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  1. opusone

    West Coast c420 fleet

    You nailed it - that is exactly what happened - they have $$$ and get awesome coaching for the 4 or 5 months they can sail, plus they travel to Florida for the winter months to train. We just cannot compete financially, but historically, we have had kids here perform well against all the kids back east, as we can sail year round. The 29er fleet is very thin and only a few regatta's with less than 20 boats. The i420 is significantly more expensive. What other boat can also help with college applications? As the Z420, c420 and CFJ are the boats primarily used in college. And we have witnessed kids on the fence for entering good schools get acceptance on the sailing team when their scores would not normally have got them in. Same with Swimming and Tennis. Also, chartering a c420 for the events back east is about $600 - $900 per event. A 29er is $1200 to $1800 per event. Just looking at opportunities for the kids to sail in larger fleets. So, I am someone who is purposely placing their kids in a slow, old boat. But coming from a sabot back ground, not too much is older and slower. I am not sure what the sport needs as you indicated, but if there are over 300 opti's at Orange Bowl, and over 170 c420s at Buzzards Bay. I like the idea of going where the momentum is. Yes, the boats are old and slow, but the competition is way stronger. Even the snipe has traction back east. Cannot explain it. Sometimes it is more about the experience than the vessel. We are going to keep trying, there are 71 optis sailing this weekend in Ventura....go figure? Cheers, opusone
  2. opusone

    West Coast c420 fleet

    Looking for some advice and guidance here - as we are new to the game of High School Sailing and travelling. One of our goals is to build the West Coast c420 fleet as the NA's are in San Francisco next July. The local Perry Series in So Cal generated about 25+ boats on the line, but nothing near the 70+ boats you find on the line at any of the east coast events. We just got back from Buzzards Bay where there were 172 teams registered!!! So, we bought a used 1992 c420 last fall for my oldest daughter (now 15) as she was not going to get a chance to sail as a Freshman in HS. We were told that the c420 was the better boat for travelling east. Having just participated in the tour back east, I have to agree. Every event, from Midwinters, NE Champs, Nationals, Hyannis, Buzzards Bay, etc all had over 70+ boats, and some events well into the 100's. So, how do we build the class here on the West Coast? Our Yacht Club currently owns 8 c420's and they are all being chartered, so there is some ground swell. And, there are some great coaches here as well, Udi, Adrienne Patterson, Jon Rogers, Steve Hunt, Allie Blecher, etc. Lastly, the east coast teams are very strong... and showed up in the results. West Coast teams had about 4 boats in the top 20's. Anyway, I am a fan of the boat, and have a younger daughter 2 years behind my oldest, so we'll be in this awhile. Cheers, opusone
  3. opusone

    California 300 Last Call

    I was on Bretwelda - and witnessed ....well....everything. The young man who boarded our boat could not have been older than 21 or 22 years old. He was smooth, confident, professional and most importantly, empathetic. You just cannot teach that. When it was determined that the sea state was too rough to get a basket on board, his calm demeanor, and overwhelming empathy for our injured crew made all of us very comfortable with the decision to go into the water as night was falling. Before we new it, our injured crew was off to shore. Cannot say enough great things about how this situation was handled - and it most likely saved our crews leg. Cheers, opusone
  4. opusone

    PV Race

    So you are saying the Rogers 46 to the west is not going to pay? We are pulling for Bretwalda - hoping the guys to the East Side of the pressure line lose out. Anyway - restart at the Cape - we'll see who makes the transition the best. Cheers, opusone -
  5. Planning on sending her on her bottom from Hawaii to Sydney with a few fun stops. Thinking of sending our cradle pads only and having a new cradle constructed in Australia for the delivery home. We do not want to risk damage and wear delivering her North in less favorable conditions. Still need to find a place to keep her in Australia for a few months, diver and someone to care for the boat between events. Cheers, opusone
  6. opusone

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    Tim - we are planning on attending BBS again this year - just think of us as a bigger J125. Besides, you like beating us when you can..... See you at the start of the Islands Race. Cheers, opusone
  7. heard something about Radelaide being the last port of call in Oz, so its easy to plonk non-containered cargo on top of the stack. Put it on earlier, and you need to shuffle it about. If not in a hurry - what are the approximate costs to ship a 46 footer (keel, rudder and mast removed) from Australia to California? Just wondering if we should send our boat to Sydney after Transpac 2017 to race in the Sydney/Hobart. Hopefully they will remove the requirements for SSB by then Cheers, opusone
  8. opusone

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Bill - what is the length of tyour sprit? Noticed boats are going longer now - Ker 50 was 10 feet, Ker 56 is now 12 feet, J 125's were always long at 8.5 feet. Thanks, opusone
  9. opusone

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    You may be right, but, Polars for the boat in flat water are 20 knots TWS, 36 TWA: 8.70 knots boatspeed 20 knots TWS, 40 TWA: 9.07 knots boatspeed Instrument accuracy and calibration are always a concern, however, at least during KWRW they seemed pretty close to reality. Bill Bill - Your polars are about .4 faster than ours upwind in those wind conditions. In flat water we were about 8.5 knots at 34 TWA and thought that was great. At times we can hold those speeds at closer TWA's, but is wave dependent. And we owe you time. You definitely have a weapon on your hands. Enjoy your boat. Cheers, opusone
  10. opusone

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Looking good Bill, those new lifeline pads look comfortable. Has there always been 2 bitch/pit winches or did you add one? Will be following KWRW closely. No change to the pit winch configuration. One is driven from the pedestal (starboard winch) one is not. Arriving in KW tommorrow, can't wait to see her in the water. Bill Bill - tell us your thoughts after Key West. Did you have fun? How did she perform on the water? Cheers, opusone
  11. opusone

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Bill - Boat looks fantastic! cannot wait to see some video of you guys flying.... Cheers, opusone ps - seems like a great Christmas Present. My wife says I have had all my Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary gifts for the rest of my life - or at least until she gets her patio cover.....
  12. opusone

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Bill - She is really shaping up - keep the photos of her progress coming. Here is a little video from our trip to Hawaii - this is similar to what you will be experiencing shortly. we are sailing a little too fat here - but you get the idea..... Cheers, opusone
  13. opusone

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Congratulations on your purchase. What are your plans for the keel? I see you are heading east for KWRW - what are the chances of seeing you on the west coast for 2015 Transpac - come play with us, Criminal Mishchief, Crocket's Rocket, Katana, etc. Cheers, opusone
  14. opusone

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Congrats on the purchase. Raced against her last year at NYYC Annual Regatta. We have a similar ride (Rogers 46) and we love it. Still sorting it out, but we should be ready for Transpac. Enjoy the new ride - a little more boat than the Soto, but I believe you will really appreciate it. Cheers and good luck, opusone
  15. opusone

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Any info on this boat - it appears to be winning its class (Block Island) by quite a margin with a 1.259 IRC rating. Could not find any info on Kers web page. Thanks, opusone