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  1. DAWG has informed that this thread is just too big and he needs to close it, so I will open a new one. OK whatever. See you on the new one.
  2. The Celebration of the life of RP Richards was epic, of course. The Church and Yacht Club were standing room only as hundreds of sailors, friends and family came to remember RP. Slide shows were going on in every room and even RP's favorite table in the YC (God's corner overlooking the ocean)was decorated. It was great to see pretty much all the old Taxi team including Craig Fletcher and Dr. John. Tom Parker the present owner of Taxi Dancer took the boat out and motored thru the finish line and the canon was fired off the deck 5 times. In the next half hour we witnessed the most beautiful sunset ever. Unforgetable. photo by Kenny K
  3. Tom..the blond gal is Dana. She was a sailor from Long Beach. See you this afternoon. It should be one hell of a sendoff.
  4. Wow, a weak response, I had hoped for better. Back in the '90's big boats got bigger and faster, and some of the collisions were epic. A few owners opted to have their crews sign waivers prior to a regatta or Transpac. The waivers would probably not hold up in court anyway and they pissed off a lot of crewmembers. Taxi Dancer came up with their own waiver...
  5. I am putting together a photo album for the RP Richards celebration of life which will be held this Tuesday.If any one has photos they could send by email that would be great. The epic life of RP will be shown on the big screen at SBYC. His favorite sailing experience was the MEXORC race of 1996. So who can name the players in this photo? RP is buried behind the trophy on the chaise, surrounded by women as usual,Mostly SB crew, but we had a few from Washington who did the Taxi logo for us. Not pictured: Craig Fletcher and Pieter Von Nieunhusen, one can only guess where they were when the picture was taken. Good times. RIP RP.
  6. It looks like today is the window for some sailing with a good bottle of wine! Bring the family.
  7. Another sad day for SBYC. Dave McEachen died of a heart attack while driving his boat Sea Note in today's race. He was a great guy, kind and thoughtful and a great organizer of sailing, safety at sea and teaching new sailors. Our thoughts and prayers to his family.
  8. Mass will be held at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church on Tuesday, Novemeber 30th, followed by a celebration of his life to be held at Santa Barbara Yacht Club. I gave the wrong date previously. sorry
  9. ps we had some out of towners as well, Craig Fletcher and Pieter Von Neuenhusen. Pieter almost got arrested for picking the Rolex girl off the trophy stage and running off with her. Not a prudent thing to do when the President of Mexico is on stage as well. good times.
  10. So true my friend! I am putting together some photos of our epic week in 1996 when we won MEXORC on Taxi Dancer with RP. One of the most fun weeks of my life with you and Becky, Jeff Otis, Doug Harlow, Scott Lenox, John Tesman, Chris Gillum, Craig Nicholson, George Sanchez,Craig (Castanza), Tom Issacson and Lisa Roote. A Santa Barbara team in Puerto Vallarta. Ahh...the stories will live forever.
  11. Sadly, RP passed away yesterday. Stories about him will live on forever. Condolences to his sons and daughter; all of the Yabsley family and all of RP's prior girlfriends. No one will ever be like RP. He lived it to the fullest. Pictured: R.P. Richards and Pat Griffin. Two "to the max" partiers. Well loved RP, past owner of Taxi Dancer, is in failing health at age 89, and now living at Samarkand, if you want to visit him. He cut a mean rug on the dance floor until about 2 years ago. A real Santa Barbara icon. I remember being in Cabo with Taxi and for the "fun race" he said "Janie, I want you to get as many women on the boat as possible, hopefully in bikini's" In the race, he was driving and suddenly jumped overboard and other racing boats immediately altered course to help with the rescue. He just laughed and said "Hey I was hot and wanted to cool off" He was about 75 at the time.
  12. Star Sailor (40Grit) The incidents regarding docking of the Stars was ridiculous on the part of the Harbor Patrol. We normally have very good relations with the HP and Harbor Department and work together on events such as the SB to King Harbor Race when we have 100 boats coming in from out of town, usually over a 24 hour period which is difficult. I don't know what fell apart this year. I was appalled when I heard about it and I am glad you reminded me because this needs to be addressed. Maybe Dana Jones, our race director has already delt with it for next year. I know he was really pissed off when it happened. Were there newbies in the HP Office? Someone was doing a power play, that's for sure. It was very regrettable as we at SBYC love hosting the Star Lipton Cup which we have done since 1923. Thanks for the kudos on our hospitality and we will make sure this inconvenience won't happen again. I was out taking photos this year. Look forward to seeing you again in 2011.
  13. Thanks Mr. Nard, I will check into that. This weekend was absolutely beautiful for the 20 University teams who participated in the Fall Dinghy PCC (Lasers and FJ's) hosted by UCSB alums. Temps in the 70's and breeze between 5 and 12 knots. Eight races Saturday and 5 on Sunday. Lots of local kids were racing against each other from various colleges (Berkeley, Hawaii, SC, etc). The final results put the local UCSB Gauchos in first place! Followed by Stanford, Hawaii,U of Oregon, SC, UC Irvine, UC San Diego and UCLA. Congrats to all, especially UCSB.
  14. Yes Thump, I saw that also. But I do not know how to take an iTunes video and turn it into something on the big screen. Help? thanks, janer