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  1. R.Thomas

    Seatalk fail

    Unfortunately, all the efforts have been futile, the head unit is bad. Had it sent to a dude in Colorado and he tested it. Good news, I have a refurnished one on the way. Should be back to single handed status in a few days. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  2. R.Thomas

    Seatalk fail

    Replaced my belt on st4000+ auto pilot and when I when to turned on breaker, the wheel spun about 1/4 turn and then I got a STLK FAIL. Raymarine support was not much help. Busted out the multimeter and tested all power and Seatalk lines all were good. Disconnected each of the other component and same effing wheel movement and damn fault message. Dissconnected the Seatalk cables from the auto pilot component and yes same unholy message. Maybe i tightened the belt too much and was drawing the power down causing the fault, so I disengaged the belt...yep eff you seatalk error! Ran out of troubleshooting ideas any suggestions and/or comments to tell me I’m an idiot and at least make me laugh at myself would be greatly appreciated. Oh and yes it was working just fine before I replaced the belt.