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  1. On further reflection, look for a 3 cabin Catalina 42. It’s almost perfect for what you want to do, easy to find and holds its resale value well. I prefer the 2 cabin model but for coastal SoCal cruising they’re hard to beat. The only possible downside is that it’s just a little too long to fit in a 40’ mooring. The MkI is available for under $100K and the MkII is $95-130K.
  2. You might want to take a look at this. Same hull as the Kelly-Peterson but has a different deck/interior design. And it’s in San Diego. (No affiliation, I just like this boat.)
  3. It looks like most of your sailing is in Nord Holland. Years ago, my family had a Centurion 32 that we kept in Hellevoetsluis, on the Haringvliet (excuse any spelling errors, it’s been a long time and I’ve forgotten most of the Dutch I knew. It’s hard to learn the language ina country where everyone speaks English!) I’ve subscribed to your channel and will be watching to see if you ever get to explore farther south.
  4. GBeron

    Mexico cruising guide

    Start here:
  5. GBeron

    Looking for boat to borrow from LA to Catalina.

    Blue Pacific offers bareboat charters out of Marina del Rey. No affiliation, and I only know this from seeing them at local boat shows.
  6. GBeron

    1st post, need help understanding Westsail 32

    Damn. I don’t usually get to laugh out loud at a post until I check what Rimas is up to.
  7. GBeron

    Care of old cotton sails

    Sailing canvas is made from linen. Cotton is used for bed sheets.
  8. GBeron

    Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    BBW - one of those Bs is a lie.
  9. GBeron

    Something different for CA

    ... (or maybe a tarted up T6) Correctomundo! They used the same altered Texans to stand in for Zeroes that were modified for Tora, Tora, Tora (plus a lot of footage). There are a few flying A6Ms available now, but not then. Every now and then, one of those same Texans turns up in a SoCal airshow.
  10. Fixed it: Rimas Loved McDonalds - a poem by Jean Rondeau We're working on a leed that he was seen on the big island of Lautoka near the McDonalds. Rimas loved McDonalds If anyone has friends there we need someone to scope it out and see if that was really Rimas near the McDonalds. It is promising, this leed. Rimas loved McDonalds
  11. There is but one actor manically incomprehensible enough to play Rimas: Roberto Benigni.
  12. GBeron

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    There's a Samson C-Deuce for sale for $76K in the UK. By comparison, this is a steal. Although, something tells me $6K is closer to the true value.
  13. GBeron

    Show your boat sailing thread

    I don't have any pro helicopter shots but here's a view of the isthmus on Catalina Island, taken from the helm of my Cal 29 Happy Hour.
  14. GBeron

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    They're going to need a bigger boat!