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  1. opusone

    California 300 Last Call

    I was on Bretwelda - and witnessed ....well....everything. The young man who boarded our boat could not have been older than 21 or 22 years old. He was smooth, confident, professional and most importantly, empathetic. You just cannot teach that. When it was determined that the sea state was too rough to get a basket on board, his calm demeanor, and overwhelming empathy for our injured crew made all of us very comfortable with the decision to go into the water as night was falling. Before we new it, our injured crew was off to shore. Cannot say enough great things about how this situation was handled - and it most likely saved our crews leg. Cheers, opusone
  2. opusone

    PV Race

    So you are saying the Rogers 46 to the west is not going to pay? We are pulling for Bretwalda - hoping the guys to the East Side of the pressure line lose out. Anyway - restart at the Cape - we'll see who makes the transition the best. Cheers, opusone -
  3. opusone

    Transpac 2017

    Hitch - not sure I agree with you and Dude - one race should not be the determining factor. 2015 Transpac - 1st GI, 2nd Pyewacket, 3rd Bolt (TP52), 4th OEX, 5th Buona Sera (SC70) 2013 Transpac - 1st Dorade, 2nd Pyewacket, 3rd Alchemy, 4th Sleeper (Jeanneau 44), 5th Meanie (RP52) Seems like the pole boats have had some great success in recent years. Is everyone afraid of the Pac 52's? We feel we can beat them in the right conditions. Every dog has it's day, and they were the right horse for the course this past go around. Congratulations to Invisible Hand and Bad Pak for a great race and result. Cheers, opusone
  4. opusone

    Transpac 2017

    Just wait.....it'll change. Looks like the Monday starters have some pressure to get away from the coast today - already quite breezy for them. At least longer range is looking better. See you on Thursday - Cheers, opusone
  5. opusone

    Transpac 2017

    I always thought Kaneohe Bay was on the island of Oahu...... See you tonight. Here's hoping sailflow is accurate at this point.
  6. opusone

    Transpac 2017

    Thankfully - there is still a week to go for our start. Today, you have the best start....
  7. opusone

    Transpac 2017

    Hitch - Glad you are sailing with Larry - it will be entertaining all the way to Hawaii. A lot can change in a week as you know - we'll see you Saturday Night? Cheers, opusone
  8. opusone

    Transpac 2017

    Hitch - I just want a start that gets us more than 125 miles our first 24 hour period - the last 2 Transpac Thursday Starters got screwed and by Sunday morning roll call all Thursday Starters were in last place - the middle start is due for a good bit of breeze to get us off the coast and away from those pesky J125's - no offense Trevor - and we love sailing against Tim - he is a class act! Cheers, opusone
  9. opusone

    Transpac 2017

    Hey - we have an interior.....we are an IRC racer/cruiser with galley and enclosed head. We even have headroom for someone 6' 3" down below. Much more comfortable then those Santa Cruz thingy's....And Tom is too tall to sail in a J125 anymore. As for ratings, boats are getting measured this week, and we should see something soon. We are in an interesting class, with the J125's, Andrews 40, R/P45 and Farr 400. We'll see who gets the best weather for their boat. Obviously, we want 25 plus knots the whole way........... Cheers, opusone
  10. opusone

    Transpac 2017

    The boat went through some mods - longer sprit, deeper keel, new rudder and a new sail inventory. Not sure what the mods did to the rating or performance - but they are in our class along with Resolute - Cheers, opusone
  11. opusone

    Transpac 2017

    The Race has had a few withdrawal's with just over a month to go. Fujin and Timeshaver are among them, and we wish them the best and hope they can participate in 2019 (50th anniversary). Classes are shaping up, hosts are being selected for participants, slip assignments, etc. are all being sorted. Hopefully we'll get some better weather this year than the previous years. It has been a slow race for some time (for the Thursday Starters). Cheers, opusone
  12. opusone

    Transpac 2017

    The 60' Tri LoeReal - the owner is Australian
  13. opusone

    Transpac 2017

    Transpac is up to 60 boats now, with international entries from Australia, Japan, Canada, Norway, Italy and Great Britain. March 1 is last day to pay standard entry fee, and May 30 is the last day to sign up. Invisible Hand just signed up last night, and Phaedo 3 is scheduled to sign up in the next day or so. Cheers, opusone
  14. Hitch - spoke to your owner today - and he had alot of fun. Was great sailing next to you after rounding Catalina - the boat looked great. On Varuna, we wanted to get right as well as the wind was 230 TWD. Normally, it is around 270 and you can fetch the West End. The wind was light and shifty, and after reviewing the tracker, it is clear that Triumph went the right way in pressure and received a huge lift that got them to arrow point. It was interesting also that we had a 1 knot current pushing us towards Catalina for a little while. We were second around the West End behind Triumph, set our code zero and made dinner preparations. The conditions suited waterline, so we watched the 70's sail away from us, but we were able to sail away from the J125's. After we peeled to the A1.5, we were able to get some more leverage on the fleet behind us and stayed near the exclusion zone, did a few jibes and proceeded to SD. It was a beautiful evening, stars everywhere, dry decks. We got a bit of a header, peeled back to the code zero and lived in the 9+ knots BS for a couple hours in 7+ knots of breeze. At that time, we were catching the 70's and leaving the fleet behind, but we really had no idea how well we were doing as the SC52's were on our tail most of the way.....and we owe them alot of time. Than we found the hole, and the 70's found the hole 4- 5 miles ahead of us, and we all parked. Then, the 70's got into some 10+ knots of breeze and just disappeared. We sat for more there for 5+ hours. We DNF'd as one of the crew's family had a medical issue that required their presence. Fun Race - Cheers, opusone
  15. than you'll be 3 hours ahead of us..... freaking J125's......