is still one of the best looking boats out there (except that white Dacron main, common guys time to upgrade!) Does anyone know where some of the other boats from the 90's and earlier have gone? Amazon, I remember it burnt and was on a mooring for a while, did it ever get fixed? Sayonara Morning Glory New Zealand Endeavour Bumble Bee Condor 97 Thinking back its unbelievable how much the boats have changed In the last 15 years!