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  1. The Race has had a few withdrawal's with just over a month to go. Fujin and Timeshaver are among them, and we wish them the best and hope they can participate in 2019 (50th anniversary). Classes are shaping up, hosts are being selected for participants, slip assignments, etc. are all being sorted. Hopefully we'll get some better weather this year than the previous years. It has been a slow race for some time (for the Thursday Starters). Cheers, opusone
  2. The 60' Tri LoeReal - the owner is Australian
  3. Transpac is up to 60 boats now, with international entries from Australia, Japan, Canada, Norway, Italy and Great Britain. March 1 is last day to pay standard entry fee, and May 30 is the last day to sign up. Invisible Hand just signed up last night, and Phaedo 3 is scheduled to sign up in the next day or so. Cheers, opusone
  4. Hitch - spoke to your owner today - and he had alot of fun. Was great sailing next to you after rounding Catalina - the boat looked great. On Varuna, we wanted to get right as well as the wind was 230 TWD. Normally, it is around 270 and you can fetch the West End. The wind was light and shifty, and after reviewing the tracker, it is clear that Triumph went the right way in pressure and received a huge lift that got them to arrow point. It was interesting also that we had a 1 knot current pushing us towards Catalina for a little while. We were second around the West End behind Triumph, set our code zero and made dinner preparations. The conditions suited waterline, so we watched the 70's sail away from us, but we were able to sail away from the J125's. After we peeled to the A1.5, we were able to get some more leverage on the fleet behind us and stayed near the exclusion zone, did a few jibes and proceeded to SD. It was a beautiful evening, stars everywhere, dry decks. We got a bit of a header, peeled back to the code zero and lived in the 9+ knots BS for a couple hours in 7+ knots of breeze. At that time, we were catching the 70's and leaving the fleet behind, but we really had no idea how well we were doing as the SC52's were on our tail most of the way.....and we owe them alot of time. Than we found the hole, and the 70's found the hole 4- 5 miles ahead of us, and we all parked. Then, the 70's got into some 10+ knots of breeze and just disappeared. We sat for more there for 5+ hours. We DNF'd as one of the crew's family had a medical issue that required their presence. Fun Race - Cheers, opusone
  5. than you'll be 3 hours ahead of us..... freaking J125's......
  6. I am OK losing to Tim - he seems to beat us every Transpac by 1 place. Now with him carrying a little extra weight (bodies) to Hawaii - we may have a chance... Seadon is our good luck charm for the Islands Race - see you soon. opusone
  7. There are also 9 SC 50/52's, with Flaca and Allure possibly entering in the next couple weeks making 11 for the class. In addition to the 4 - J125's, there is talk of the Farr 400 entering with the Andrews 40 which is currently under going some mods. there should be around 60 entries by the end of this month (March 1 deadline for regular fees)... Are you going on another J boat? Cheers, opusone
  8. Reminder that March 1 is the deadline for fully paid standard entry fee. The price goes up a fair bit after that. Currently at 43 boats registered with about 10 more in the wings. Cheers, opusone
  9. There are now 41 boats entered - about 13 more at this point than in 2015. There are a few inquiries from crews looking for boats to charter - so if you guys know of some capable boats available on the West Coast - please send the information to the Transpac Board. Cheers, opusone And rough numbers for shipping a TP52 from Australia to LA is about $40k plus $1500 for 20' container. This does not include clearance charges. Got the numbers from a Yacht Broker Friend.
  10. You can not go wrong buying a boat that Jens previously owned.... they do a fantastic job with the program and their boats...
  11. Varuna is over a knot faster at the moment. Only 56'... Varuna going 19.9 knots now - staying pace with the leaders.... Go Jens!!!
  12. We are "reading", and trying to get more J125's. Timeshaver says they are going.... but have not entered. If they do, that makes 4 J125's, and perhaps we could find a few more. Cheers, opusone
  13. Transpac has 34 entries now, about 13 more than we had 2 years ago at this point. Still have a few 70's out there, plus one J125 that we know about, and quite a few others in cruising/aloha class that expressed interest. Cheers, opusone
  14. Update - 25 boats now entered, with more showing interest. J125's - could have a class - and arguably one of the best rides to Hawaii for its size. Timeshaver - is going... RAISIN CANE! - entered CAN'T TOUCH THIS - entered Reinrag - said they were going..... Resolute - raced the last few Transpacs - will not sit on the sidelines with this many J125's.... Looks like a great turnout so far with over 9 months to go. Cheers, opusone
  15. Excellent write up - and great effort. Congrats!